ExpressJet Airlines, a United Express carrier, introduces flexible-option rotor transition program

ExpressJet Airlines, a United Express carrier, today introduced a flexible-option Rotor Transition Program that provides financial assistance for rotor pilots to gain the fixed-wing certifications necessary to begin a flying career with ExpressJet. The program provides up to $22,000 in assistance and the flexibility for participants to choose where they complete their certifications.

“The ExpressJet Rotor Transition Program offers the ultimate in flexibility for rotor pilots to complete the final steps to become a commercial airline pilot,” said Vice President of Flight Operations Greg Wooley. “We partner with the participant to develop their path to ExpressJet – whether it’s through a local flight school, on a personal aircraft or with a flying club.”

Pilots who enlist in the program are provided with up to six months to earn their certifications through the qualifying path of the pilot’s choice. After meeting all hiring requirements, participants are offered a first officer position with ExpressJet. Additionally, ExpressJet covers the cost of necessary ATP CTP courses.

In 2019, ExpressJet will hire more than 600 new pilots as it grows with new Embraer E175 aircraft. Pilots who sign on with ExpressJet can expect a quick selection process, an immediate class date, and to bid for flying within three months.

More information about the ExpressJet Rotor Transition Program is available at