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Nordica to close three unprofitable routes in Tallinn

Nordica - LOT Polish Airlines Bombardier CRJ900 (CL-600-2D24) ES-ACB (msn 15261) BRU (Karl Cornil). Image: 938682.

Nordica has made this announcement:

In January, Nordica will be ceasing to service routes that the current competition conditions render economically unviable, freeing up aircraft and crew that it will instead use for profitable subcontracting services.

Starting from January 14, 2019, Nordica’s winter schedule will include eight nonstop flights from Tallinn: to Stockholm, Vilnius, Copenhagen, Brussels, Kyiv, Warsaw, Vienna and Munich.

Due to the prevailing market situation, it will no longer be operating flights to Oslo, Amsterdam or St Petersburg.

Hannes Saarpuu, the head of the Nordic Aviation Group, says that the closure of the St Petersburg and Amsterdam routes is because of limited demand, while the closure of the Oslo route is the result of fierce competition making it financially unviable to fly to the Norwegian capital as the third most popular carrier on the same route. “We’re better off channelling our resources into projects that are profitable and boost our financial results,” he said. “We have to turn a profit first and foremost, just like any other company, and the changes we’re making to our route network will help us achieve that. Nordica’s flexibility and being able to respond to changes on the market as they happen are important factors in ensuring our long-term success.”

Passengers affected by the closure of the routes will be offered alternative solutions. Full information is already available on the Nordica website regarding the process and passengers’ rights. Saarpuu says no one will have to worry about their ticket. “Airlines are well-trained in reacting promptly when it comes to getting ticketed passengers to their destinations,” he reassured clients. “It’s a situation that comes up quite often in the industry, for a number of different reasons.”

Nordica currently operates 19 aircraft, around 10 of which start their days from the company’s base in Tallinn. According to plans for 2019 this number will not decrease; in fact, if further export projects are implemented, it may increase. Nordica’s subsidiary Regional Jet continues to grow and demand for new pilots and cabin crew remains high.

In its three years of operations Nordica has become one of the most competitive airlines in its region and the biggest airline in Estonian history. In the first 10 months of 2018 the airline flew almost 600,000 travellers, a more than 20% rise in passenger numbers compared to the same period in 2017. It exports its flight services to Sweden, Denmark, Poland and the Netherlands and employs more than 500 aviation specialists in Estonia and abroad.

Top Copyright Photo (all others by the airline): Nordica – LOT Polish Airlines Bombardier CRJ900 (CL-600-2D24) ES-ACB (msn 15261) BRU (Karl Cornil). Image: 938682.

Nordica aircraft slide show:


Nordica to launch flights to Copenhagen in the spring

Nordica - LOT Polish Airlines Bombardier CRJ900 (CL-600-2D24) ES-ACB (msn 15261) BRU (Karl Cornil). Image: 938682.

Nordica has issued this statement:

Nordica’s growth is progressing as planned, and this includes flights to Copenhagen, which will start on April 27, 2018.

Nordica’s morning flights to Copenhagen will depart from Tallinn at 7:00 on weekdays and its evening flights at 18:30 from Tuesday to Friday. The Sunday evening flight will depart for Copenhagen at 17:30. Return flights to Tallinn will depart at 8:10 from Monday to Friday and at 19:40 from Tuesday to Friday, with the Sunday evening flight departing Copenhagen at 18:40.

The launch of the Tallinn-Copenhagen route will also boost transit travel through Tallinn Airport: starting in spring passengers from the Danish capital will be able to fly with Nordica via Estonia to Kyiv, Vilnius and St Petersburg. The route will also give Ukrainian travellers the chance to reach Scandinavia via Tallinn.

Copyright Photo: Nordica – LOT Polish Airlines Bombardier CRJ900 (CL-600-2D24) ES-ACB (msn 15261) BRU (Karl Cornil). Image: 938682.

Estonian Air is coming next summer to Milan

Estonian Air (Tallinn) will add Milan (Malpensa) and the Tallinn-Milan route on April 21, 2015. The new route will be flown twice-weekly with Bombardier CRJ900s.

In other news, Estonian Air reported in August 2014, it carried 53,554 passengers, an increase of 3% compared to the same month last year when Estonian Air carried 51,976 passengers. In August Estonian Air operated 935 flights, an increase of 6.4%.

In the first eight months Estonian Air carried altogether 368,263 passengers, a decrease of 2.6% compared to 2013. In the same period, Estonian Air operated 7163 flights, which is 2.8% less compared to the same period last year.

The 15-minute punctuality of Estonian Air flights in the first eight months was 92.7%, an increase of 2 percentage points compared to the same period last year. The regularity was 99.3%, a decrease of 0.3 percentage points compared to the same period last year. In August the punctuality was 90.2 and regularity 99.3 percentage.

Estonian Air is aiming to provide Estonia with reliable and regular double daily connections to destinations of strategic importance and of substantial demand. Being a small country on the edge of Europe, Estonia depends on such connections, and Estonian Air is committed to provide these services.

Estonian Air, Estonia’s national carrier, is the biggest operator at Tallinn Airport. The airline flies regular routes to Stockholm (Arlanda and Bromma), Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Brussels, Oslo, Moscow, Munich, St. Petersburg, Kiev, Vilnius and Trondheim. In addition, from May to September, Estonian Air flies to Nice and Split, from June to August to Paris and from June to the end of October to Berlin. From December 2014 to March 2015, Estonian Air will add seasonal flights to Munich and from April to November 2015 to Milan.

Copyright Photo: Stefan Sjogren/AirlinersGallery.com. Bombardier CRJ900 (CL-600-2D24) ES-ACB (msn 15261) taxies at Stockholm’s Arlanda Airport during the winter.

Estonian Air: AG Slide Show

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Promotional ad by Estonian Air for its new Milan destination:

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