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Air Nigeria suspends all operations for at least a year

Air Nigeria‘s (formerly Virgin Nigeria Airways and Nigerian Eagle Airlines) (Lagos) owner, Jimoh Ibrahim, on September 5 announced he was suspending operations for a year due to the “disloyalty” of some staff members and a weak economic environment according to this report by Bloomberg. He is demanding a plan from the remaining staff to develop a plan to make the airline profitable again. The suspension will be effective on September 10.

The airline had previously dropped all domestic and regional flights in June and was only operating international flights.

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Meanwhile Air Nigeria’s workers who were fired are taking to the streets today in Lagos to peacefully protest the closure according to a report by Business Day in Nigeria. The employees are claiming they have been unpaid for four months.

Copyright Photo: Terry Wade. Airbus A330-243 SU-SCI (msn 696) was being leased from EgyptAir on May 13, 2012 and now will be returned. The airliner is pictured preparing for departure from London (Gatwick).

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Air Nigeria adds its first Airbus A330 as it returns to long-haul flying

Air Nigeria (Lagos) is leasing this Airbus A330-243 registered as SU-GCI (msn 696) from EgyptAir (Cairo). SU-GCI is named “Papa Do” and was leased on May 13, 2012. London (Gatwick) service was restored on May 16 after being suspended in January 2009.

In other news, IFE Services announced it has been selected by Air Nigeria as its in-flight entertainment(IFE) provider.

The agreement covers the provision of entertainment content across the airline’s fleet of A330s. Passengers in business class will be offered a complimentary iPad 3 on which to enjoy Nigerian, classic and latest release Hollywood movies as well as a broad selection of comedy, lifestyle, drama and kids TV shows. Air Nigeria is the first African carrier to offer the iPad 3 to passengers as an in-flight entertainment solution.

In economy class, passengers can enjoy latest release Hollywood movies and a selection of TV shows on the airplanes’ digital mainscreen systems. IFE Services is also producing a new animated safety film for the airline.

Copyright Photo: Terry Wade. SU-GCI is pictured at Gatwick Airport this morning in full colors.

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