The new Eastern is planning to start operations on May 30 with an Honor Flight to Washington area

Eastern Air Lines (2nd) (Miami) is tentatively planning to commence revenue passenger charter operations on May 30 with a Boeing 737-800 charter flight from Miami to the Washington area (planned for BWI) according to the company. The first flight is contingent on receiving its Part 121 AOC. The company is advertising its first flight will be an Honor Flight bringing World War II and Korean War era veterans from South Florida to Washington and return.

Eastern logo (large)

On April 20 the new airline announced it had been tentatively been found fit by the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT)  and “is owned by a citizen of the U.S. and is fit, willing, and able to conduct interstate and foreign air transportation of persons, property and mail as a U.S. Certificated air carrier.”

The new airline also announced on April 20 its second flight attendant class started on the same day and the next pilot class will start on May 4.

Eastern will now start its FAA proving flights as a necessary next step towards receiving its Part 12 Air Operator Certificate (AOC).

Top Copyright Photo: Brian McDonough/ The first Boeing 737, the pictured ex-Kenya Airways Boeing 737-8AL N276EA (msn 35070), arrived with much fanfare and celebrations at Miami International Airport (MIA) on December 19, 2014. Since then the prospective airline has been going through the extensive certification process. New passenger airlines in the United States have become a rarity in the current airline consolidation period.

Eastern Airlines (1st) aircraft slide show: AG Airline Slide Show

Below: Eastern’s new flight attendant uniforms (Eastern Air Lines):

Eastern (2nd) FA uniforms (EA)(LR)

4 thoughts on “The new Eastern is planning to start operations on May 30 with an Honor Flight to Washington area

  1. TexasFlyer (@TexasFlyer)

    So Eastern is buying old tin from an African airline (Kenya)? Isn’t it supposed to be the other wat around? Exception, Ethiopian Airlines and South African.
    Africa is where most crap goes when 1st world countries finish with them.
    I’ve been flying for biz for over thirty years and have been instructed to avoid all of these type of airlines. Poor and spotty maintenance at best.
    Somebody needs to get the airframe number of this ship and see where she’s been. Accidents, owners and hours flown.
    No, I’ll let someone else roll the dice on this airline.

    1. Bruce Drum Post author

      Thank you TexasFlyer. Kenya Airways is a very good airline and this is a modern Boeing 737-800. The aircraft came off lease at Kenya. Aircraft are regularly moved around the world by leasing companies all the time. For example, Allegiant is now buying three used Airbus A320s that were formerly operated by Hamburg Airways.

      Things have changed. Proportionally, the biggest buyers of new Airbus and Boeing aircraft are Emirates, Etihad Airways and Qatar Airways, not U.S. carriers. United Airlines, for example, just announced they are extending the life of their older Boeing 767-300 ERs. They are buying new 787s and 777s too but they are also extending the life of older aircraft so there is no quick rule based on geography.

      Bottom line, if well maintained, airliners can serve safely for many years. All the best.


    1. Bruce Drum Post author

      I am told plans are not finalized pending the securing of the Part 121 AOC from the FAA. It could be any airport, but BWI most likely. I am now told AOC is expected to come very soon so this date could be moved up. All the best.


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