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Fifth Airbus A320 joins Wizz Air’s Skopje base

Wizz Air, one of the fastest growing airlines in Central and Eastern Europe and the largest airline of North Macedonia, is celebrating together with TAV Macedonia the allocation of the 5th aircraft and launch of 3 new routes from North Macedonia, commencing on July 31 and August 2, 2019. Passengers can now travel from Skopje to Turku on the southwest coast of Finland and Larnaca – one of the oldest cities in Cyprus, region famous for its outstanding natural beauty. The third route celebrated connects Ohrid with Memmingen, which together with the recently launched Dortmund service gives passengers a convenient opportunity to travel to Germany from Ohrid.

With a traditional aviation welcoming ceremony – water canon salute and treats – the first passengers on Wizz Air’s flight from Turku were welcomed at the airport in Skopje. A bit later the second celebratory flight departed from Skopje to Larnaca. Passengers traveling on the Ohrid – Memmingen route will enjoy their first flight on August 2, 2019.

WIZZ started operations from North Macedonia in 2011 and established a based in Skopje in 2012. After 7 years of successful operations, the airline announced further expansion at its North Macedonian base by allocating the 5th Airbus A320 aircraft at the end of July 2019. The new aircraft represents another $101 million investment into the local aviation market and will contribute to the creation of over thirty new direct jobs with Wizz Air.

Only this year, WIZZ started to operate to 4 new destinations from Skopje to: Baden-Baden, Bremen, Larnaca and Turku, and 4 new destinations from Ohrid to: Malmö, Milan, opened in March 2019, Dortmund opened at the beginning of July and Memmingen in August. Overall, it makes a total of 38 routes to 16 countries operated by Wizz Air from the two North Macedonian airports: Skopje and Ohrid.


Route Days From Fares from*
Skopje –Larnaca Wednesdays, Sundays 31 July 2019 MKD 899/EUR 14.99
Skopje – Turku Wednesdays, Sundays 31 July 2019 MKD 1,499/EUR 24.99
Ohrid–Memmingen/Munich West Mondays, Fridays 2 August 2019 MKD 899/EUR 14.99


* One way including all taxes and non-optional charges

Wizz Air expands its Chisinau operations

Wizz Air has announced the allocation of a third aircraft to Chisinau. The new Airbus A320 will join the fleet in December, enabling the increase of frequencies of the airline’s existing 8 routes and the start of four new routes from Chisinau. Passengers can already plan their trips to picturesque Prague, beaches and sun in Larnaca, business and cultural centre in northern Italy – Turin or to South Yorkshire county in England.

Wizz started operations from Chisinau International Airport in 2013 and established a base there in March 2017.


New routes Frequency Start date Fares from*
Prague Wednesdays, Sundays 18 December 2019 24.99 EUR / 629 CZK
Larnaca Mondays, Fridays 20 December 2019 EUR 24.99
Doncaster/Sheffield Mondays, Fridays 20 December 2019 29.99 EUR / 25.99 GBP
Turin Tuesdays, Saturdays 21 December 2019 EUR 24.99




All images by the airline.

Wizz Air expands in Poland

Wizz Air, the fastest growing airline in Europe and the leading low cost carrier in Central and Eastern Europe, started operating new routes from Poland.

With several flights a week Wizz Air connects Warsaw with Podgorica, Katowice with Podgorica, Santander and Castellon, as well as Gdansk with London Gatwick.

Currently Wizz Air offers flights on 169 routes to 74 destinations from 9 Polish airports, providing affordable access for all types of travellers across Europe and beyond.

Wizz Air’s first Polish flight took off on May 19, 2004 from Katowice to London Luton and since then, the airline has become one of the top carriers in Poland. Wizz Air is constantly expanding its offer with further travel options at low fares for an increasing number of passengers. In 2018, Wizz Air carried 9.3 million passengers.


Departure Destination Days Starts Fares From*
Katowice Castellon Mondays, Fridays 17 June PLN 129/ EUR 29.99
Katowice Santander Tuesdays, Saturdays 15 June PLN 129 / EUR 29.99
Katowice Podgorica Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays 15 June PLN 89 / EUR 19.99
Warsaw Podgorica Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays 15 June PLN 189 / EUR 44.99
Gdansk London Gatwick daily 15 June PLN 39 / EUR 9.99

In other news, Wizz Air last week started a new low-fare service from its Serbian base in Belgrade to Lyon-Saint-Exupéry Airport in France.

