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Aerovias DAP becomes a new Boeing 737-200 operator

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Aerovias DAP (Las Aerolineas de la Patagonia) (Punta Arenas, Chile) has become a new Boeing 737 operator. Former SKY Airline (Santiago) Boeing 737-2Q3 CC-ABD (msn 22736) is the first Boeing 737-200 to be operated by Aerovías DAP. CC-ABD is being operated on behalf of the mining industry as DAP Mineral Airways. Aerovias DAP is expected to add two additional Boeing 737-200s from SKY Airline. This leaves the Aerovias DAP BAe 146s/Avro RJs to operate mainly in southern Chile (Patagonia) and Antarctica.

Video: BAe 146 landing on King George Island in Antarctica:

Aerovias DAP: AG Slide Show

Sky Airline of Chile retires its last Boeing 737-200

Sky Airline (Chile) (Santiago) on July 26 operated the last revenue flight of a Boeing 737-200. Three 737-200s were retired on July 26.

The first of the three airliners that finished their career was CC-CTK, performing flight SKU 055, departing Santiago (SCL) to Carriel Sur, Concepción Airport (SCIE/CCP) at 17:15 (local time). It returned to SCL as flight SKU 054.

Flight SKU 116 was flown from Santiago to Copiapó’s Desierto de Atacama airport (SCAT) using CC-CVI, and flew from there to Santiago as SKU 117 at 19:09.
The last flight was flight SKU 122, flown with CC-CTH. The flight took off from SCL for La Serena (SCSE/LSC), then to Copiapó and returning to Santiago around 22:00 (local). This flight marked the end of the era of 737s in SKY Airline service.

Thanks goes to Alvaro Romero for this information.

Copyright Photo: Alvaro Romero/ModoCharlie.com. Boeing 737-2Q3 CC-ABD (msn 22736) is pictured at the SCL base.

Sky Airline (Chile): AG Slide Show