InselAir arrives again in Port of Spain, Trinidad

InselAir F.28 Mk. 0070 P4-FKC (Ldg)(LRW)

InselAir (Curacao) yesterday (December 15) relaunched service to Port of Spain in Trinidad and Tobago. The inaugural flight was operated with the pictured Fokker F.28 Mk. 0070 P4-FKC.

The company issued this statement:

On Monday December 15, InselAir relaunched it’s 20th destination Trinidad and Tobago with an festive early breakfast at Curacao International Airport followed by the inaugural flight to Piarco International Airport in Port of Spain. The flight was operated with a Fokker 70, with 80 seats, which was acquired by InselAir earlier this year. InselAir will operate flights from Curacao to Port of Spain three times per week; on Mondays and Thursdays departing Curacao at 10:30 AM and arriving in Trinidad at 12 PM. On Tuesdays the flight leaves at 4:15 PM and arrives in Trinidad at 5:45 PM which provides business travels a perfect schedule for a two-day business trip.

Copyright Photo: Nigel Steele. Fokker F.28 Mk. 0070 P4-FKC (msn 11583) is the third Fokker 70 acquired by the airline. It is pictured landing at POS on the inaugural flight.

InselAir aircraft slide show:

Insel Air logo-1

InselAir route map:

Insel Air 12.2014 Route Map