Etihad Airways to introduce a special livery with its first Airbus A380, here is a clue

Etihad Airways (Abu Dhabi) has 10 new Airbus A380-800s on order. The airline is intending to introduce a new special livery (or a new color scheme for the fleet?) with the first delivery. The company has not yet unveiled this special design but we now have a clue. Today in Toulouse this Airbus A380 took to the skies.

Copyright Photo: Eurospot/ Airbus A380-861 F-WWAB (msn 170) wears this temporary registration until the first A380 is handed over in December.

Etihad Airways: AG Slide Show

10 thoughts on “Etihad Airways to introduce a special livery with its first Airbus A380, here is a clue

  1. Oliver

    The same special livery will be used on their new 787’s as well Bruce

    Take a look on

  2. Oliver

    No problem Bruce, I’m a regular spotter of that blog; as I am of this masterpiece you have here. It could be. Or it could be like what China Southern did with their Dreamliners, or what Malaysia Airlines did wit their A380’s. They’ll become the first airline to introduce a special livery just for the two of them. However I wouldn’t be surprised if this was yet another airline refreshing their look.

    Be back tomorrow


  3. jonchamps

    The company did say they would introduce a new livery company wide in October, back in March. The tail colour has been public since June when it was shipped to Toulouse. I understand it represent the desert, cultures and colour of the country, along with being less of an obviously state owned look to the whole airline, trying to make it seem less national and widen it’s international appeal.

  4. Juan Pablo

    First A380 for EY is MSN 166, it’s painting in Hamburg right now. New livery is for all A380 and B787 for EY. The frame in your pic, is MSN 170, the second A380 for EY. There are mistakes in your article.

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