CommutAir pilots sign new letter of agreement for their long-term contract

CommutAir leadership and ALPA are excited to announce sweeping increases to our shared pilot compensation program. Incoming first officers will now start at $72.00/hr and Captains will start at $100.00/hr. Additionally, new sign-on & retention bonuses are now available up to a total of $25,000 for First Officers and $50,000 for Captain qualified pilots.

The opportunities offered by these updates will enable sustained growth for all of our employees. CommutAir pilots will now receive enhanced levels of scheduling, commuting expenses, health insurance, vacation, sick leave and 401k benefits that are among the best in the industry:

Compensation benefits of the agreement include:

  • Increase in starting First Officer wages – $72/hr
  • Increase in starting Captain wages – $100/hr
  • Pilot sign-on bonuses and incentives – $25,000for First Officers and $50,000 for Captain Qualified pilots
  • Significant increase to pay override for instructors (Ground, SIM, Line Check Pilots, and Designated Examiners)
  • Annual retention bonuses totaling $25,000 for First Officers and $50,000 for Captains for full contract duration
  • New Minimum Monthly duty period Guarantee – 76 hours
  • Full Compensation for Experience – Longevity credit of 1:1 up to 20 yrs for new hires with prior FAR 121 industry experience
  • Increased Commuter hotel allotment for reserve pilots
  • Industry leading Commuter travel program including flights from home to base
  • Direct flow to United Airlines through the Aviate Program

United Express-CommutAir aircraft photo gallery: