Air France reaches a tentative agreement with the pilot’s union concerning the expansion of Transavia France

Air France (Paris-CDG) has reached a tentative agreement with its pilot’s union concerning the growth of lower-cost Transavia France (Paris-Orly). The airline issued this statement:

Air France and the representative pilot unions have just reached a draft agreement concerning the development of Transavia France.

This text will be presented on Friday, October 17 at the Special Board Meeting of SNPL Air France ALPA. Then it will be submitted to a referendum of its members for a signature in mid-November. The SNPL Transavia has also taken part in the talks.

The terms are as follows:

The development of Transavia France beyond 14 Boeing 737s will be assured as from summer 2015 in order to accelerate the Group’s development on the rapidly-expanding leisure market;

Pilots flying for Transavia France will be employed under Transavia France operating and remuneration conditions to ensure the company’s competitiveness and its development as a complement to the Air France network. Moreover, two co-existing contracts (Transavia France and Air France) will be implemented for Air France pilots flying for Transavia France;

These terms will provide pilots with dynamic and integrated career development, including a single seniority list, in response to high expectations on the part of pilots.

Any future changes in working conditions and remuneration at Transavia France will seek the agreement of the SNPL Air France ALPA and SNPL Transavia, again in response to clear demands expressed by pilots.

Air France considers that this balanced solution, the result of a responsible and peaceful social dialogue, will lead to the rapid development of Transavia France and an increased value added for the benefit of its customers and staff.

Copyright Photo: Ton Jochems/ Transavia France’s Boeing 737-8K2 F-GZHD (msn 29650) taxies at the leisure destination of Palma de Mallorca.

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2 thoughts on “Air France reaches a tentative agreement with the pilot’s union concerning the expansion of Transavia France

  1. Yann de Sainte Marie

    The agreement also instate a scope close where more than 110 seats aircrafts can only be clown by Air France pilots. Therefore it kills any possibility for HOP pilots (the regional airline of Air France) to have access to these aircrafts and to receive EJets 195 as it was expected…the pilots of HOP will neither be given the possibility to join Transavia… This agreement only benefits AF pilots to the disadvantage of their colleagues in Transavia or HOP… Those I can tell you are very upset!

    Yann de Sainte Marie – I Pad

    1. Bruce Drum

      Excellent input and perspective Yann. It is sad indeed for these pilots and I did not see this 110-seat clause in the agreement. Thank you for writing and bringing it to my attention. All the best.


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