Tailwind Air to launch Boston Harbor to Manhattan flights

Tailwind Air has announced the first-ever airline service from Manhattan’s New York Skyport (IATA code: NYS) on East 23rd Street to Boston Harbor (IATA Code: BNH), where a dedicated, seven-minute water taxi will transfer clients to the South Boston waterfront. Flights are approximately seventy-five minutes and will start on August 3, 2021.

While Tailwind Air’s seaplane fleet is young, less than five-years on average, seaplane travel certainly is not. The Manhattan Skyport opened in 1936, hosting popular seaplane travel for decades. For nearly 100 years, seaplane operations have been part of the core transportation landscape of maritime cities such as Seattle, Miami, and Vancouver. “By reconnecting Boston and New York City via seaplane, we more closely unite two urban cores.”

Tailwind Air’s fleet of Cessna Grand Caravan EX amphibians is piloted by experienced and highly qualified captains. Tailwind Air currently flies to and from Manhattan, Montauk, Easthampton, and Shelter Island on a regular schedule. Last week, Tailwind announced weekday commuter flights to Bridgeport, CT.

The daily weekday route from Boston Harbor (BNH) to Manhattan (NYS) running through November includes:

Depart: 07:00am         Arrives:           08:25am (eff Aug 21, 2021)

10:05am                                  11:30am

2:10pm                                    3:35pm (eff Aug 21, 2021)

5:20pm                                    6:45pm

Daily Manhattan (NYS) to Boston Harbor (BNH)

Depart:          08:00am                  Arrive:    09:25am

09:30am                                  10:55am (Eff Aug 21, 2021)

2:30pm                                    3:55pm

4:45pm                                    6:05pm (Eff. Aug 21, 2021)

One-way fares start at $395 from Manhattan to Boston Harbor.

Tailwind Air plans to add additional route offerings in 2022, as well as to advance electric seaplane technology and explore innovations in urban air mobility.