United Airlines is the first to operate a revenue flight with the new Split Scimitar Winglets

United 737-800 SWL N37277 (CO 91)(Grd)(United)(LR)

United Airlines (Chicago) yesterday operated a Boeing 737-800 aircraft freshly retrofitted with new Aviation Partners Boeing Split Scimitar Winglets. The pictured Boeing 737-824 N37277 (man 31595) took to the skies yesterday (February 18), marking the first commercial flight worldwide to operate with the advanced winglet technology. United flight 1273 on Tuesday, February 18 took off from the airline’s Houston (Bush Intercontinental) hub and flew to Los Angeles. The airline installed the innovative winglets on the Boeing 737-800 after the FAA approved the technology made by Aviation Partners Boeing (APB) earlier this month.

This new winglet design demonstrates significant aircraft drag reduction over the basic Blended Winglet configuration United uses on its current fleet. Using a newly patented design, the program retrofits United’s Boeing Next Generation 737 Blended Winglets by replacing the aluminum winglet tip cap with a new aerodynamically shaped “Scimitar”™ winglet tip cap and by adding a new Scimitar-tipped ventral strake. The new design will reduce fuel consumption by up to 2 percent per aircraft.

Last year, United served as the launch customer for the Split Scimitar winglet when it made a firm commitment with APB to retrofit its 737-800 and 737-900 ER aircraft.

United currently has more than 350 aircraft fitted with advanced blended winglet technology. Once the Split Scimitar Winglets installation is complete, the combined winglet technology on United’s 737, 757 and 767 fleet is expected to save the airline more than 65 million gallons of fuel a year, equivalent to more than 645,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide and$200 million per year in jet fuel costs. The savings from the Split Scimitar Winglets will contribute to United’s overall fuel-savings initiative to reduce its fuel costs by $1 billion by 2017.

Copyright Photos: United Airlines. United technicians at Orlando International Airport install the new Split Scimitar Winglet on a Boeing 737-800 on February 16, 2014. United is the first airline in the world to operate commercial service with the innovative winglet technology.

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