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United Airways suspends all operations after its board fails to adopt a rescue plan, then resumes again

United Airways (Bangladesh) (Dhaka) suspended all operations at the end of the day on Wednesday, September 24, after the airline’s board of directors failed to agree on a rescue plan to keep the private cash-starved airline flying according to the Daily Star.

According to the report, founder Tasbirul Ahmed Choudhury was forced to resign creating the leadership void.

Previously the founder had this goal for his airline:

I intend to make United Airways the best in the world and pursue this goal seriously, as I am sure you pursue your goals equally seriously. I have always aimed at delighting you and giving you nothing but the best.

It is my passion to deliver a world-class experience. And since work and play can go hand-in-hand, I am sure you need some time to relax in the skies after several pressing commitments and stressful work obligations.

I make this happen, by being personally involved and ensure that every United Airways aircraft meets the global standards that I have set in terms of safety. I am proud of our fleet which incorporates the latest technology available.

Aboard every United Airways flight you will meet your crew that we have selected and approved after a rigorous training program.

So, leave the stress of daily life behind and enjoy the experience with United Airways. I try hard to exceed what you expect, however, if I have missed something or fallen short of meeting your expectations, please feel free to mail me directly at chairman@uabdl.com.

I invite you to fly United Airways and experience an unforgettable journey my team and I strive to create everyday.

Warm personal regards,

Captain Tasbirul Ahmed Choudhury
Chairman and Managing Director

The airline commenced scheduled passenger operations on July 10, 2007.

Update:  United Airways resumed domestic and regional operations on September 27, following a three day suspension. The new Board of Directors asked former chairman and captain Tasbirul Ahmed Chowdhury to return which he did.

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Copyright Photo: Paul Denton/AirlinersGallery.com. McDonnell Douglas DC-9-83 (MD-83) S2-AEU (msn 49790) arrives at Dhaka.

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Previous Route Map:

United Airways Route Map

United Airways Fleet:

United Airways fleet

Schedule at the time of the shutdown:

United Airways 9.2014 Schedule

Video: A personal video for a domestic ATR 72 flight from Chittagong to Dhaka:


Is United Airways of Bangladesh in financial trouble?

United Airways (Dhaka) is a privately-held airline in Bangladesh. The international carrier commenced operations on July 10, 2007.

According to this report by the Daily Star, the airline may be facing a suspension of AOC due to outstanding aeronautical and non-aeronautical charges. The aircraft has been banned from adding new aircraft until its bills are paid. The airline must pay its overdue bills by June 15.

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Copyright Photo: Antony J. Best/AirlinersGallery.com. Airbus A310-325 S2-AFF (msn 672) arrives at London (Gatwick).

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United Airways now flies to Muscat, Oman

United Airways (Dhaka) commenced nonstop Airbus A310 flights from Dhaka to Muscat (Oman) on January 29. The new route will be operated on four days a week.

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United Airways may be forced to change its name

United Airways (Bangladesh) may be forced to change its name after a court in the United Kingdom agreed with a complaint by United Airlines (Chicago) that United Airways had “illegally violated” its trademark according to this article by Flightglobal.

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Route Map:

United Airways starts Dhaka-Kuala Lumpur flights

United Airways (Bangladesh) today (December 21) starts Dhaka-Kuala Lumpur flights with its 155-seat McDonnell Douglas DC-9-83 (MD-83).

United Airways starts twice-weekly service to London (Gatwick)

United Airways (Dhaka) launched twice-weekly service to Gatwick Airport near London on November 21 via Dubai and Istanbul.

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