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Malaysia proposes to take full control of Malaysia Airlines, airline’s board of directors decides to table the proposal for now

Malaysia Airlines (Kuala Lumpur) has issued this short statement about the intention of the government of Malaysia to take full control of the airline:

We have received notice of Khazanah’s intentions to take full ownership and delist Malaysia Airlines. Our Board of Directors will be deliberating this proposal and an official response from the company will be issued later.

During this period, our business operations remains unchanged.

We appreciate your patience and cooperation on this matter.

The initial statement was followed by this statement to table the government proposal for consideration at a later day:

An announcement has been made to Bursa Malaysia that the Malaysia Airlines Board of Directors has deliberated on the offer made by Malaysia Airlines’ majority shareholder, Khazanah Nasional Berhad (“Khazanah”) and resolved to table the proposed SCR to shareholders at an Extraordinary General Meeting to be scheduled at a later date.

Malaysia Airlines will continue to operate all our current flights, schedules and reservations. Our focus remains on delivering the world class customer service that we are known for around the world.

Here is the original full statement of Khazanah, the strategic investment fund of the government of Malaysia:

Khazanah Proposes to De-list Malaysian Airline System Berhad

We are pleased to announce that Khazanah Nasional Berhad (“Khazanah”) has today submitted a formal request to the Board of Directors of Malaysian Airline System Berhad (“MAS”) to undertake a selective capital reduction and repayment exercise (“Proposed SCR”) of MAS’ ordinary shares. The proposal will enable minority ordinary shareholders of MAS to receive a capital repayment amount of RM0.27 per ordinary share. This represents a 12.5% premium to closing price on 7 August 2014 and a 29.2% premium to the 3-month volume weighted average market price (“VWAMP”). Upon successful completion of the Proposed SCR, Khazanah will become the sole ordinary shareholder of MAS, which would lead to a de-listing of MAS.

In June 2014, Khazanah had announced that it was in the midst of undertaking a comprehensive review of MAS, in consultation with the Special Shareholder, the Minister of Finance Incorporated. Khazanah further clarified that subject to the necessary approvals from the relevant authorities, it would announce the proposed restructuring scheme within a period of 6 to 12 months. We reiterate that the proposed restructuring will critically require all parties to work closely together to undertake what will be a complete overhaul of the national carrier on all relevant aspects of, inter alia, the airline’s operations, business model, finances, human capital and regulatory environment. Nothing less will be required in order to revive our national airline to be profitable as a commercial entity and to serve its function as a critical national development entity.

In this regard, today’s proposal for de-listing represents the first stage of the restructuring scheme. Further, Khazanah is in the final stages of completing the overall restructuring proposal, and upon due process and approvals from the relevant authorities, regulators and the Special Shareholder, the Minister of Finance Incorporated, we envisage that additional detailed plans will be announced by the end of this month.

Khazanah is the strategic investment fund of the Government of Malaysia entrusted to hold and manage the commercial assets of the Government and to undertake strategic investments. Khazanah is involved in various sectors such as power, telecommunications, banking, healthcare, airport management, infrastructure, leisure and tourism, property development, broadcasting, investment holding, and technology. Some of the key listed companies in Khazanah’s investment portfolio include Telekom Malaysia Bhd., Tenaga Nasional Bhd., CIMB Group, Axiata Group Bhd., IHH Healthcare Bhd., Malaysia Airports Holdings Bhd., and UEM Sunrise Bhd.

Copyright Photo: Richard Vandervord/AirlinersGallery.com. Boeing 737-8H6 9M-MXA (msn 40128) departs from Phuket, Thailand painted in the retrojet livery of 1972 for its 40th Anniversary celebration in 2012.

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Malaysia Airlines celebrates 40 years of flying with a new retrojet

Malaysia Airlines (Kuala Lumpur) yesterday (December 12) revealed one of its aircraft with the original livery it featured on October 1, 1972, to commemorate its 40 years of Malaysian Hospitality delivery to air travellers. The Malaysia Airlines’ Boeing 737-800 was re-painted in full colors of the first ever aircraft that took to the skies four decades ago.

The original livery has the logo featuring the Kelantan wau bulan or moon kite in a red circle, representing controlled flight and also a fine expression of the many mythologies associated with Malaysia.  To complement the logo then, the national carrier sported the colors of the Jalur Gemilang on the aircraft, where red, the dominant color was used for the two stripes across the body as in the flag. Blue was used for the words of the airline’s name with white for the background. The stylized kite, the dominant theme, was fast recognized round the world  for achieving the dual impression of movement and modernity and most importantly identifying the Malaysian flag carrier to travellers around the world.

Named the ‘Retro Livery’, the aircraft was revealed at a special function at KL International Airport (KLIA) today graced by Malaysia Airlines, Chairman, Tan Sri Md Nor Yusof and Malaysia Airlines, Group CEO Encik Ahmad Jauhari Yayha as well as some distinguished guests from the aviation industry and a good number of Malaysia Airlines’ staff.

The function was filled with a nostalgic atmosphere that brought out the feeling of inspiration amongst all that attended. Various staff recorded their MH stories which had elements of gratitude, hard work, satisfaction, friendship and most of all the lesson of hope against all odds. It was evident from the staff’ speeches that they valued their association with Malaysia Airlines throughout the years.

The retro livery aircraft is set to soar the skies starting on December 13, beginning with flights to Jakarta and Bangkok, two popular Malaysia Airlines’ destinations. To further enhance customer experience on-board, Malaysia Airlines has also introduced new in-flight meal presentations for flights operated by this exclusive aircraft. The menus are designed by Malaysia Airlines’ chef wearing their retro toques while looking back to identify the popular dishes of yester-years. This special menu consists of evergreen Malaysia Airlines’ dishes that will not fail to tantalise the tastebuds of customers.

There will also be a special surprise for passengers on MH711 and MH782 which will be operated using this retro livery aircraft to Jakarta and Bangkok respectively on December 13, 2012 from KLIA. Malaysia Airlines’ top management members will be present at the boarding gates to greet and hand-out surprise gifts to all passengers. All this and more are to reward and appreciate customers for their continuous support towards Malaysia Airlines.

Malaysia Airlines has played a significant role in the development of the nation, Malaysia and it was for this very reason, it was formed 40 years ago. While it has notched 65 years in aviation  which is shared together with Singapore Airlines, 40 years marks an important milestone in the history of Malaysia and Malaysians. As this calls for a definite celebration. Malaysia Airlines ushers in the New Year of 2013 in conjunction with the 40th year of its flight code ‘MH’, with its staff making a conscious commitment and resolution in each of their work areas, to come together, to be united and to be a team for a much stronger, revitalized, re-energised and sustainably profitable Malaysia Airlines. A strong Malaysia Airlines also reflects on the strength that brings the staff together on a commitment to serve customers better and better each day.

Malaysian Airline System-MAS (today operating as Malaysia Airlines) commenced operations on April 3, 1971.

Copyright Photo: Michael B. Ing. Boeing 737-8H6 9M-MXA (msn 40128) arrives at Bangkok on the first day of operations in the retrojet colors.

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Malaysia Airlines introduces a new color scheme with the first of 35 new Boeing 737-800s

Malaysia Airlines (Kuala Lumpur) will soon officially introduce this new color scheme for its fleet. The first (of 35) new Boeing 737-800 completed its first flight yesterday in the new look.

What do you think? Do you like the new look? Vote in our Airline Poll.


Copyright Photo: Rick Schlamp. Boeing 737-8H6 9M-MXA (msn 40128) arrives back at Seattle (Boeing Field) in the new livery.