Airwork (Toll) Boeing 737-300F right main gear collapses today in the Solomon Islands

Airwork Group (Airwork NZ Limited) (Auckland) Boeing 737-3B7 (SF) ZK-TLC (msn 23705) operated under the Toll Group brand was involved in an incident on the runway today (January 26) at Honiara International Airport (formerly Henderson Field of World War II) in the Solomon Islands. The aircraft had just landed when the right main gear collapsed on the runway on the roll-out. No one was injured in the incident according to the National. Three crew members were on board. The incident closed the single runway airport.

Airwork operates seven Boeing 737s.

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The company describes itself in its prospectus:

Airwork Holdings Limited is a specialist provider of services to the aviation industry, operating through a number of companies and business divisions (together “Airwork”).

Airwork owns, operates, leases, maintains, upgrades and supports helicopters and fixed wing aircraft and provides a complete solution to clients, according to the client’s requirements.

Airwork’s operations are backed by a world class maintenance, repair and overhaul business which has extensive local and international certification and is one of only a few service centres anywhere in the world to have approved supplier status from a number of the global helicopter and engine manufacturers, including Honeywell and Eurocopter.

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Captain Alaska added these comments on the incident on Reddit:

This happened less than 12 hours ago, and not much is know about why. All that is known is the right main gear collapsed shortly after landing. You can see this, as the reversers are deployed, meaning the aircraft was safety established on the runway before being deployed, and the collapse occurred later on.

Both pilots were completely uninjured, along with the onboard engineer.

There are major problems with this accident, as as far as we know, the aircraft is sitting roughly in the middle of the only runway.

Honiara International Airport does not have a tug or anything to pull the 737 off the runway, and also does not have any equipment capable of lifting or moving/placing the 737 on something to move it. As of right now, all air traffic (exception of small aircraft/helicopter) cannot land until the 737 is cleared, as there is not enough runway.

Edit: They are now getting a bulldozer to shove the aircraft aside, to allow essential aircraft to land. (Honiara is a small island community, and relies on air traffic)

Edit 2: More photos

Top Copyright Photo: Micheil Keegan/ ZK-TLC is pictured before the incident arriving at Perth. The airframe was formerly a passenger aircraft operated by USAir/US Airways as N388AU and N519AU before it was converted to a freighter and sold to Airwork in 2007.

Toll Priority: AG Slide Show

Bottom Copyright Photo: Captain Alaska. A photo taken at the scene today at Honiara.

Toll (Airwork) 737-300F ZK-TLC (Gear Collapse) Honiara (Captain Alaska)(LR)