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Afriqiyah Airways Airbus A330-200 is hit by a rocket and burns at Tripoli, other airliners damaged, others flee Libya

Afriqiyah A330-200 Fire Tripoli (Grd)(Mohanid Elghadi)(LR)

Afriqiyah Airways (Tripoli) has lost a relatively new Airbus A330-200 (5A-ONF) at its Tripoli base after a rocket reportedly hit the parked A330 at the gate and the empty airliner quickly burned. There are now photos showing the destruction.

According to Malta Today, “Several Grad rocket struck the airport late on Monday, July 14 destroying 90% of the planes parked there, including a $250 million Afriqiyah Airways Airbus A330.”

The fighting by the two militia groups to control the the airport after a cease fire failed to hold continues today. The undamaged airliners and crews are being flown out of the country.

According to the Ottawa Citizen, “The weeklong fight over the airport is being waged by a powerful militia from the western city of Zintan, which controls the facility, and Islamist-led militias, including fighters from Misrata, east of Tripoli. The clashes resumed early Sunday (July 20) after cease-fire efforts failed.”

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Twitter photos by Mohanid Elghadi. Read his full report: CLICK HERE

Afriqiyah logo

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Afriqiyah A330-200 Fire Tripoli (Grd-1)(Mohanid Elghadi)(LR)

Tripoli Airport is closed after rockets hit the runway

Tripoli International Airport (IATA: TIP, ICAO: HLLT) operated by LANA and the home of Libyan Airlines, Afriqiyah Airways and Buraq Air was closed this morning according to a report by Reuters. According to Reuters, “LANA said two rockets landed at dawn on a runway”. The airport reported it planned to reopen once it was determined to be safe.

Gun battles between rebel group and the new government of Libya have erupted in the capital city according to Aljazeera.

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Copyright Photo: Joe G. Walker/AirlinersGallery.com. Boeing 737-8GK 5A-DMG (msn 34948) of Buraq Air is pictured at Seattle (Boeing Field) prior to its handover.

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Libyan Airlines and Afriqiyah Airways move slowly towards a merger

Libyan Airlines (Tripoli) issued this statement in their website:

Although Libyan Airlines flights to UK remain suspended until further notice, sister company, Afriqiyah Airways (Tripoli) has resumed services between Tripoli and London-Gatwick. Flights presently operate three times per week, on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

However the Libya Herald reported on March 3 Libyan Airlines was going to restart its European flights operated by Nouvelair.

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Both airlines are owned by the Libyan African Aviation Holding Company (LAAHC).

According to Libya Herald, Libyan Airlines flights (operated by Nouvelair) were suspended to Europe by the Libyan Civil Aviation Authority (LYCAA) in late February after a flight lost ATC communications in French airspace.

Both Libyan carriers must use wet-leased aircraft in European Union airspace.

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Both companies are moving slowly ahead in their merger process and hope to complete the process by the end of this year. Meanwhile Libyan will concentrate on routes to Africa and is exploring new routes to Asia according to ATW.

Copyright Photo: Rob Skinkis/AirlinersGallery.com. Airbus A320-212 TS-INN (msn 793) operated by Nouvelair lands in Manchester.

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Afriqiyah Airways rebrands, retiring the 9.9.99 tail logo

Afriqiyah Airways (Tripoli) rebranded the company in October with this new aircraft livery and logo (see above). With the new political situation in Libya, a new livery was inevitable. The new “three slash” tail logo replaces the previous 9.9.99 tail logo. According to the airline, the three medium blue marks represent the neck markings of the Turtle Dove, a migratory bird of North Africa.

Afriqiyah 2013 logo

State-owned Afriqiyah Airways was reportedly being considered for a planned merger with rival Libyan Airlines (Tripoli).

Since the end of civil war, the company has been rebuilding under the new State of Libya. The traditional Tripoli-Paris (CDG) route was restored on October 31 with leased aircraft. The restored route is currently being operated three days a week.

The old “9.9.99” tail motif previously celebrated the establishment of of the African Union on September 9, 1999 in Sirte which Libya supported under Gaddafi. The name “Afriqiyah” is Arabic for African. The old logo was associated with deposed dictator Muammar Gaddafi.

Copyright Photo: Eurospot/AirlinersGallery.com. The pictured newly-built Airbus A330-202 F-WWYK will become 5A-ONP (msn 1472) on delivery.

Poll: Do you like the new Afriqiyah Airways livery?

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Afriqiyah Airways converts three Airbus A321 orders into larger A330-200s

Afriqiyah Airways (Tripoli), rebuilding after the Libyan Civil War, has converted three Airbus A321s on order into larger A330-200s according to Airbus.

Copyright Photo: Antony J. Best. Airbus A330-202 TS-ONH (msn 1043) prepares to land at London (Heathrow).

Afriqiyah Airways: 


Afriqiyah Airways orders three Airbus A330-300s

Afriqiyah Airways (Triploi) has ordered three Airbus A330-300s according to Flightglobal. The Libyan carrier currently has two A330-200s and one A340-200 besides the A319s and A320s.

Copyright Photo: Christian Volpati.

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Afriqiyah Airways crash was not caused by a technical problem

Afriqiyah Airways’ (Tripoli) May 12 crash was not caused by a technical problem according to the preliminary report.

Read the full report from the BBC:


Copyright Photo: Christian Volpati. Airbus A330-202 5A-ONG (msn 1024) is pictured at Paris (CDG) before the tragic accident.

ATW raises a question: Did Afriqiyah mistake the road for the runway?

Copyright Photo: Antony J. Best. The doomed Airbus A330-202 5A-ONG (msn 1024) is seen at Dubai before the crash in similar desert conditions it would have encountered at Tripoli.

ATW has raised this question:


Investigators are looking at navaids and the rising sun for the Afriqiyah A330 crash

According to ATW, “Investigators examining the Afriqiyah Airways A330-200 crash are expected to focus on faulty landing aids and the pilots being blinded by the sun as possible causes.

ATWOnline has learned that Runway 09, to which the aircraft was headed, does not have an ILS and the VOR navigational aid was suffering from interference. Pilots were warned in a NOTAM that “interference from signal being experienced during current airport development work. VOR should be used with caution.”

The aircraft was landing to the east and crashed just as the sun was rising, leading to suspicions that the pilots may have been blinded by sunlight to possible errors in their approach and height caused by problems with the landing aids. The aircraft’s flight data and cockpit voice recorders both have been recovered.”

Read the full report in ATW:


Copyright Photo: The relatively-new crashed A330-202 is seen at Toulouse on a test flight as F-WWYS before it was delivered as 5A-ONG on September 8, 2009.

Afriqiyah Airways’ first new Airbus A330-202


Airbus A330-202 F-WWYV (msn 999) makes its first flight at Toulouse on June 18.  It will be delivered to Afriqiyah Airways (Tripoli) as 5A-ONF. The new airliner displays the revised 2007 livery.  Copyright Photo: Eurospot.

Airbus A330-202 F-WWYV (msn 999) makes its first flight at Toulouse on June 18. It will be delivered to Afriqiyah Airways (Tripoli) as 5A-ONF. The new airliner displays the revised 2007 livery. Copyright Photo: Eurospot.