Gulf Air’s first female Bahrani captain takes to the skies

Gulf Air’s First Female Bahraini Captain Yasmeen Fraidoon (Gulf Air)(LR)

Gulf Air (Bahrain), the Kingdom of Bahrain’s national carrier, recently saw its first female Bahraini Captain, Yasmeen Fraidoon, take to the skies on her maiden commercial flight.

Captain Yasmeen Fraidoon joined Gulf Air in 2008 as a second officer, after graduating from Qatar Aeronautical College. Accumulating the required flying hours, she completed the necessary training and went on to pass extensive and rigorous checks, successfully earning her fourth stripe and Captain ranking in March.

“Yasmeen’s accomplishment is a reflection of her hard work, exceptional skill and tireless determination. We, the Gulf Air family, are incredibly proud to see the first female Bahraini Captain graduate from our ranks and do not doubt that she will be an example for many other Bahraini women looking to enter the field of aviation,” said Captain Nasser Al Salmi, Gulf Air Chief Operations Officer.

Captain Fraidoon commented, “It is a great privilege to become Gulf Air’s first female Bahraini Captain. I have been passionate about aviation from a young age and that passion has driven me to surpass every challenge and hurdle along this journey. Being a Captain for Bahrain’s national carrier is a dream come true, and the fact that I’m the first Bahraini woman to do so is an even greater honor.”

According to the carrier, “With 65% of the airline’s total workforce being Bahraini, Gulf Air leads the way amongst its regional competitors in terms of nationalization, while still maintaining a multinational workforce that reflects the airline’s position as a global carrier.”

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