United’s Boeing 787-8 N20904 has a successful first flight

United Airlines‘ (Chicago) first Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner (N20904) completed its first production flight on Sunday (August 19) as Boeing makes its final preparations for delivering the jetliner to United at the end of September. The aircraft took off from Boeing’s Paine Field in Everett, Washington. Boeing pilots flew the 787-8 around the Seattle area for more than three hours as part of planned tests of the aircraft’s controls and systems.

During the flight, crew members examined the 787’s onboard systems at high and medium altitudes. They also checked backup and safety elements, including cabin pressurization, avionics, navigation and communications systems.

Sunday’s flight was part of a series of work that Boeing performs after each 787 comes out of its paint hangar and before airlines take delivery of the planes. The work also includes fueling, systems tests, engine runs and taxi tests.

Copyright Photo: United Airlines. Boeing has dropped the customer codes with the 787. Hence N20904 (msn 34824) is officially designated as a 787-8.