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Transavia France announces the first 14 destinations from Montpellier

Transavia (France) Boeing 737-800 WL F-HTVI (msn 62164) PMI (Javier Rodriguez). Image: 946600.

Transavia France, the low-cost carrier (LCC) subsidiary of the Air France – KLM group, just unveiled its first 14 destinations out of Montpellier. As of April 3, 2020, Transavia will be the only LCC with airplanes based in Montpellier.
As of April 3, 2020, Transavia’s two aircraft based at Montpellier Airport will propose flights to 14 new destinations, including 13 exclusive ones:
– Portugal :
o Lisbon: 3 weekly flights, from 39€*, 5 April 2020
o Faro: 2 weekly flights, from 34€*, 4 April 2020

– Spain :
o Madrid: 3 weekly flights, from 34€*, 5 April 2020
o Seville: 2 weekly flights, from 39€*, 5 April 2020
o Palma:  2 weekly flights, from 29€*, 5 April 2020

– Greece :
o Athens: 2 weekly flights, from 60€*, 4 April 2020
o Heraklion (Crete): 2 weekly flights, from 70€, 3 April 2020

– Italy :
o Rome: 2 weekly flights, from 29€*, 5 April 2020
o Palermo: 2 weekly flights, from 34€*, 3 April 2020

– Morocco :
o Marrakech: 2 weekly flights, from 54€*, 13 June 2020
o Agadir: 2 weekly flights, from 44€*, 20 June 2020
o Oujda: 2 weekly flights, from 44€*, 27 June 2020

– Tunisia :
o Tunis: 3 weekly flights, from 54€*, 5 April 2020
o Djerba: 2 weekly flights, from 54€*, 13 June 2020

These destinations come in addition to the existing Montpellier – Rotterdam route operated by Transavia Netherlands. Transavia aims to carry 500,000 passengers for its first year of operations.

*one-way, including taxes and non-optional charge.

Top Copyright Photo: Transavia (France) Boeing 737-800 WL F-HTVI (msn 62164) PMI (Javier Rodriguez). Image: 946600.
Transavia France aircraft slide show:

Ryanair launches its new subsidiary, Malta Air, for now under the Ryanair brand

Ryanair (Malta Air) Boeing 737-800 WL 9H-QAE (msn 44812) (Ryanair colors) PMI (Javier Rodriguez). Image: 946824.

Ryanair has launched its new subsidiary, Malta Air, in Malta.

The pictured 9H-QAE (formerly EI-GDR) is one of the first to receive the new registration.

For now, the new airline is operating under the Ryanair brand although it is expected to soon adopt its own livery (below).

Previously on June 11, Ryanair Holdings announced it had agreed to purchase Malta Air, a Maltese start-up airline, into which Ryanair will move and grow its Malta based fleet of 6 Boeing 737-800 aircraft.

This investment in Malta Air will allow Ryanair to grow its already sizable presence in Malta (3 million customers per year), and access non-EU markets (North Africa) from Malta. Completion is planned for the end of June, following which Ryanair Holdings will;

  • Switch 6 Malta based aircraft (worth over $600m) onto the Maltese register
  • 200 Malta based crew move onto local contracts paying local Maltese taxes
  • Increase its Malta based fleet to 10 aircraft within three years and create over 350 jobs
  • Brand its Malta based fleet in Malta Air colors for Summer 2020
  • Move Ryanair based aircraft from France, Italy and Germany onto the Malta AOC which will allow these crews to pay their income taxes locally in France, Italy and Germany instead of Ireland where they are currently required to pay income taxes under Ryanair’s Irish AOC.

Top Copyright Photo: Ryanair (Malta Air) Boeing 737-800 WL 9H-QAE (msn 44812) (Ryanair colors) PMI (Javier Rodriguez). Image: 946824.

