Frontier Airlines unveils new 30 percent lighter seat design

Frontier Airlines has unveiled details of its latest action to reduce the company’s environmental footprint with a new aircraft seat design that will feature a 30 percent weight reduction over existing seats. The seats are the latest measure in a variety of other innovative fuel savings initiatives from America’s Greenest Airline. The new seats will also offer extra comfort and larger tray tables versus earlier designs.

The new seats will be featured on 156 Airbus aircraft currently on order and scheduled for delivery beginning in March 2021. The seats are part of a major deal between Recaro Aircraft Seating, part of Germany’s world-renowned seat design and manufacturing company Recaro Group, and Indigo Partners, which owns a portfolio of airlines including Frontier.

On an average Airbus A321 aircraft, the fuel savings equates to 31,683 gallons per year. Based on U.S. Environmental Protection Agency equivalency calculators, the fuel savings provided by the new seats across the 156 aircraft over the course of a year is equal to the elimination of approximately 642 million plastic bottles, or more than 1.1 billion plastic bags, or more than 15 billion plastic straws from the environment.

Frontier has the largest A320neo fleet in the U.S. The use of these aircraft, Frontier’s seating configuration, weight-saving tactics and baggage process have all contributed to the airline’s average of 43 percent fuel savings compared to other U.S. airlines (fuel savings is based on Frontier Airlines’ 2019 fuel consumption per seat-mile compared to the weighted average of major U.S. airlines), which makes Frontier the most fuel-efficient U.S. airline.

The order encompasses approximately 32,600 seats installed on Frontier aircraft. The new Recaro seats are expected to begin rolling out with the delivery of an A320neo in March 2021 with implementation completed by mid-2027.

In other news, Frontier Airlines has announced that Rocky the Owl, who captured hearts around the world when the diminutive bird was discovered in the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree, will be featured on a new Frontier aircraft tail, joining more than 100 other animal tails in the Frontier fleet.

The A320neo aircraft is scheduled for delivery in 2021. All Frontier Airlines planes feature animals on their tails, many of which represent endangered species. From Chinook, the Gray Wolf and Wellington the Black-Footed Ferret to Cortez the Green Turtle and the iconic Grizwald the Bear, Frontier’s animal tails are popular with kids and adults, alike.

Rocky, the northern saw-whet owl, was discovered in the 75-foot-tall Norway spruce destined for Rockefeller Center after the tree was cut down on November 12. The bird was taken to the Ravensbeard Wildlife Center in Saugerties, New York, for rehabilitation and released back into the wild on Tuesday, November 24.

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