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Citilink Airbus A320 exits the runway at Padang on landing in the rain, three injured

Citilink A320 leaves the runway at Padang

Citilink (subsidiary of Garuda Indonesia) (Jakarta) Airbus A320-214 PK-GQG (msn 6333) operating flight QG 970 on August 2 from Jakarta (CGK) to Padang (PDG) with 174 passengers and crew members left the runway on landing at Padang in the rain. The aircraft was evacuated using the emergency chutes. Three people were injured according to Reuters. The incident also shut down the airport in western Indonesia.

Citilink logo-2

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Twitter photo by Gerry Soejatman.

Citlink aircraft slide show:


Airwork (Toll) Boeing 737-300F right main gear collapses today in the Solomon Islands

Airwork Group (Airwork NZ Limited) (Auckland) Boeing 737-3B7 (SF) ZK-TLC (msn 23705) operated under the Toll Group brand was involved in an incident on the runway today (January 26) at Honiara International Airport (formerly Henderson Field of World War II) in the Solomon Islands. The aircraft had just landed when the right main gear collapsed on the runway on the roll-out. No one was injured in the incident according to the National. Three crew members were on board. The incident closed the single runway airport.

Airwork operates seven Boeing 737s.

Airwork (NZ) logo

The company describes itself in its prospectus:

Airwork Holdings Limited is a specialist provider of services to the aviation industry, operating through a number of companies and business divisions (together “Airwork”).

Airwork owns, operates, leases, maintains, upgrades and supports helicopters and fixed wing aircraft and provides a complete solution to clients, according to the client’s requirements.

Airwork’s operations are backed by a world class maintenance, repair and overhaul business which has extensive local and international certification and is one of only a few service centres anywhere in the world to have approved supplier status from a number of the global helicopter and engine manufacturers, including Honeywell and Eurocopter.

Read the full report from the National: CLICK HERE

Captain Alaska added these comments on the incident on Reddit:

This happened less than 12 hours ago, and not much is know about why. All that is known is the right main gear collapsed shortly after landing. You can see this, as the reversers are deployed, meaning the aircraft was safety established on the runway before being deployed, and the collapse occurred later on.

Both pilots were completely uninjured, along with the onboard engineer.

There are major problems with this accident, as as far as we know, the aircraft is sitting roughly in the middle of the only runway.

Honiara International Airport does not have a tug or anything to pull the 737 off the runway, and also does not have any equipment capable of lifting or moving/placing the 737 on something to move it. As of right now, all air traffic (exception of small aircraft/helicopter) cannot land until the 737 is cleared, as there is not enough runway.

Edit: They are now getting a bulldozer to shove the aircraft aside, to allow essential aircraft to land. (Honiara is a small island community, and relies on air traffic)

Edit 2: More photos

Top Copyright Photo: Micheil Keegan/AirlinersGallery.com. ZK-TLC is pictured before the incident arriving at Perth. The airframe was formerly a passenger aircraft operated by USAir/US Airways as N388AU and N519AU before it was converted to a freighter and sold to Airwork in 2007.

Toll Priority: AG Slide Show

Bottom Copyright Photo: Captain Alaska. A photo taken at the scene today at Honiara.

Toll (Airwork) 737-300F ZK-TLC (Gear Collapse) Honiara (Captain Alaska)(LR)

Alitalia’s Airbus A320-200 EI-EIB makes an emergency landing in Rome

Alitalia (2nd) A320-200 EI-EIB (06)(Ldg) GLA (FS)(LRW)

Alitalia’s (2nd) (Rome) Airbus A320-216 EI-EIB (msn 4249) while being operated on operating flight AZ 63 from Madrid to Rome (Fiumicino), the crew was forced to make an emergency landing at FCO late last night (September 29) after the right main gear failed to deploy. The 151 passengers and crew members safely evacuated the aircraft using the emergency chutes with no injuries.