Boeing delivers the last Boeing 737 Next-Generation aircraft

The final Boeing 737NG to be built and delivered

Boeing has handed over the last Boeing 737 Next-Generation aircraft. The pictured Boeing 737-800 JA73AC (msn 63410) was handed over to Skymark Airlines. It departed from Boeing Field yesterday (June 27) bound for Japan via a rest stop in Anchorage.

Copyright Photo: SKY-Skymark Airlines Boeing 737-800 WL JA73AC (msn 63410) BFI (Joe G. Walker). Image: 946749.

Skymark aircraft slide show:


American Airlines adds three new routes to Caribbean and Latin America from New York

American Airlines Boeing 737-800 WL N354PT (msn 31275) MIA (Jay Selman). Image: 403715.

American Airlines has made this announcement:

The growth of American Airlines in the Caribbean and Latin American continues with the announcement of three new routes from New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) beginning in November.

On November 21, 2019 American will launch daily service from JFK to Montego Bay, Jamaica (MBJ), and San Jose, Costa Rica (SJO). Saturday-only service to Liberia, Costa Rica (LIR), follows starting December 21. All flights will be operated on a Boeing 737-800 with convenient schedules for a full week-long vacation or a quick weekend escape. The new routes are complemented by the extension of seasonal service between JFK and Antigua (ANU).

A trip across town to New York LaGuardia (LGA) offers even more opportunities to catch some sun. American will extend recently launched summer service to Aruba (AUA) to operate year-round beginning in December.

Also, on December 18, American will add a second daily flight from Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) to San Juan, Puerto Rico (SJU), and the airline is extending seasonal service between DFW and San Salvador, El Salvador (SAL), to operate year-round.

All new service will be available for sale July 1.

New Routes from JFK

Origin Destination Frequency Departure Arrival Start Date
1x daily 7 a.m.
12 p.m.
11 a.m.
4:09 p.m.
Nov. 21
1x daily 3:59 p.m.
11:03 p.m.
9:42 p.m.
5:19 a.m.
Nov. 21
Saturday 7:00 a.m.
11:04 a.m.
10:55 a.m.
4:59 p.m.
Dec. 21


Origin Destination Frequency Departure Arrival Start Date
Daily 7:30 a.m.
1:45 p.m.
12:44 p.m.
5:26 p.m.
Nov. 21
Seasonal → Year-round
8:20 a.m.
3:10 p.m.
2:10 p.m.
7 p.m.
Dec. 21
1x → 2x 10:50 p.m.
2:30 a.m.
5:22 a.m.
5:58 a.m.
Dec. 18
Seasonal → Year-round
Sun., Mon., Thur., Fri.
8:25 p.m.
1:53 a.m.
12:02 a.m.
5:30 a.m.
Jan. 7

New international routes are subject to government approval.

Top Copyright Photo: American Airlines Boeing 737-800 WL N354PT (msn 31275) MIA (Jay Selman). Image: 403715.

American Airlines aircraft slide show:

Jet2 announces two new Glasgow routes for the summer

Jet2-Jet2.com Boeing 737-800 WL G-JZHP (msn 63147) (Friendly Low Fares) PMI (Ton Jochems). Image: 946501.

Jet2 will add two new routes from Glasgow this summer – Almeria and Krakow.

The Almeria flights will operate weekly and Krakow will operate two days a week.

Jet2 will fly to 34 destinations from Glasgow.

Top Copyright Photo: Jet2-Jet2.com Boeing 737-800 WL G-JZHP (msn 63147) (Friendly Low Fares) PMI (Ton Jochems). Image: 946501.

Jet2 aircraft slide show:

Ryanair Sun to be rebranded as Buzz

Will become Buzz (2nd)

Ryanair still holds the rights to Buzz name and brand.

The first Buzz (below) was a British low-cost airline operating flights within Europe. It operated from 2000 until 2004 as a subsidiary of KLM and at the end, Ryanair.

Airline Color Scheme - Introduced 2003

Above Copyright Photo: Buzz (1st) Boeing 737-3Q8 G-BZZF (msn 26311) STN (Pedro Pics). Image: 922485.

