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Air Canada rouge unveils its uniforms

Air Canada rouge group uniforms (AC rouge)(HR)

Air Canada (Montreal) has unveiled the uniforms for its new leisure airline Air Canada rouge. The airline issued this statement:

With its inaugural flight just over a month away, Air Canada rouge is taking a differentiated approach to leisure travel by focusing on customer service excellence through customized training and stylishly relaxed onboard apparel, both of which will contribute to a fresh, comfortable and vacation like environment for travellers.

Air Canada rouge flight attendants will receive customized service excellence training at the Disney Institute in Florida in addition to industry-leading safety and regulatory training from Air Canada at its Toronto and Montreal training centers. Their uniforms and overall look, unveiled today by six flight attendants-in-training, are comprised of stylishly relaxed, comfortable clothing, accessories and grooming that convey an approachable and friendly atmosphere onboard.

“Our inflight crews will embody the distinctive leisure personality that we want our customers to enjoy on Air Canada rouge,” said Michael Friisdahl, Air Canada rouge President and Chief Executive Officer. “We’re investing in the Disney Institute’s service excellence training to ensure our customers’ vacations truly start when they board our aircraft. By offering exceptional customer service, uncompromising safety, a relaxed inflight environment and a host of Air Canada and Air Canada Vacations benefits, we’re confident Air Canada rouge will soon be the leading choice for leisure travel.”

Air Canada rouge FAs (Air Canada(HR)

Flight attendant training and recruitment
Air Canada rouge’s first 150 flight attendants will complete this week Air Canada’s intensive safety training program and in mid-June will attend customer service excellence training at the Disney Institute at Disneyworld in Orlando, Florida and at Air Canada rouge’s base in Toronto.

Air Canada rouge is accepting resumes for its next round of hiring which will begin later this summer with the next inflight class starting training in mid-August. The airline plans to train and hire, on average, 25-40 onboard flight attendants for every aircraft it takes delivery of in the next three years. Under current plans, subject to commercial demands, Air Canada rouge will have 20 B 767-300ER aircraft and 30 Airbus 319 aircraft in its fleet during the next 3 to 5 years. Air Canada rouge flight attendants are based in Toronto for operational start up and bases at other Canadian cities will be added as its network expands. Recruitment information is available at http://aircanadarouge.com/en/job_desc.html

Uniform and look: comfortably stylish to convey a warm welcome
“Our goal was to create a unique, welcoming and fashion forward look with lasting appeal that would also be practical and comfortable,” said Renee Smith-Valade, Vice President, Customer Experience. “We developed our uniform and overall look with our partners in record time – about four months — with close attention to cost and making every effort to engage with Canadian designers for an end result that reflects our relaxed, fun, holiday atmosphere onboard.”

Many partners were involved in the design, delivery and ongoing production of the new uniforms. The uniform concept was developed by Montreal’s VF Imagewear incorporating Air Canada rouge’s signature colours of burgundy and slate with bright accent colors to create a fresh, simple and relaxed style in keeping with the vacation atmosphere onboard. Signature custom elements such as Fluevog shoes, designer neckwear, luggage and L’Oreal/Redken beauty and grooming make for a distinctly on-trend and fresh Air Canada rouge look.

What’s next in Air Canada rouge’s Countdown to Takeoff?
Air Canada rouge’s next Countdown to Takeoff milestone in mid-June will be a hands-on look at the onboard experience that the airline’s customers will enjoy including cabin interiors and seating, wireless streaming inflight entertainment and menu offerings.

About Air Canada rouge
Air Canada rouge is Air Canada’s new leisure airline, part of the new Air Canada Leisure Group, along with Air Canada Vacations. Air Canada rouge will operate a fleet of Boeing 767-300ER and Airbus 319 aircraft sporting an attractive new livery and interior, designed to reflect the airline’s relaxed friendly ambience. Initially flights will operate from Toronto and Montreal to vacation spots in Europe and the Caribbean. Air Canada rouge is the only leisure airline that offers a full network of connecting flights, Aeroplan Miles with every flight as well as redemption, and Air Canada Vacations package holidays or flight-only options.

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Route Map:

Air Canada rouge 5:2013 Route Map (Air Canada)HR)

Air Canada to form a new leisure group with combination of new low-cost airline subsidiary and Air Canada Vacations

Air Canada (Montreal) has unveiled plans to form an integrated leisure group, combining the activities of its tour operator business, Air Canada Vacations, with its new low-cost leisure airline to launch in 2013.  In addition, the airline announced the appointment of Michael Friisdahl as President and Chief Executive Officer to lead its new leisure group which will be a wholly owned subsidiary of Air Canada.

The new low-cost leisure carrier will commence service in June 2013 with two Boeing 767-300 ER aircraft and two Airbus A319 aircraft that will be released from Air Canada’s mainline fleet. It will serve popular holiday destinations in Europe and the Caribbean that are either currently underserved, or that do not generate adequate profitability with Air Canada’s existing cost structure.  At launch, the leisure carrier will assume select Air Canada leisure services and will also operate certain new destinations not currently operated by Air Canada.  Further details on the leisure airline’s summer 2013 program, schedule and product offering will be communicated later this fall with Air Canada’s 2013 schedule. The carrier’s plans are subject to obtaining the necessary regulatory approvals.

The leisure carrier will increase its fleet as Air Canada starts to take delivery of new Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft in 2014, thereby freeing up aircraft for transfer to the leisure carrier. As this occurs and subject to commercial demand, the leisure carrier may operate up to 20 Boeing 767-300 ER aircraft and 30 Airbus A319 aircraft, for a total of 50 aircraft.

On September 20, 2012, Air Canada announced that it will hire more than 900 employees over the next 12 months to meet its planned workforce requirements at the main airline.  In addition, 200 new jobs will be created for flight attendants and pilots at the new low-cost leisure carrier.

Copyright Photo: Bruce Drum. Boeing 767-300s will be freed up with the arrival of the 787 Dreamliners. Boeing 767-3U0 ER C-GHPF (msn 26206) completes its final approach into Miami International Airport (MIA).

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