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Finnair selects IAE V2533-A5 engines for its five new Airbus A321s to replace the four Boeing 757-200s

Finnair (Helsinki) has selected IAE International Aero Engines AG to supply engines for its five new Airbus A321 extended range aircraft, entering the Finnair fleet from September 2013. The IAE V2533-A5 engines offer Finnair a significant advantage in fuel efficiency over the competition, saving about 300 tons of fuel per year per aircraft, according to aircraft supplier Airbus test data. The engines also operate well within noise limitations set by ICAO and the EU.

Finnair announced in June 2010 an order for five Airbus aircraft to replace the four Boeing 757s currently in the fleet. The new A321s will be quieter and more comfortable for passengers, as well as about 5 per cent more fuel efficient. The move also enables more flexibility and interoperability between European scheduled and leisure flights, driving up aircraft utilization and further reducing per-passenger emissions.

Copyright Photo: Bruce Drum. The new A321s will end Finnair’s connection with Boeing. The four Boeing 757-200s are mainly operated on charter flights. Boeing 757-2Q8 OH-LBV (msn 30046) arrives at Miami International Airport.