Ryanair acquired the assets of Buzz including the London Stansted airport slots and 8 Boeing 737-200 and 10 BAe 146-300 aircraft.

Ryanair restarted Buzz as a wholly owned subsidiary called Buzz Stansted.

In September 2004, Ryanair decided to close down Buzz Stansted and all operations were halted on October 31, 2004.

On April 23, 2018 Ryanair started a new subsidiary called Ryanair Sun in Poland. The aircraft carry Polish registrations (top) but do not display the Sun name on the aircraft.

Now Ryanair has decided to resurrect the Buzz brand and will rebrand Ryanair Sun as Buzz (2nd) (below).

Artist Rendition Image via Michael Kelly.

Top Copyright Photo: Ryanair (Sun) (Poland) Boeing 737-800 WL SP-RSR (msn 44799) DUB (Michael Kelly). Image: 945979.


Air France-KLM Group presents its 2018 – 2019 winter schedule: 2.5% increase in capacity

Transavia Airlines (Netherlands) Boeing 737-800 WL PH-HXK (msn 62157) ZRH (Andi Hiltl). Image: 943966.

Air France-KLM today made the following announcement:

For the 2018-2019 winter season (October 28, 2018 to March 30, 2019), Air France-KLM is increasing capacity by 2.5%* compared to the previous winter season and is pursuing its growth objectives in continuation of the summer season. This growth, mainly generated by a better use of the fleet, is broken down as follows:

–       +2.8% for long-haul passenger operations,

–       +1.1% for medium and short-haul passenger operations,

–       +11.5% for Transavia’s low-cost operations.

Long-haul: +2.8%

On its long-haul network, Air France-KLM will offer 6 new routes this winter –

–        5 destinations on departure from Paris-Charles de Gaulle in continuation of the summer season: Seattle/Tacoma (USA), Taipei (Taiwan), Nairobi (Kenya) with Air France and Fortaleza (Brazil) and Mahé (Seychelles) with Joon, which will also continue to serve Cape Town (South Africa), Mumbai (India) and Cairo (Egypt), previously operated by Air France.

–        1 destination on departure from Amsterdam-Schiphol in continuation of the summer season: Fortaleza (Brazil) with KLM Royal Dutch Airlines.


  • North America

In the United States, Air France will continue to serve Seattle/Tacoma, inaugurated on March 25, throughout the winter season with 3 weekly flights. The company will increase its weekly frequencies to Detroit and New York, offering 7 and 28 weekly flights respectively. KLM will offer an additional weekly flight to Minneapolis (4 weekly flights).

In Canada, the Air France-KLM group will increase seat capacity by 10% from Europe. Customers will benefit from an additional flight to Montreal (13 weekly flights) with Air France. On departure from Amsterdam-Schiphol, they will benefit from 2 additional flights to Toronto (9 weekly flights) and an additional flight to Calgary (7 weekly flights) with KLM.


  • Central and South America and the Caribbean 

In Costa Rica, Air France and KLM will operate an additional flight to San José, representing a 30%** capacity increase from Europe, with 4 weekly flights from Paris-Charles de Gaulle and 3 weekly flights from Amsterdam-Schiphol throughout the winter season. A fourth frequency will be added during the peak season, from mid-December to January.

In Brazil, the Group will continue to serve Fortaleza with KLM and Joon, a destination that was inaugurated on May 3rd by both airlines. Joon will increase its frequencies to the Brazilian destination with a total of 3 weekly flights. Air France will increase its seat capacity by 30% to Rio de Janeiro with 3 additional weekly flights (10 per week).

In Argentina, KLM will add a weekly frequency to offer customers a daily flight between Amsterdam-Schiphol and Buenos Aires.

In Colombia, the Bogota – Cartagena route will be operated 4 times weekly by KLM throughout the season. During the peak winter season, from December to February, customers will benefit from a fifth weekly frequency.

In the Caribbean, the Group will offer 3 times more seats between Europe and St. Martin – 4 additional flights between Paris-Charles de Gaulle and St. Martin with Air France (5 weekly flights) and an additional flight on the St. Martin – Curaçao route with KLM (3 weekly flights).

