Despite bankruptcy, SAS’ traffic was up 220% in June

Scandinavian Airlines-SAS issued this traffic report:

During June more than 1.9 million passengers traveled with SAS, an increase of approximately 220% compared to the same month last year. SAS’ capacity increased at the same time by approximately 150% compared with the same period last year. In comparison with last month, the total number of passengers increased with 7% and capacity was increased by 6%. The flown load factor for June was 80%, an improvement of 33 percentage points compared to June last year.

“Overall ticket sales have been positive in June, even if the whole aviation ecosystem still faces challenges in the global ramp-up. The notice of strike from the SAS Scandinavia pilots’ unions started impacting our bookings toward the end of the month. Our customers who for a long time have been longing to travel, had their plans disrupted in the middle of summer peak season, when we were looking forward to flying passengers. We continue our SAS FORWARD restructuring plan in which all stakeholders need to participate in order to secure SAS’ financial stability. To successfully continue the transformation of SAS we filed for Chapter 11 in the US on July 5. Update on the progress will be published once available”, says Anko van der Werff, President & CEO of SAS.

Copyright Photo: Jay Selman.

SAS scheduled traffic Jun22 Change1 Nov21- Jun22 Change1
ASK (Mill.) 3,045 123.2% 19,836 157.2%
RPK (Mill.) 2,419 270.1% 12,897 398.8%
Passenger load factor 79.4%         31.5 pp 65.0% 31.5 pp
No. of passengers (000) 1,812 197.5% 10,424 263.4%


Geographical development, schedule Jun22           vs.          Jun21 Nov21- Jun22   vs.   Nov20-Jun21
Intercontinental 677.6% 164.9% 1,065.3% 155.0%
Europe/Intrascandinavia 262.5% 149.7% 500.0% 296.7%
Domestic 80.3% 41.7% 122.4% 43.4%


SAS charter traffic Jun22 Change1 Nov21- Jun22 Change1
ASK (Mill.) 386 1,528.3% 1,205 1,962.1%
RPK (Mill.) 337 3,403.6% 1,006 4,269.8%
Load factor 87.2% 46.7 pp 83.5% 44.1 pp
No. of passengers (000) 133 2,879.2% 360 4,293.6%


SAS total traffic (scheduled and charter) Jun22 Change1 Nov21- Jun22 Change1
ASK (Mill.) 3,431 147.2% 21,040 170.8%
RPK (Mill.) 2,755 315.6% 13,903 433.0%
Load factor 80.3% 32.5 pp 66.1% 32.5 pp
No. of passengers (000) 1,946 217.1% 10,784 274.9%

1 Change compared to same period last year, p p = percentage points


Preliminary yield and PASK Jun22 Nominal change1 FX adjusted change
Yield, SEK 1.16 8.7% 4.1%
PASK, SEK 0.92 80.2% 42.7%
Punctuality (arrival 15 min)     67.7%
Regularity     96.6%
Change in total CO2 emissions     133.4 %
Change in CO2 emissions per available seat kilometer,     -0.9%
Carbon offsetting of passenger related emissions     39.6%



RPK – Revenue passenger kilometers

ASK – Available seat kilometers
Load factor – RPK/ASK
Yield – Passenger revenues/RPK (scheduled)

PASK – Passenger revenues/ASK (scheduled)

Change in CO2 emissions per available seat kilometers – SAS passenger related carbon emissions divided with total available seat kilometers (incl non-revenue and EuroBonus tickets), rolling 12 months vs rolling 12 months previous year

Carbon offsetting of passenger related emissions – Share of SAS passenger related carbon emissions compensated by SAS (EuroBonus members, youth tickets and SAS’ staff travel) during the month

From fiscal year 2020 we report change in CO2 emissions in total and per Available Seat Kilometers (ASK) to align with our overall goal to reduce our total CO2 emissions by 25% by 2025, compared to 2005.

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