Sky Express joins Worldwide by easyJet

Sky Express made this announcement:

The company that changed the landscape in the country’s aviation continues its continuous growth as it now becomes a member of the growing network of Dohop airlines on Worldwide by easyJet.

SKY express is part of the cooperation program with the Dohop network, in order to expand the destinations as well as to offer long-haul flights, throughout Europe and beyond. SKY express, which operates domestic flights and flights to major European destinations, is now integrated into the Worldwide by easyJet’s network.

SKY express cooperation with Dohop further strengthens a strategic international destination, as Dohop’s virtual interline technology will enable SKY express passengers to combine affordable flights to major destinations across Europe and the Middle East. Passengers wishing to purchase a ticket to any of the Worldwide destinations will be able to do so with a single booking process.

The alliance with Dohop is added to SKY express interconnection deals with American Airlines, Air Serbia, Qatar Airways, Air France, KLM, Middle East Airlines, Cyprus Airways and Condor.