Iberia to fly 85% of its capacity this summer

Iberia has made this announcement:

  • Iberia and Iberia Express were the most punctual network and low cost airline in the world in January and, in February, Iberia was the second most punctual in the world and Iberia Express the second in Europe
  • The United States will be its star market, with the premiere of the routes to Dallas and Washington and the recovery of San Francisco
  • In Latin America, Iberia recovers the two daily flights with Argentina, Colombia and Mexico
  • In Europe, the airline will operate 100% of the capacity it had before the pandemic
  • And in Spain, Iberia Express has scheduled 27 percent more seats than in 2019 with the Balearic and Canary islands, where it will offer up to 2.7 million seats


If the evolution of the current socio-political context allows it, Iberia will recover this summer 85 percent of the capacity it offered in 2019. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the airline has opted to stimulate demand by offering the largest possible capacity and, in the next summer season and, despite the difficult socio-political context, it has already recovered almost the entire network of destinations and has been incorporating frequencies in the markets where restrictions have been lifted and demand is still recovering.

Specifically, Iberia will operate this summer up to 340 weekly long-haul flights, 220 with Latin America and another 120 between Europe and the North Atlantic; the airline will reach pre-pandemic levels in Europe and its subsidiary Iberia Express will increase its capacity in the Balearic and Canary Islands by about 30 percent over 2019.


The United States, the big bet


The United States will be the country where Iberia deploys the largest capacity: in the summer season it will go from six to nine destinations with more than 120 weekly flights between Spain and the United States. Starting in June, the airline will launch the route to Washington that it announced before the pandemic, to which it adds Dallas and the recovery of San Francisco. In addition, it increases flights to Boston, Los Angeles, Miami and New York. More specifically:

Iberia will fly direct from Spain to Washington. From June 1 to October 29, the airline has scheduled four weekly flights (Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays) with the capital of the United States where the main government institutions of that country are concentrated: the Capitol, the White House and the Supreme Court.

Flight Origin Destiny Exit Arrival*
IB6131 Madrid Washington 12:10 15:15
IB6132 Washington Madrid 16:45 06:30

*Schedules vary slightly depending on the month of operation

Starting June 1, Iberia will also operate to Dallas, the great metropolis of North Texas. Flights have been scheduled from June 1 to October 29, with four weekly frequencies (Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday). Dallas is the great hub of American Airlines, which ensures great connectivity within the United States for Iberia customers within its joint business agreement with American Airlines, British Airways and Finnair for the operation of routes between Europe and the North Atlantic.


Vuelo Origen Destino Salida Llegada*
IB6146 Madrid Dallas 15:55 19:50
IB6147 Dallas Madrid 21:25 14:20

*Los horarios varían ligeramente en función del mes de operación

Iberia recupera también la ruta a San Francisco desde el 1 de junio y hasta el 30 de septiembre con tres frecuencias semanales (lunes, miércoles y viernes). Solo las aerolíneas del grupo IAG ofrecen vuelos directos con San Francisco; Iberia desde Madrid y LEVEL desde Barcelona, a partir del 29 de marzo y con cuatro frecuencias semanales (martes, jueves, sábados y domingos)

Vuelo Origen Destino Salida Llegada
IB6193 Madrid San Francisco 12:20 16:15
IB6174 San Francisco Madrid 17:50 14:10


San Francisco

In addition, Iberia will have up to 14 weekly flights Madrid-New York, which are in addition to the daily LEVEL flight from Barcelona. It will offer another 14 flights with MiamiChicago will have up to seven flights a week, and Boston will also arrive on the daily flight in July and August, an operation that is complemented by LEVEL’s four weekly Barcelona-Boston frequencies. Los Angeles will have up to five weekly Iberia frequencies from Madrid and four more FROM LEVEL from Barcelona.

The offer is completed with up to five weekly flights to San Juan de Puerto Rico, a destination that is also part of the joint business agreement for the routes between Europe and the North Atlantic that Iberia maintains together with American Airlines, British Airways and Finnair.


