Skymark Airlines inaugurates Airbus A330 service, delays the introduction of the Airbus A380

Skymark Airlines (BC/SKY) yesterday (June 14) inaugurated Airbus A330 services with flight BC 003 from Tokyo (Haneda) to Fukuoka with Airbus A330-343 JA330B (msn 1491).

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In other news, Skymark has delayed the introduction of its new Airbus A380 up to six months due to cabin interior issues according to ZipanguFlyer.

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Copyright Photo: Olivier Gregoire/ Airbus A330-343 F-WWKH (msn 1483) became JA330A on delivery on February 27, 2014.

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2 thoughts on “Skymark Airlines inaugurates Airbus A330 service, delays the introduction of the Airbus A380

  1. jonchamps

    This has nothing to do with cabin fitting. It’s all about the airlines massive decline in profit due to an aggressive air fares war in Japan following the introduction of various LCC’s such as Peach. Skymarks was very profitable, it is seeing its margins erased completely. Its management are in disarray and there has been a complete lack of expertise in introducing the A330 and marketing it in Japan. The whole idea of bringing in an A380 so soon, with no marketing plan, no expertise in running Airbus, never mind the A380 is beyond Skymarks. Imagine if Flybe ordered a 777-300ER – what would they do with it? That’s the situation with Skymarks and the A380. The facts remain that they have no passengers, no feed into the likely destination – New York – and they need to run this aircraft at a minimum of 69% load from day one just to break even. Chances of that are VERY low in the first three years. if domestic had remained profitable it could have sustained the losses, as was intended. Without those profits the A380 is a giant loss mechanism in this scenario for this airline. Airbus have played ball and allowed a Japanese customer to save face – essential in Japan. Delaying its arrival will give the airline time to digest the A380’s and make some effort to market the A380 services both ends and hope they can make it work. If not Skymarks may be the first casualty of an overambitious A380 purchase.

    1. Bruce Drum

      Thank you Jonchamps. You could be right. It could be another example of over reaching but an aggressive airline that has gone too far. Thanks for contribution.


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