American Airlines Group pays renewed homage to the original Pacific Southwest Airlines

American Airlines Group (American Airlines and US Airways) (Dallas/Fort Worth) has repainted the pictured US Airways Airbus A319-112 N742PS (msn 1275) now with American titles. The Group is proud of its heritage logo jets and is also proud to remember its honored past. The group intends to have additional heritage jets (including TWA) for most of its heritage airlines that are now in the new and expanded American Airlines family tree (below).

The original Pacific Southwest Airlines-PSA (San Diego) operated from 1949 to 1988.

In other news, the continued negotiations for a combined pilot seniority list continues for the new American Airlines with some calling for America West pilots to be included in the negotiations.

This article by Ted Reed in Forbes details the on-going negotiations for a fair seniority list. Read the article: CLICK HERE

Copyright Photo: Jay Selman/ Airbus A319-112 N742PS (msn 1275) in the 1977 livery of PSA and now with American titles departs from the Charlotte hub.

American Airlines-US Airways: AG Slide Show

American Airlines: AG Slide Show

US Airways: AG Slide Show

Pacific Southwest Airlines-PSA (1st): AG Slide Show

Photos of the original PSA via YouTube:

Family Tree: Courtesy of American Airlines (aircraft images from

AA Heritage timeline poster - FINAL - 24x36.pdf

5 thoughts on “American Airlines Group pays renewed homage to the original Pacific Southwest Airlines

  1. Ray Reyes

    I remember PSA from growing up in Southern California. It was a shame to see them bought out, just like AirCal. It happens. Two things about this retro plane. IMHO, I think it should have been on a “sleeker” plane such as the 757. The stubbiness of the A319 doesn’t do the livery any favors. And two, the “American” title on the side seems way out of place. Couldn’t they have put “PSA” there with “operated by American” in smaller letters somewhere close? That’s it, but nice to see PSA colors again.

  2. Bruce Drum

    Thank you Ray. US (and now AA under US management) have selected the A319 for their legacy jets. Eventually all of the 757s will be retired (replaced by newer A321s and 737-800s) so using a longer 757 would only be for a short term.

    As for the AA history timeline and family tree we helped AA with this project with most of the rare photos (they all had to be in the same direction). They stripped out the aircraft to make this unique timeline. What is satisfying to me is the fine folks at the new AA are very much interested in preserving the past history of all of the airlines that now are a part of the past legacy of the AA Group. That is something we should all remember and appreciate.

    All the best.


    1. Ray Reyes

      Thanks for the response Bruce.

      Maybe they could have used the A321, hehe :) OR 738. I think the Boeing would be more appropriate than Airbus.

      Just my thoughts.

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