Double daily flight to Argentina, Colombia and Mexico

In this summer season, Iberia will also recover a good part of the frequencies it offered in its main markets in Latin America, and will already reach 220 weekly flights in July and August.

Starting in June, it will offer 19 weekly flights with Mexico, which is already very close to the three daily flights it operated before the pandemic. In Colombia, Iberia exceeds the capacity of the pandemic with two daily flights (four more than in 2019), and in Argentina it will also reach two daily flights in July and August.

With PeruChile and Brazil Iberia consolidates its flight daily, with Ecuador there will also be seven flights a week, four to Quito and another three to Guayaquil, and with Uruguay it will offer between four and five weekly flights.

In the Caribbean, Iberia will reach nine weekly flights with the Dominican Republic in July and August, and in Cuba it increases its offer to four weekly flights.

In Central America, Iberia maintains its operation with direct flights to Costa Rica (up to six weekly flights), Guatemala-El Salvador (four weekly flights) and Panama (up to five weekly flights).


In Europe, pre-pandemic levels are reached

This summer, Iberia and Iberia Express fully recover the capacity it offered in 2019 in the short and medium radius and even exceeds it in some destinations, such as flights with the Canary islands and the Balearic Islands.

One more summer, Iberia is betting on destinations where you can do outdoor activities. In Portugal it will offer flights to Lisbon, Porto, Faro, Funchal and, for the second consecutive year, it will fly to the Azores Islands, to Ponta Delgada.

Italy will also have a large deployment in terms of destinations and frequencies. It will fly to 11 destinations: Rome, Milan, Florence, Venice, Naples, Bologna and Turin and, from mid-June, Catania, Olbia, Cagliari (operated by Iberia) and Bari (operated by Iberia Express) will be added.

Croatia is one of the most attractive international destinations for outdoor activities. This summer Iberia will once again offer flights to three destinations that allow you to travel the country: Dubrovnik, Zagreb and Split.

And Greece completes the quartet of summer offers, with flights to Athens and Corfu, operated by Iberia and to Mykonos, Crete and Santorini, operated by Iberia Express.

Given the good reception of the routes with Bergen (Norway) and Keflavik (Iceland), and for the most adventurous customers, Iberia and Iberia Express will respectfully offer up to two weekly flights originating in the Spanish capital.


About 30 percent more seats in the Balearic and Canary Islands

Iberia Express has scheduled 27 percent more seats than in 2019 with the Balearic and Canary islands, where it will offer up to 2.7 million seats between both archipelagos.

Iberia Express land

Specifically, it will offer more than 1.7 million seats with the Canary Islands, highlighting,

especially, the increase in capacity on routes to Lanzarote (+42% compared to 2019), Gran Canaria (+25%) and Fuerteventura (+23%). This means that Iberia Express will operate an average of 48 weekly frequencies to Tenerife (34 to Tenerife North and 14 to Tenerife South), 48 to Gran Canaria, 18 to Lanzarote, 15 to Fuerteventura and 10 to La Palma. The operation with the Canary Islands is completed with up to two weekly frequencies on the transversal routes Oviedo-Tenerife North and Tenerife North-Vigo.

The Balearic Islands is another of Iberia Express’ big bets for this summer, and has scheduled close to one million seats. Mallorca will have an average of 45 weekly frequencies, – up to 7 daily return flights -, Ibiza with 22 and Menorca with 13.


The most punctual in the world in January

Iberia and Iberia Express have started the year with excellent punctuality quotas, as reflected by the Cirium platform, a specialist in aviation data analysis.

In January, Iberia was the most punctual network airline in the world and Iberia Express the most punctual low cost in the world and in February, Iberia the second in the world and Iberia Express the second Europe. In the case of Iberia, both months exceeded 94 percent of flights in hour; while Iberia Express exceeded 95 percent of hourly flights in January and more than 90 percent in February.