Alitalia issued this statement (translated from Italian):

Rome, September 29, 2013:
This evening at 21:04, flight AZ 063, coming from Madrid, made an emergency landing in Fiumicino Airport due to failure in the right main landing gear.
No injuries also thanks to the skill of the commander of the flight, with over 15,000 flight hours in the Alitalia Group and previously as a military pilot.
The plane is an Airbus A320, constructed in June 2010.
Read the full story from The Telegraph: CLICK HERE
Copyright Photo: Fred Seggie. EI-EIB arrives at Glasgow prior to the accident.
Alitalia (2nd): AG Slide Show

Colgan Air’s Bombardier DHC-8-402 N341NG collides on the ground with Lufthansa’s Airbus A330-343X D-AIKE at Washington Dulles

Colgan Air (2nd) (Memphis) has its share of problems. First the company is going out of business on September 5. Adding to this problem, yesterday (August 10) a Lufthansa Airbus A330-343X registered as D-AIKE clipped the tail of Colgan Air’s Bombardier DHC-8-402 (Q400) N341NG operating as  flight UA 3912 for United Express from Pittsburgh to Washington (Dulles). After landing at Dulles and during the taxi to the gate at Dulles International Airport (IAD) the incident happened. There were no injuries.

Read the full story from Channel 9: CLICK HERE

Colgan Air: 

SkyWest Airlines’ flight 3074 makes a left main gear-up landing at Milwaukee

SkyWest Airlines’ (St. George) flight 3074 being operated under the AirTran Airways code was forced to make a left main gear-up landing at Milwaukee last night on a flight from Omaha. The Bombardier CRJ200 registered N498CA (msn 7792) with 36 passengers and three crew on board landed safely on runway 07R with no injuries. The regional jet skidded on the runway with the left main gear retracted.

Read the full report (with a video newscast) from KETV Channel 7 in Omaha:


Top Copyright Photo: Joe Osciak. Sister ship CRJ200 (CL-600-2B19) N495CA (msn 7774) arrives at Philadelphia.

Bottom Copyright Photo: Joe G. Walker. CRJ200 (CL-600-2B19) N498CA (msn 7792) is pictured at Milwaukee before the incident.

Copyright Photo: Joe G. Walker.

Wind Jet’s Airbus A319-132 EI-EDM runs off the runway at Palermo on landing

Wind Jet’s (Catania) former Spirit Airlines Airbus A319-132 EI-EDM (msn 2424, ex N501NK) was operating flight LV 243 between Rome (Fiumicino) and Palermo with 123 passengers and six crew members. The airliner was approaching Palermo on its final approach with reported thunderstorms and windshear in the area. On landing the airliner veered off the runway. Both main landing gear collapsed after leaving the runway. The aircraft was extensively damaged. Reports varied on the number of minor injuries, ranging from three to 20 people.

Copyright Photo: Bruce Drum. Ex-Spirit A319-132 N501NK (msn 2424) prepares to leave Miami after repainting for its delivery flight to Wind Jet as EI-EDM.

jetBlue Airbus A320 evacuates on the runway at Sacramento

JetBlue Airways’ (New York-JFK) flight B6 262 from Long Beach to Sacramento yesterday (August 26) operated with an Airbus A320 had its tires burst on landing causing a fire in Sacramento. 14 people complained of minor injuries while evacuating the aircraft on the runway. However only four were taken to area hospitals.

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Mauritania Airways Boeing 737-700 runs off the end of runway at Conakry

Mauritania Airways (Nouakchott) Boeing 737-700 ran off the runway yesterday (July 28) at Conakry while operating a flight from Nouakchott to Conakry via Dakar. The airliner ended up in the grass on a slight downward slope. The aircraft is intact. 10 people received slight injuries. The airliner reportedly land long at night. Tunisair owns 51% of the company and leased the aircraft to Mauritania Airways.

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Copyright Photo: Pepscl. Mauritania has two Boeing 737-700s. 737-7L9 TS-IEB (msn 28015) is pictured at Paris (Orly).

AeroMexico Connect Embraer ERJ 145LU XA-WAC runs off the runway on landing at Tijuana

Copyright Photo: Greg Drawbaugh/DRAW Decal/drawdecal.com. XA-WAC arrives at Miami prior to the accident.

AeroMexico Connect (Monterrey) yesterday (January 21) had an incident at Tijuana. Embraer ERJ 145LU XA-WAC (msn 145255) operating flight AM 2051 from Hermosillo to Tijuana with 36 passengers and three crew members, landed on TIJ’s runway 09 in strong crosswinds. The regional jet veered right off the runway and came to a stop on soft ground. There were no injuries.

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PSA Airlines CRJ200 aborts takeoff at Charleston, WV and overruns the runway

PSA Airlines (2nd) (US Airways Express) (Dayton) had an incident at Charleston, WV yesterday (January 19). A CRJ200 (N245PS) operating as US Airways Express flight US/JIA to Charlotte aborted its takeoff on runway 23 and overran the runway. There were no reported injuries.

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