New book claims the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight MH 370 was due to a suicidal pilot

Book-Goodnight Malaysian 370 (LRW)

Malaysia Airlines (Kuala Lumpur) flight MH 370 is still missing. No part of the Boeing 777-200 ER or its 239 passengers and crew members have been discovered or even located. The search for MH 370 continues in the remote Indian Ocean. This new book by New Zealand pilot Ewan Wilson and journalist Geoff Taylor presents a theory that some have suspected in the aviation community.

Description by Amazon:

The unbelievable facts behind the loss of Flight 370 will shock the travelling public. The book by New Zealand pilot Ewan Wilson and journalist Geoff Taylor presents compelling evidence about what actually occurred in the final hours of Flight 370, based on new analysis and new interviews with pilot Zaharie Ahmad Shah’s family. The disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 captured the world’s attention and shocked everyone. The book takes you to Kuala Lumpur International Airport on March 8 and brings together the lives of passengers and crew who ultimately met their fate on board what should have been a routine flight to Beijing on a well respected airline operating a state-of-the-art airliner with a near faultless record. For the first time, the book presents a detailed analysis of the flight, the incredible route it took, and who the authors believe was in charge of the aircraft as it plunged into the Indian Ocean. The book investigates each piece of evidence and eliminates all the possible scenarios until the reader is left with one shocking and unbelievable conclusion as to what happened to end the lives of 239 people that night. The authors also look at the most recent 777 tragedy MH17. They analyse how it occurred, the implications of the horrific event on future air travel and whether Malaysia Airlines can survive. The authors Geoff Taylor is a highly respected career journalist who is now deputy editor of the Waikato Times newspaper, one of New Zealand’s leading daily papers. Ewan Wilson is a commercial pilot, former chief executive of Kiwi International Airlines and Norfolk Air and has qualifications as a transport safety investigator. Goodnight Malaysia 370 is Wilson’s third book. He has also written Help My Plane’s on Fire while his first book Dogfight became a New Zealand best seller.

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Meanwhile Malaysia Airlines has not issued a public statement since August 28 concerning its MOU between Malaysia and Australia where Australia will to continue to lead the search for MH 370.

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4 thoughts on “New book claims the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight MH 370 was due to a suicidal pilot

  1. Edward A

    Unfortunately, not many other theories make sense, and this one may, someday, prove to be factual. The precise manipulation of this vessel, to make it “disappear” so “perfectly”, had to have been orchestrated by someone with absolute control over the aircraft.

    1. Bruce Drum

      Thank you Edward. I am reading the book now. A few aviation people have been suspecting this theory because, like you said, the flight was precisely flown to avoid radar and it reportedly headed to vast Indian Ocean. Most experts have not stated this theory publicly. If you want to “get lost” the southern Indian Ocean is a good location. The fact that the captain may have practiced this scenario in his home adds to the theory. The Malaysian government has not stated what was on his home computers that were taken and evaluated.

      I am afraid we may never know the truth if the aircraft is not located. At any rate, these two authors had the courage to put out this theory after evaluating every scenario. Thank you.


  2. Andrew Clark

    This is an amazing theory and I can only hope that the authors have access to more detailed information than has been made available to amateur enthusiasts such as myself. Have not read the book myself yet, only the Amazon write up, but it seems bad form to disrespect a dead man on purely speculative assumptions. ‘Innocent until proven guilty’ seems to be an outdated philosophy nowadays but for the family of Zaharie Ahmad Shah it must be of utmost significance. Witch hunts for personal gain and recognition must never be acceptable.

    1. Bruce Drum

      Thank you Andrew. As mentioned, I am reading the book now. The authors of course did not have all of the information. A lot of the information (such as what was on the Captain’s home computer) has not been released. The government of Malaysia made some of same damning statements against the Captain early on after searching his home.

      The authors came to this conclusion after looking at every scenario.

      For me (so far) the most damning part is the apparent deliberate avoidance of radar by taking a very precise route to avoid radar to the lonely Indian Ocean. Someone in the cockpit wanted to avoid radar and to fly to the southern Indian Ocean where you can “get lost” very easily. We may never know the answer unless the aircraft is found. For now, it is the greatest aviation mystery of our lifetimes.

      All the best.


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