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Flyglinjen resumes operations in Sweden

Flyglingen (Jonkoping) today (August 16) resumed operations, operating the Jonkoping-Stockholm (Bromma) with a wet-leased BAe 3202 Jetsream 31 registered LN-HTB (msn 795). The aircraft is operated by Helitrans. The company previously suspended operations due to the Icelandic volcanic ash that caused airspace closures.

Highland Airways enters into receivership (bankruptcy)

Copyright Photo: Fred Seggie. Jetstream 31 (3102) G-UIST (msn 750) is pictured at Glasgow on August 10, 2008. The fleet adopted this attractive Atlantic Airlines (now West Atlantic) color scheme in 2003 when the owners of Atlantic Holdings acquired Highland Airways. However in March 2007 Highland Airways underwent a management buyout from Atlantic Holdings led by A. Mossman but retained the livery until the end.

Highland Airways (UK) (Inverness) went into receivership (bankruptcy protection) today (March 25) and has suspended all operations.

The airline was established and started operations in 1991 as Air Alba, operating for four years as a flying school. The company was renamed Highland Airways in February 1997 and expanded into scheduled operations. It was operating eight BAe Jetstream 31s, two Jetstream 41s and a single Britten-Norman Islander.

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Varsity Express lasted one week!

G-JIBO Varsity Express, originally uploaded by Speed-pics.

Varsity Express (Oxford) after much fanfare finally started the Oxford–Edinburgh route on March 1 with a BAe Jetstream 31 (G-JIBO, msn 711) operated by LinkAir (Humberside). However the scheduled service ended one week later on March 8 after the two companies could not agree on funding.

Varsity Express stated on its website that the reason for the suspension was due to the “operational issues between Varsity Air Services Ltd and the airline and AOC holder [LinksAir] who have been contracted to operate the Jetstream 31 type on our behalf and that was being used on the route. All further ticket sales have been suspended until further notice. All passengers effected by the suspension of service either have been or are currently being informed of the situation”.

The company was set up and managed by Martin Halsted who gained some notority in 2005 when, at the age of 18, he announced that he would launch his own aviation business named AlphaOne Airways. It had a number of false starts. Halstead announced services from Oxford in March 2005 and later the same year from Southampton. AlphaOne Airways never flew a single flight from either airport. In December 2005 and January 2006, limited flight operations took place between the Isle of Man and Edinburgh. The company folded after having carried only 46 passengers.

Photos of this one-week operation are welcome.

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Copyright Photo: Speed-pics. Jetstream 3102 G-JIBO (msn 711) with Varsity Express titles and logo is pictured at Edinburgh on opening day (March 1).