WestJet to renew Boeing 737 MAX service on January 21

WestJet has made this announcement:

WestJet’s first Boeing 737 MAX flight following the opening of the skies will operate with the departure of WS155 from Calgary (YYC) to Vancouver (YVR) on January 21, 2021.

Starting on January 22, 2021 the MAX will operate three-times weekly as announced, between Calgary (YYC) and Toronto (YYZ).

Additional return to service details are available here.

WestJet’s 737 MAX: Behind the Scenes (from WestJet Blog):

With our 737 MAX aircraft returning to service, we wanted to give you the opportunity to see what’s been going on behind the scenes, so you can have the same level of confidence in the MAX that we do.

Meet two team members who led the efforts and discover the incredible preparation and care that’s gone into ensuring safety above all aboard our 737 MAX aircraft.

As Director of Line Maintenance at WestJet, John Romane and his team of Aircraft Maintenance Engineers, oversee maintenance of all the aircraft in our fleet. This included making the necessary updates to the MAX that Boeing and Transport Canada identified. While both Boeing and Transport Canada were on-site to oversee the initial modifications, doing the updates in-house gave John and his team full visibility to ensure the work also met our WestJet standards.

John Romane, Director of Line Maintenance

John Romane, Director of Line Maintenance

“Our maintenance teams will dedicate 2,000 work hours to each of our 737 MAX aircraft, implementing and testing the updates prior to them returning to service.”

-John Romane, Director of Line Maintenance

In addition to making these updates to our 737 MAX aircraft, our Chief Pilot 737, Jimmy-Dean Porter worked hand-in-hand with Boeing and Transport Canada to create a comprehensive training program for WestJet’s 737 pilots. The program includes MAX-specific simulator training, as well as extensive briefings, training modules and evaluations.

Jimmy-Dean Porter, Chief Pilot 737
Jimmy-Dean Porter, Chief Pilot 737

“I have complete confidence in our MAX aircraft. I have no hesitancy putting my family on board, with any of our WestJet pilots.” –Jimmy-Dean Porter, Chief Pilot 737

We are also conducting validation flights with every MAX aircraft in our fleet to make sure it performs as intended prior to returning to commercial service.

To learn more about John and Jimmy-Dean’s roles in safely returning of our 737 MAX aircraft to service, watch our behind-the-scenes video.