Ethiopian Airlines refutes the baseless allegations written in the Washington Post

Ethiopian Airlines issued this statement:

Ethiopian Airlines strongly refutes all the baseless and factually incorrect allegations written in the Washington Post dated March 21, 2019.

All the allegations in the article are false defamations with out any evidence, collected from unknown and unreliable sources and meant to divert attention from the global grounding of the Boeing 737 MAX airplanes.

Ethiopian airlines operates with one of the highest global standards of quality and safety performances certified by all National, Regional and International regulators like the Ethiopian Civil Aviation Authority, the FAA, EASA, IOSA and ICAO and other National regulatory authorities. Ethiopian is one of the leading global airlines with modern fleet, high standards of infrastructure, highly automated with the latest ICT (information and communication technology) and one of the most modern operating systems.

The airline has seven full flight simulators (Q-400, B-737NG, B-737 MAX, B-767, B-787, B-777 and A350) to train its pilots and other airlines pilots. It has one of the largest and most modern Aviation Academy with training devices and technologies among the very few in the world. The Airline has invested more than half a billion dollars in infrastructure only in the last 5 years which is not common in a typical airline.

Although the cause of the accident is yet to be known by the international investigation in progress, the entire world knows all Boeing 737 MAX airplanes have been grounded since the tragic accident of ET 302/10 March. About 380 B-737 MAX airplanes are grounded all over the world including in the USA. All concerned regulators, safety oversight authorities and other law enforcement agencies are conducting serious investigation on the design and certification of the Boeing 737 MAX airplanes and we are waiting patiently for the result of these investigations.

This being the fact, the subject article is trying to divert the main focus of the world to unrelated and factually incorrect allegations.

We hereby demand the Washington Post to remove the article, apologize and correct the facts.

1 thought on “Ethiopian Airlines refutes the baseless allegations written in the Washington Post

  1. Christopher G Olson

    As I understand they did not want the US to decode the boxes because of a falsely perceived possible bias. However France the hub of Airbus seems to be dragging their heals getting the data out. To me this is a reverse bias possibly to hurt Boeing as much as possible financially. With the Max grounded France can make this last as long as possible. There should be a joint FAA , French investigation if Ethiopian Airlines is worried about bias. Further the grounding of this aircraft is not justified. Pilots knowing their memory items and doing the drills likely would have saved both aircraft.

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