Boeing to use a Etihad 787 “Greenliner” as a flying laboratory

Boeing and Etihad Airways have announced that one of the airline’s 787 Dreamliner airplanes will serve as a flying laboratory for testing procedures and initiatives that could further reduce fuel consumption and carbon emissions, as a part of a growing partnership to advance the sustainable growth of aviation.

The specially-themed 787 will enter service early next year and operate regular flights in Etihad Airways’ network, while periodically serving as a test bed for assessing environmental sustainability initiatives. The project builds on Etihad’s ample experience with the super-efficient airplane.

Beyond the environmental testing on the airplane, the two companies will build on the technical capabilities that Etihad Airways has developed while maintaining its own Dreamliner fleet and that of other operators. As part of the strategic partnership, the companies are discussing several areas where they can work together to improve operational efficiency.

Boeing and Etihad Airways also announced that Boeing will provide multiple services for the airline’s Dreamliner fleet, including the Component Services Program, Landing Gear Exchange, and High-Value Components Exchange, programs that help an airline simplify asset and maintenance management, reduce spare parts costs while improving parts availability. The agreements also include a customized material parts package and three Quick Engine Change (QEC) kits that enable Etihad to quickly return an airplane to service if an engine needs to be repaired or replaced.

Etihad Airways made this announcement on social media:

Say hello to our brand new 787 Greenliner!

In partnership with Boeing, this one-of-a-kind aircraft will be used to test technology, products, and initiatives designed to help reduce carbon emissions and build a future of sustainable air travel.

The Greenliner takes to the skies in early 2020.

Image: Etihad Airways.