SAS’ July figures severely impacted by 15-day pilot strike

Scandinavian Airlines-SAS released this traffic report for July:

During July more than 3,700 flights were cancelled and 380 000 passengers were affected by the SAS’ Scandinavia pilots unions strike action that was concluded on July 19.

In July 1.3 million passengers traveled with SAS, an increase of approximately 23% compared to the same month last year. SAS’ capacity increased by approximately 8% compared with the same period last year. In comparison with last month, the total number of passengers decreased with 32% and capacity was decreased by 23%, which was a result from the 15-day pilot strike. The flown load factor for July was 82%, an improvement of 21 percentage points compared to July last year.

“We sincerely apologize to our customers who were affected by the July strike. We are happy operations returned to normality again allowing us to start regaining our customers’ trust. We also continue executing our restructuring plan, SAS FORWARD and filed for chapter 11 in the US on 5th of July to accelerate the transformation process that will lead to a financially stable airline, that will be able to deliver the service our customers are expecting”, says Anko van der Werff, President & CEO of SAS.

SAS scheduled traffic Jul22 Change1 Nov21- Jul22 Change1
ASK (Mill.) 2,251 -2.2% 22,086 120.6%
RPK (Mill.) 1,871 36.5% 14,767 273.3%
Passenger load factor 83.1%         23.6 pp 66.9% 27.4 pp
No. of passengers (000) 1,207 18.0% 11,631 198.9%


Geographical development, schedule Jul22           vs.          Jul21 Nov21- Jul22   vs.   Nov20-Jul21
Intercontinental 129.4% -2.0% 726.8% 128.6%
Europe/Intrascandinavia 42.1% 11.4% 290.1% 192.7%
Domestic -40.1% -44.2% 90.2% 31.7%


SAS charter traffic Jul22 Change1 Nov21- Jul22 Change1
ASK (Mill.) 396 152.7% 1,600 644.3%
RPK (Mill.) 304 126.8% 1,310 733.8%
Load factor 76.8% -8.8 pp 81.9% 8.8 pp
No. of passengers (000) 118 111.3% 478 645.9%


SAS total traffic (scheduled and charter) Jul22 Change1 Nov21- Jul22 Change1
ASK (Mill.) 2,646 7.7% 23,687 131.6%
RPK (Mill.) 2,175 44.6% 16,077 290.9%
Load factor 82.2% 21.0 pp 67.9% 27.7 pp
No. of passengers (000) 1,325 22.8% 12,110 206.1%

1 Change compared to same period last year, p p = percentage points


Preliminary yield and PASK Jul22 Nominal change1 FX adjusted change
Yield, SEK 1.05 20.9% 4.1%
PASK, SEK 0.87 68.7% 61.2%
Punctuality (arrival 15 min)     67.0%
Regularity     75.4%
Change in total CO2 emissions     118.2 %
Change in CO2 emissions per available seat kilometer,     0.8%
Carbon offsetting of passenger related emissions     32.6%



RPK – Revenue passenger kilometers

ASK – Available seat kilometers
Load factor – RPK/ASK
Yield – Passenger revenues/RPK (scheduled)

PASK – Passenger revenues/ASK (scheduled)

Change in CO2 emissions per available seat kilometers – SAS passenger related carbon emissions divided with total available seat kilometers (incl non-revenue and EuroBonus tickets), rolling 12 months vs rolling 12 months previous year

Carbon offsetting of passenger related emissions – Share of SAS passenger related carbon emissions compensated by SAS (EuroBonus members, youth tickets and SAS’ staff travel) during the month


From fiscal year 2020 we report change in CO2 emissions in total and per Available Seat Kilometers (ASK) to align with our overall goal to reduce our total CO2 emissions by 25% by 2025, compared to 2005.

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