  • Asia and the Middle East

In Taiwan, Air France will continue its service from Paris-Charles de Gaulle in continuation of the summer season with 3 weekly flights.

In India, KLM will increase its flight frequencies to Mumbai and offer 4 weekly flights throughout the winter season. Joon will continue to serve Mumbai with a daily flight. In total, the Group will offer 32 weekly flights between Europe and India with Air France, KLM and Joon.

In Japan, Air France and KLM will offer customers an additional weekly flight to Osaka (5 and 7 flights per week respectively) on departure from Paris-Charles de Gaulle and Amsterdam-Schiphol. Air France will also increase its frequencies to Tokyo-Haneda with 2 additional flights (12 weekly flights). The Group will thus increase its seat capacity to Japan by 8% for the winter season.

In Vietnam, Air France will offer an additional weekly flight to Ho Chi Minh City, i.e. 4 weekly flights, during the Christmas holiday period.

In Sri Lanka, KLM will adapt its flight schedule to the capital Colombo with 2 weekly flights.

In the United Arab Emirates, with 3 additional weekly flights on departure from Paris-Charles de Gaulle, and 2 additional flights from Amsterdam-Schiphol from next February, the Group will offer up to 19 flights per week between Dubai and its main hubs.

  • Africa and the Indian Ocean

In Egypt, Joon will continue to serve Cairo with a daily flight, a destination that was previously operated by Air France.

In Kenya, Air France will offer 3 weekly flights to Nairobi in continuation of the summer season. In total, Air France-KLM will offer 10 weekly services to Nairobi, with 3 on departure from Paris-Charles de Gaulle and 7 on departure from Amsterdam-Schiphol, in addition to the daily services operated by its partner Kenya Airways from both hubs.

In West Africa, Air France-KLM will increase capacity by 10%. To Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso) and Accra (Ghana), customers will benefit from 2 and 4 additional flights respectively, for a total of one daily flight for each of these routes from Paris-Charles de Gaulle. To Lomé (Togo), Air France will offer a daily flight with 3 additional weekly flights in addition to the 4 weekly flights Paris – Niamey – Lomé.

In Sierra Leone and Liberia, KLM will cease its Freetown – Monrovia service on January 21, 2019.

In South Africa, Joon will continue to serve Cape Town with 5 weekly flights.

In the Seychelles, customers will benefit from 3 weekly flights to Mahé with Joon throughout the winter season.

In the Maldives, Air France will offer an additional flight to Malé, with a total of 3 weekly flights. KLM will continue to serve Mauritius with 3 non-stop weekly flights from Amsterdam-Schiphol, in addition to the non-stop Air France flights fromParis-Charles de Gaulle.


Medium- and short-haul: +1.1%.

On its medium- and short-haul network, the Air France-KLM Group will offer 20 new routes** from its main hubs and regions:

  • 16 routes operated 1 to 14 times a week throughout the season:

–        From Paris-Charles de Gaulle: Bari (Italy), Catania (Italy), Cork (Ireland), Lorient (France), Toulon (France) and Wroclaw (Poland) with AF as well as Bergen (Norway) with Joon.

–        From Paris-Orly: La Rochelle (France) with HOP!

–        From Amsterdam-Schiphol: Växjö (Sweden) with KLM

–        From the French regions with HOP! Air France:

o   From Caen: Geneva (Switzerland) and Marseille (France)

o   From Lorient: Lyon (France)

o   From Lille: Brest (France)

o   From Metz-Nancy: Marseille (France)

o   From Rennes: Brussels (Belgium) and Strasbourg (France)


  • 4 routes operated once a week (mainly on weekends) during the French school holidays with HOP! Air France:

– Pau from Brest, Caen and Strasbourg (France)

– Geneva (Switzerland) from Brest (France)


For the first time, Joon will operate flights to Budapest (Hungary) and Bergen (Norway), previously operated by Air France, as well as Rome (Italy), Naples (Italy), Oslo (Norway) and Istanbul (Turkey) in continuation of the summer season. Joon, the new generation of travel by Air France, will offer a total of 10 destinations for the winter season on its medium-haul network.


