ANA cuts more flights for the summer season

All Nippon Airways (ANA) will temporarily change its flight frequency to and from select cities.

Changes to the FY2020 summer schedule (March 29 – April 24)
A total of 11 flights serving 9 routes to the following cities will be affected by the changes announced today, bringing the total number of affected flights during the summer schedule (March 29 – April 24) to 3,943 serving 71 different routes.

  • * Before the changes, ANA planned to serve a total of 4,653 flights serving 72 routes from March 29 until April 24.

Today’s announcement is marked in yellow and unaffected flights are marked in grey.

Asia / Oceania

North America / Panpacific


Flight schedule for Narita = Hong Kong (NH1929/1930)

ANA will continue to closely monitor the situation and will take appropriate action when needed.

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