Blue Air announces the resumption of international flights from Cluj Napoca

Blue Air has announced the introduction, starting with March 2021, of 13 new routes that will connect Cluj with key destinations in Europe.

At the same time, Blue Air is consolidating its leading position in Moldova, re-launching operations in Bacau after 3 months of service interruption due to the runway reconstruction, and developing its presence by introducing 7 new routes and smart connections from its Bacau base.

Starting with March 2021, Blue Air will operate direct flights to 13 key destinations in Europe from Avram Iancu International Airport in Cluj Napoca, including the double daily domestic service to Bucharest. The new routes will optimize travel options of Romanians in the Cluj region, offering them efficient connections with European destinations of major interest for both the business and leisure segments. The new destinations to be operated from Cluj are: Amsterdam, Barcelona, ​​Bruxelles, Dublin, Hamburg, Koln, Larnaca, London, Madrid, Milan, Paris, Rome and Stuttgart.

As part of its positioning strategy as the first ULC air transport option for Romanians, Blue Air announces development plans for 2021, focusing on expanding its network of direct and connection routes and on quickly adapting to the profile and demand of local markets.

On the occasion of the reopening of Bacau International Airport, Blue Air reconfirms its commitment to Bacau as a strategic market for the company and announces 7 new routes operated from Bacau starting with December 2020, smart connections with Europe via Bucharest, as well as personalized offers and services, and connectivity solutions adapted to the local needs of the people of Bacau.

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