Transavia: + 11.5%

Transavia will expand its network from all its bases in France and the Netherlands with 18 new routes**:

–        From Eindhoven: Krakow (Poland)

–        From Rotterdam: Nador (Morocco) and Lanzarote (Spain)

–        From Amsterdam: Beirut (Lebanon) and Ovda (Israel)

–        From Groningen: Tenerife (Spain)

–        From Paris-Orly: Athens (Greece), Palermo (Italy), Rabat (Morocco) and Tenerife (Spain)

–        From Nantes: Djerba (Tunisia), Monastir (Tunisia), Casablanca (Morocco), Rome (Italy), Seville (Spain), Tenerife (Spain) and Tel Aviv (Israel)

–        From Lyon: Djerba (Tunisia)


On departure from the Netherlands, the Group’s low-cost airline will increase capacity by 3.8% and by 25% on departure from France.


A modernized fleet and new cabins


Air France-KLM is continuing its investments in order to offer its customers the latest generation aircraft and the best travel cabins.


For the 2018-2019 winter season, the Group will fly to 29 destinations by Boeing 787 with Air France and KLM:


  • From Paris-Charles de Gaulle: Boston and Detroit (United States), Bogota (Colombia), Panama (Panama), Guangzhou (China), Osaka (Japan), Bamako (Senegal), Abidjan (Côte d’Ivoire), Nairobi (Kenya), Malé (Maldives).
  • From Amsterdam-Schiphol: Toronto, Calgary (Canada), Minneapolis, New York, Washington, Atlanta, Houston and San Francisco (United States), San Jose (Costa Rica), Bogota – Cartagena (Colombia), Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), Mauritius (Republic of Mauritius), Colombo (Sri Lanka), Mumbai (India), Chengdu, Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Xiamen (China) and Osaka (Japan).

Copyright Photo: Gerd Beilfuss.

The Air France Airbus A380 will also take off to 7 destinations: New York, Los Angeles and Miami (United States), Mexico City (Mexico), Abidjan (Côte d’Ivoire), Johannesburg (South Africa), and Shanghai (China).

Air France will offer its customers the opportunity to enjoy the latest new travel cabins on board 51% of its long-haul flights by the end of the winter season: 1 Airbus A330, 7 Boeing 787, 25 Boeing 777-200 and 19 Boeing 777-300 aircraft. In addition, next January, Air France’s first renovated Airbus A330 will unveil its brand new Business, Premium Economy and Economy long-haul travel cabins on flights to Houston (United States), Accra (Ghana) and Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso). A total of 15 Airbus A330s will be refurbished by the beginning of 2020.

KLM is also continuing to deploy its new World Business Class and Economy cabins. As from January 2019:

  • all KLM long-haul flights will offer the new World Business Class, equipped with full flat seats.
  • all Boeing 777, Boeing 787 and Airbus A330 aircraft will be equipped with the new Economy cabins.

Joon also offers its customers its latest travel cabins on board its 4 Airbus A340s, which will fly to Cairo (Egypt), Cape Town (South Africa), Fortaleza (Brazil), Mumbai (India) and Mahé (Seychelles) throughout the winter season.

Finally, Transavia France is continuing to expand and will take delivery of a 34th new Boeing 737 in its fleet in December 2018.

*Capacity measured in available seat-kilometres compared to the 2017-2018 winter schedule.

**Compared to the 2017-2018 winter season.

Top Copyright Photo (all others by the group): Transavia Airlines (Netherlands) Boeing 737-800 WL PH-HXK (msn 62157) ZRH (Andi Hiltl). Image: 943966.

Transavia (Netherlands) aircraft slide show:


American to end Miami – Washington Dulles flights

American Airlines Boeing 737-800 WL N357PV (msn 31277) LAX (Michael B. Ing). Image: 942989.

