The Battle of Dallas: Southwest Airlines fights to protect its Love Field turf from “invading” Virgin America despite Sir Richard Branson’s “love letter” to the city

Southwest Airlines (Dallas) according to this article by Bloomberg Businessweek, is playing “hardball” to protect its home turf at Dallas’ downtown Love Field. Upstart Virgin America (San Francisco), as we have reported, wants to sublease two gates at DAL from American Airlines (approved by the DOT) in order to start new service to key coastal markets. Virgin America, if it gains the two gates, with offer inflight amenities that Southwest does not offer its flyers at Love Field. Is Southwest afraid of Virgin America gaining a foothold in DAL?

Virgin America has brought in the “big gun”, i.e. Sir Richard Branson, who has been visiting and urging local leaders to approve the sublease from American Airlines to Virgin America. Branson has also “videoed” a love letter (see video below) to  the city leaders and business interests. Southwest is pushing back claiming it can offer more flights to more markets with the two disputed gates. The city of Dallas will have to decide who gets the lease, either upset the local “hometown” airline or invite in a new strong competitor. There is a battle going on in Dallas that is heating up with the weather. Someone will win this gunfight and someone will lose it. The stakes are high.


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Copyright Photo: Brian McDonough/ With “Lone Star One”, Southwest continues to remind Texans it is the airline of Texas, not an airline from the West Coast. Dallas is the new battleground for these two carriers. Who will prevail?

Southwest Airlines: AG Slide Show

Virgin America: AG Slide Show