Lyon is the third French destination Wizz Air operates flights to from Belgrade, next to Paris Beauvais and Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg. Service to Lyon started on June 15, 2018 and is operated on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

Finally Wizz Air on June 17 launched a new route to Memmingen/ Munich West, the first low fare connection from Suceava to Germany.

The new route operates three flights per week on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Photos: Wizz Air.

Indigo Partners to add 50 Airbus A321XLRs to its airline fleets

Indigo Partners and three of its airlines will acquire 50 of the new Airbus A321XLR long-range, single-aisle jetliners. The Memorandum of Understanding includes new orders for 32 A321XLRs and the conversion of 18 existing A320neo family orders.

Indigo Partners LLC, based in Phoenix, Arizona, is a private equity fund focused on worldwide investments in air transportation. Indigo has major ownership stakes in four low-cost airlines, including Frontier Airlines (U.S.), JetSMART (Chile), Volaris (Mexico) and Wizz Air (Hungary). The four carriers now operate a combined 295 Airbus planes and, with the new commitments, have 636 on order.

Twenty of the A321XLRs will be allocated to Wizz Air, 18 to Frontier, and 12 to JetSMART.

Airbus announced the launch of the A321XLR at the Paris Air Show. Derived from the A321neo, the A321XLR is the longest-range single-aisle commercial jetliner ever, capable of flying routes up to 4,700nm with unbeatable fuel efficiency. With a range previously found only in twin-aisle aircraft, A321XLR will enable airlines to exploit new route opportunities with low operating costs, reduced environmental impact, and provide passengers with a comfortable travel experience.

Images: Airbus.

Wizz Air claims the title of “Greenest Airline in Europe”

Wizz Air is making this claim:

Wizz Air, one of Europe’s fastest growing airlines and the largest low-cost carrier in Central and Eastern Europe, announced today that it operates at the lowest CO2 emissions per passenger amongst all competitor airlines.  With 56.5g CO2 per passenger/km in May 2019 Wizz Air is the airline with the smallest environmental footprint per passenger. Going forward, Wizz Air is taking a proactive step to include the emissions figure into its monthly statistics, adding transparency to allow passengers to have all the necessary information to make responsible choices.

Wizz Air operates a modern fleet of Airbus A320, A321CEO and A321NEO aircraft with an average age of 4,7 years, one of the youngest in the industry. Wizz Air’s CO2 per passenger/kilometre emissions figure has been on a continuously declining trend over the past years, dropping by 4.4% in May 2019 compared to a year earlier.  With more than 250 Airbus A321NEO aircraft on order, Wizz Air will continue to drive efficiency and improvement in this area with its environmental footprint further decreasing by 1/3 for every passenger over the next decade.


Monthly Figures May 2019
Revenue passenger kilometres flown 5,656m km
Passengers Carried 3.47m passengers
CO2 emissions 319,760 tonnes
CO2 grams per passenger/km 56.5 g per passenger/km


The A320neo and its derivative aircraft family members have pioneered and incorporated the latest technologies, including its new generation engines and the industry’s reference cabin design, delivering 20 percent fuel cost savings alone. The A321neo also offers significant environmental benefits with nearly a 50 percent reduction in noise footprint compared to previous generation aircraft. Since entering into service in early 2016, Pratt and Whitney‘s Geared Turbofan engine, that is has demonstrated its promised ability to reduce nitrogen oxide emissions by 50 percent.

József Váradi, Chief Executive Officer of Wizz Air said: “Wizz Air’s ultimate goal is to liberate lives by providing affordable travel, and we pride ourselves on delivering this in the most sustainable way. Being a responsible business and ensuring a sustainable future for next generations is not a race. Today, with the lowest CO2 emissions per passenger/km in the industry, Wizz Air is already the greenest choice of air travel a passenger can make. We have set ambitious goals for ourselves to further reduce the impact on the environment by deploying the latest state-of-the-art technology and further reducing CO2 emissions per passenger by a third by 2030. We have the best tools to achieve this – the A321NEO aircraft with Wizz Air’s seat configuration of 239 passenger seats and Pratt and Whitney’s Geared Turbofan engines bring the cleanest and most environmentally-friendly technology that currently exists in the world.”

All photos by Wizz Air.

Wizz Air expands in Vienna with a sixth aircraft

Wizz Air  (Hungary) Airbus A321-231 WL HA-LXR (msn 7647) BSL (Paul Bannwarth). Image: 946626.

Wizz Air has announced the allocation of a sixth aircraft to its Vienna base. The new Airbus A321 will join the fleet in the middle of December, enabling the start of six new long-awaited services from Vienna to Alicante, Bremen, Chisinau, Naples, Oslo and Porto and the increase of frequencies of the airline’s existing Eindhoven and Tel Aviv routes.