American Airlines is planning to drop the Miami – Washington (Dulles) route on December 19, 2018 according to Airline Route.

United Airlines previously announced the restoration of the route.

The Miami – Washington (Reagan National) route will continue.

Copyright Photo: American Airlines Boeing 737-800 WL N357PV (msn 31277) LAX (Michael B. Ing). Image: 942989.

American aircraft slide show (Boeing):

American Airlines Group reports its first quarter results

American Airlines Boeing 737-800 WL N315PE (msn 31261) MIA (Jay Selman). Image: 403713.

American Airlines Group Inc. today reported its first quarter results, including these highlights:

  • Reported a first-quarter 2018 pre-tax profit of $273 million, or $468 million excluding net special items1, and a first-quarter net profit of $186 million, or $357 million excluding net special items
  • First-quarter 2018 earnings were $0.39 per diluted share, or $0.75 per diluted share excluding net special items
  • 2017 earnings were $3.90 per diluted share, or $4.88 per diluted share excluding net special items. Fourth-quarter earnings were $0.54 per diluted share, or $0.95 per diluted share excluding net special items
  • Returned $498 million to shareholders, including the repurchase of 8.4 million shares and dividend payments of $48 million. Announced a new $2.0 billion share repurchase authorization2 to be completed by December 31, 2020

“American’s team members continue to deliver solid results, including record first quarter revenue performance. Higher fuel prices led to a decline in year-over-year earnings, but we are excited about the future,” said Chairman and CEO Doug Parker. “With the youngest fleet in the industry among our large network peer competitors, a significantly improved product, and a team of 130,000 who demonstrate extraordinary care for our customers, we are well positioned for long-term success.”

First-Quarter Revenue and Expenses

Pre-tax earnings excluding net special items for the first quarter of 2018 were $468 million, a $193 million decrease from the first quarter of 2017.

Total operating revenues ($ mil) $  10,401 $   9,820 $  10,401 $   9,820
Total operating expenses ($ mil)   9,970   9,083   9,775   8,962
Operating income ($ mil)   431   737   626   858
Pre-tax income ($ mil)   273   535   468   661
Pre-tax margin 2.6 % 5.4 % 4.5 % 6.7 %
Net income ($ mil)   186   340   357   414
Earnings per diluted share $   0.39 $   0.67 $   0.75 $   0.82


Robust demand for air travel drove a 5.9 percent year-over-year increase in first-quarter 2018 total revenue, to a first quarter record $10.4 billion. Passenger revenue per available seat mile (PRASM) grew in all geographic regions, with notable strength in Latin America. Cargo revenue was up 18.8 percent to $227 million due primarily to a 10.9 percent increase in volume and a 7.1 percent increase in cargo yield. Other revenue was up 10.0 percent to $694 million. First-quarter total revenue per available seat mile increased by 3.5 percent compared to the first quarter 2017 on a 2.3 percent increase in total available seat miles. This marks the sixth consecutive quarter of positive unit revenue growth and the second quarter in a row where all geographic regions showed PRASM growth on a year-over-year basis.

Total first-quarter 2018 operating expenses were $10.0 billion, up 9.8 percent year-over-year driven by a 25.7 percent increase in consolidated fuel expense. Had fuel prices remained unchanged versus the first quarter 2017, total expenses would have been $412 million lower. Total first-quarter 2018 cost per available seat mile (CASM) was 15.15 cents, up 7.3 percent from first-quarter 2017. Excluding fuel and special items, total first-quarter CASM was 11.57 cents, up 2.8 percent year-over-year.

“We made significant progress on several key initiatives during the first quarter, including fleet simplification and adding more travel options for customers by expanding Basic Economy,” said President Robert Isom.

“Our recently announced order for 47 Boeing 787s enables the retirement of older aircraft, including the Airbus A330-300, the Boeing 767, and certain Boeing 777-200s. These replacement aircraft will provide improved fuel efficiency, lower maintenance costs, greater range, and an enhanced customer experience.

