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SkyWest orders 100 conditional new Embraer 175s, SkyWest Airlines to operate 40 for United Express

United Express ERJ 175 (CO 91)(Flt)(United)(LRW)

SkyWest, Inc. (SkyWest Airlines and ExpressJet Airlines) (St. George) announced today that it has entered into a Capacity Purchase Agreement (CPA) with United Airlines, Inc. (Chicago) to operate 40 new Embraer 175 (ERJ 175) dual-class regional jet aircraft.  The CPA with United has a term of 12 years and SkyWest will operate under terms and conditions similar to its existing agreements with United.

SkyWest has determined that these 40 regional jet aircraft will be operated by SkyWest Airlines, Inc. (St. George), a wholly-owned subsidiary of SkyWest. Under the agreement, it is anticipated that the 40 aircraft will be introduced into service in the second quarter of 2014, with deliveries continuing to mid-2015.  The aircraft will be configured with 76-seats in dual-class.

SkyWest, Inc. also announced today that it has entered into an agreement with Embraer for the purchase of 100 new Embraer 175 dual-class regional jet aircraft. Of the 100 aircraft, 40 are considered firm deliveries and the remaining 60 aircraft are considered conditional until SkyWest enters into capacity purchase agreements with other major airlines to operate the aircraft.  Deliveries for the 40 firm aircraft are anticipated to begin in the second quarter of 2014 and continue through mid 2015. The aircraft will be configured in 76 seats in dual-class. The agreement also includes options for an additional 100 ERJ 175 aircraft and would be valued at $8.3 billion if all 200 aircraft are ordered.  The initial 40 firm aircraft outlined above will be operated by SkyWest Airlines, Inc.

SkyWest management believes reaching this agreement brings to conclusion a thorough process that also included the negotiation of support and long-term maintenance agreements that will enable SkyWest to efficiently manage the operating costs of the new aircraft.  SkyWest management also believes it has developed an industry-leading agreement that will allow SkyWest to offer competitive benefits to its major partners.

Image: United Airlines.

Video: A SkyWest pilot shows the views from the cockpit:

Current Routes operated for United Airlines by SkyWest Airlines (click on the map for full-size view):

United Express-SkyWest 5:2013 Route Map

United Express/SkyWest Airlines: AG Slide Show

SkyWest to operate 23 Bombardier CRJ200s for American Eagle

SkyWest, Inc. (St. George) announced today that it has signed a Capacity Purchase Agreement (CPA) with American Airlines, Inc. (Dallas/Fort Worth) to operate 23 Bombardier CRJ200 regional jet aircraft under the American Eagle designation.  SkyWest currently anticipates that it will commence its American flights on November 15, 2012, with all 23 aircraft being placed in service prior to end of the first quarter 2013.   SkyWest intends to source the aircraft from its existing fleet where they have previously been operated in behalf of another major partner and anticipates that 12 of the aircraft will be flown by SkyWest Airlines, Inc. and 11 aircraft will be flown by ExpressJet Airlines, Inc. (Atlanta). SkyWest also anticipates that the American aircraft will be primarily operated out of Los Angeles International Airport and Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport.

The CPA, which has a term of four years, provides for SkyWest, through its operating airlines SkyWest Airlines and ExpressJet Airlines, to be compensated in similar fashion to existing capacity purchase agreements with SkyWest’s other major partners.

SkyWest is the holding company for two scheduled passenger airline operations and an aircraft leasing company and is headquartered in St. George, Utah. SkyWest’s scheduled passenger airline operations consist of SkyWest Airlines, also based in St. George, Utah, and ExpressJet Airlines, based in Atlanta, Georgia.  SkyWest Airlines operates as United Express and Delta Connection carriers under contractual agreements with United Airlines, Inc. and Delta Air Lines, Inc.  SkyWest Airlines also operates as US Airways Express under a contractual agreement with US Airways, Inc., and operates flights for Alaska Airlines under a contractual agreement.  ExpressJet Airlines operates as United Express and Delta Connection carriers under contractual agreements with United and Delta. System-wide, SkyWest serves markets in the United States, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean with approximately 4,000 daily departures and a fleet of approximately 725 regional aircraft.

Copyright Photo: Michael B. Ing. Bombardier CRJ200 N496CA (msn 7791) arrives at Los Angeles.