Hawaiian Holdings acquires its first ATR 42-500 for a new inter-island subsidiary

Hawaiian Holdings, Inc. (Hawaiian Airlines) (Honolulu) has completed the purchase of its first ATR 42-500 twin-turboprop aircraft, and has a purchase agreement in place to acquire a second plane to be delivered in November 2012.

The previously-owned aircraft are being acquired from ASL Aviation Group Limited (Dublin, Ireland). Purchase terms are not being disclosed.

According to the airline, the aircraft will be used to inaugurate new passenger service to Moloka‘i and Läna‘i in 2013. When configured for neighbor island use, the planes will seat 44 to 50 passengers.

The new turboprop service will operate separately from Hawaiian Airlines. Hawaiian Holdings is currently developing the name and brand identity of the new entity.

According to HNL RareBirds, Hawaiian’s first ATR 42-500 will be registered as N801HC (msn 629). The aircraft was originally delivered to Czech Airlines-CSA as OK-JFL in July 2004.

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2 thoughts on “Hawaiian Holdings acquires its first ATR 42-500 for a new inter-island subsidiary

  1. Sam

    I think this company has become truly evil. After years of crying foul that go! had come from the mainland to take jobs from locals, watching Aloha die and expanding at an astronomical pace, they now get ATRs in order to squeeze out Island Air, a company that has been around since the Twin Otter and is staffed by loyal LOCAL folks.
    Shame on you Hawaiian. Where is your sense of aloha? I look forward to watching the over-expansion turn to woes.

  2. Bill Payne

    Whether operated by HAL or Island Air, this aircraft is long overdue in Hawaii. Many years ago Mahalo Air leased a fleet of them, only to find the Japanese market opposed to a turboprop. Fast forward to 2012, where the ATR and other turboprops are commonplace in Asia, and where the airplane’s efficiencies (and comfort) overcome an old perception, and (imho), we are about to see a transformation in the interisland market. Indeed the ATR 42 or 72 will both be more comfortable than the CRJ200 that Go! (Mesa Air) has been operating since they started the carrier. Those airplanes are simply too cramped for the high-volume, short-haul service that is our interisland market. Looking forward to seeing this type flying here!

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