Wizz opened its Austrian base in Vienna International Airport in June 2018 and after only one year of successful operations, the airline announced further expansion, growing its fleet to six Airbus aircraft. Together with these six new services Wizz Air now offers 38 routes to 23 countries from Vienna.


New routes Frequency Start date Fares from*
Chisinau Monday, Friday 28 October 2019 EUR 19.99
Oslo Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday 16 December 2019 EUR 19.99/ 209 NOK
Alicante Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday 17 December 2019 EUR 19.99
Bremen Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday 17 December 2019 EUR 14.99
Naples Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday 17 December 2019 EUR 19.99
Porto Wednesday, Sunday 18 December 2019 EUR 19.99

Wizz Air celebrated its 15th anniversary in May.

In other news, Wizz Air will become the biggest airline at London Luton Airport this summer.

The carrier will also add a new route from Vilnius – to Eilat in Israel.

Top Copyright Photo: Wizz Air (Hungary) Airbus A321-231 WL HA-LXR (msn 7647) BSL (Paul Bannwarth). Image: 946626.

Wizz Air aircraft slide show:

Wizz Air celebrates 200 million passengers flown in 15 years

Wizz Air  (Hungary) Airbus A321-231 WL HA-LXT (msn 7706) BSL (Paul Bannwarth). Image: 946587.

Wizz Air, the fastest growing airline in Europe, celebrated the 15th anniversary of its first flight as well as a remarkable milestone of 200 million carried passengers.

The very first Wizz Air flight took off on May 19, 2004 from Katowice to London Luton. Since then the airline has grown its fleet to 112 Airbus aircraft, including the modern state-of-the-art A321neo aircraft powered by two Pratt & Whitney geared turbofan engines, representing the most efficient single-aisle aircraft in the world. With the exemplary fuel economics and a 239 seat configuration, passengers, choosing to fly with Wizz Air’s A321neo benefit from Wizz Air’s lowest fares while ensuring that they are leaving the smallest environmental footprint per passenger.

Looking back on the past twelve months, Wizz Air has a lot to be proud of: WIZZ has pioneered air travel in Austria by setting up operations from Vienna International Airport; founded Wizz Air UK, a UK-based airline that will soon boast eleven brand new Airbus A320 and A321 aircraft in its fleet; welcomed the 100th aircraft to the WIZZ fleet, decorated with a special livery; opened the state-of-the-art, Budapest-based Training Centre, an investment of over €300 million; opened and commenced flights from the newest Polish WIZZ base in Krakow, as well as added two of the 256 next generation Airbus A321neo aircraft to the rapidly expanding WIZZ fleet.

During the 15 years in service Wizz Air gained trust and loyalty of 200 million passengers. WIZZ reached 100 million passengers in October 2015 and it took less than four years to double that amount. To mark this notable achievement, all passengers of the celebratory flight from Kyiv, Ukraine to Katowice, Poland were greeted by Wizz Air and Katowice International Airport management upon arrival with a small celebration on the ground and EUR 200 vouchers.

József Váradi, the Chief Executive Officer of Wizz Air said: “We operated our first flight in 2004 between Poland and the UK, and today, 15 years later, we celebrate a total of 200 million passengers carried from 146 airports across 44 countries. While it is undeniable that our people are the biggest driver of this achievement, there are also four key elements that have set WIZZ apart from our competitors and helped establish our unrivalled strategic position in Europe. Thanks to our exceptional ULCC business model, we are cost leaders in a commodity industry and one of the most valued airlines in Europe.

Our market leadership and increased focus on the CEE region gives us a unique advantage by allowing us to enter an underpenetrated market, in which we strive to get people into the franchise of flying, rather than compete for the passengers of existing airlines. We have an order of over 250 A321neo aircraft, an extremely valuable asset and a true game-changer for WIZZ, offering the lowest unit cost and environmental footprint per passenger, as well as reduced noise and NOX footprint.

Finally, our culturally diverse organization and leadership team, represented by over 50 nationalities, ensure that we have a truly global vision, take balanced decisions and swiftly adapt to changes in our environment. I thank our customers, partners and of course the WIZZ team for their trust and support during these 15 years behind us and can state without a doubt that we have an even more exciting 15 years ahead.”

Top Copyright Photo: Wizz Air (Hungary) Airbus A321-231 WL HA-LXT (msn 7706) BSL (Paul Bannwarth). Image: 946587.

Wizz Air aircraft slide show: