Jet Airways plans to merge its 2 LCC subsidiaries

Jet Airways (Jet Airways India Limited) (Mumbai) eventually intends to merge its two low-cost subsidiaries once the on-going legal dispute with Sahara India is ended. JetLite (formerly Air Sahara) (Delhi) was acquired by Jet Airways on April 12,  2007 for approximately $342 million. JetLite will be merged with Jet Airways Konnect (Mumbai) which Jet Airways launched on May 9, 2009 with two Boeing 737-800s and six ATR 72-500s. The only difference with Jet Airways (besides the lower fares) is passengers on Konnect must purchase any on-board meals. Sahara India has taken Jet Airways to the Mumbai High Court claiming the latter defaulted on the progressive payments for the Air Sahara.  

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