World Airways operates its last flight

World Airways‘ (Atlanta) CEO John Graber informed staff today (March 27) the company would cease operations immediately. In addition, North American Airlines (New York) will see a reduction in flying. World operated its last flight yesterday (March 26). The company was not able to obtain further funding to keep it flying.

World Airways issued this statement:

“Today (March 27) World Airways announced that the company operated its last flight on Wednesday, March 26. World Airways was founded in 1948 and operated cargo and passenger charter flights using Boeing 747-400 and McDonnell Douglas MD-11 aircraft. The U.S. Military was their primary customer.

Global Aviation Holdings and many of its subsidiaries, including World Airways, began restructuring on November 12, 2013. World Airways has been in the marketplace for some months seeking funding to help it restructure in chapter 11 bankruptcy, and has been unable to secure that financing. Tuesday, World Airways’ first lien holder declared World in default on its loan and stopped providing the airline funding. World Airways has started the process of winding down its operations. Today the company laid-off 325 employees, including 109 pilots and 146 flight attendants.

Eric Bergesen, World Airways’ Chief Operating Officer, said, “The battle to save World has been difficult. A lot of people have worked hard to try to save our airline. Despite this regrettable outcome, I sincerely thank each of our employees for their dedication and continued support as we attempted to build a future for the company.”

North American Airlines will continue operations with plans to emerge from bankruptcy in the near future. North American was founded in 1989 and operates passenger charter flights using Boeing 767-300 ER aircraft.”

World Airways has been a long time operator going back to May 1948.

Previously on November 12, 2013, parent Global Aviation Holdings and its subsidiaries, including its two operating airlines World Airways and North American Airlines, filed voluntary petitions again for relief under Chapter 11 of the United States Bankruptcy Code in the United States Bankruptcy Court for Delaware. During the reorganization, Global Aviation Holdings announced it intended to continue to operate.

Copyright Photo: Brian McDonough/ It has been stormy skies for World Airways lately. McDonnell Douglas MD-11F N382WA (msn 48411) arrives at Baltimore/Washington (BWI).

World Airways Slide Show (aircraft through the years): AG Slide Show

Video: The many exploits of World Airways through the years:

4 thoughts on “World Airways operates its last flight

  1. Fernando

    so how much money did the CEO or CFO take in bonus and or salaries over he last 5 years, they hired cheap labor ( NAA ) in order to reduce expenses or so they say….the government should check this bastards how much money they are walking out with…PLEASE don’t let it be another LORENZO…

  2. Chris

    Capt john Graber. This looks like the form letter you use to close many airlines you have been with. Why not try to run a viable business? It appears you are really good at shutting them down taking advantage of bankruptcy laws and ruining countless careers

    Call your friend John Dennison. He will give you pointers. North American will be next and your skills will shine thru as the idiot who can not run an airline

    Good job clown

  3. Michelle

    Both of those comments are too funny and yes they are both very true. Unfortunately it is us, “the little people”, who have to pay. NAA is done as well. Graber might as well retire can’t possible put a spin on that for his next resume.

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