“In April, we launched trans-Atlantic Basic Economy together with our Atlantic partners. Basic Economy is now rolled out in the U.S. and certain markets in Mexico and the Caribbean. We continue to look for more opportunities to launch this popular travel option for our customers,” Isom said.

Strategic Objectives

American Airlines is focused on four long-term strategic objectives: Create a World-Class Customer Experience, Make Culture a Competitive Advantage, Ensure Long-Term Financial Strength, and Think Forward, Lead Forward.

Create a World-Class Customer Experience

American is committed to delivering a world-class product by creating value and building trust with customers, driving operational excellence, and strengthening its network, especially where the company has a competitive advantage. During the first quarter, American:

  • Filed an application along with Qantas to the U.S. Department of Transportation seeking approval to form a joint business to better serve customers flying between North America and Australia and New Zealand. The proposed joint business will significantly improve service and stimulate demand, and is expected to unlock more than $300 million annually in consumer benefits that are not achievable through any other form of cooperation
  • Enhanced the travel experience between New York LaGuardia and Chicago for business customers by adding that route to the company’s shuttle portfolio. The shuttle is highly valued by top business customers and offers an hourly schedule and dedicated gates and check-in areas
  • Expanded Basic Economy to its first trans-Atlantic routes on April 11, including Dallas/Fort Worth-London Heathrow, giving customers a new option for American’s lowest fares in partnership with American’s Atlantic joint business partners
  • Introduced new wine sommelier Bobby Stuckey to lead American’s wine program, selecting premium wines for customers to enjoy in Admirals Club lounges, Flagship Lounges, Flagship First Dining and in flight
  • Introduced new meals on certain Pacific flights. Japan Airlines’ Chef Jun Kurogi has designed a traditional Japanese meal in premium cabins on flights from Tokyo, and Chef Sean Connolly has designed dishes for premium cabins on flights from Auckland and Sydney

Make Culture a Competitive Advantage

American is creating an environment that cares for frontline team members, provides competitive pay, and equips its team with the right tools to support its customers. During the first quarter, American:

  • Hosted 7,000 American Airlines leaders at its Annual Leadership Conference in Dallas. Team members who oversee people spent a full day learning about American’s four strategic objectives and how to implement them in partnership with their teams
  • Honored 103 team members at the company’s Annual Chairman’s Award celebration in Dallas earlier this month. The Chairman’s Award is the airline’s highest recognition, and recipients this year were recognized for accomplishments including making complicated maintenance tasks easier and safer, caring for colleagues during personal tragedies, and making customers feel like family
  • Accrued $29 million for the company’s 2018 profit sharing program during the quarter
  • Completed the transition to a new cloud-based HR information system which provides seamless integration of team member data and hiring, onboarding, compensation and performance-related tasks. In April, American also implemented a new payroll system for U.S.-based management and support staff, with the remaining team members to transition on a phased basis

Ensure Long-Term Financial Strength

American is focused on capturing the efficiencies created by the merger, delivering on its earnings potential, and creating value for its owners. In the first quarter, American:

  • Returned $498 million to shareholders through share repurchases and dividends, bringing the total since mid-2014 to $11.9 billion. These repurchases have reduced the share count by 38 percent to 467.4 million shares as of March 31, 2018
  • In April, announced an order for 47 new Boeing 787 widebody aircraft consisting of 22 787-8s scheduled to begin arriving in 2020 and 25 787-9s scheduled to begin arriving in 2023. The 787-8s will replace American’s Boeing 767-300s, while later 787-9 deliveries will replace Airbus A330-300s and older 777-200 widebody aircraft. In addition, American deferred 40 737 MAX aircraft and 3 Airbus A321neo aircraft. These changes better align future aircraft deliveries with planned aircraft retirements and reduce planned capital expenditures by approximately $200 million in 2019 and $800 million in 2020
  • On April 26, 2018 declared a dividend of $0.10 per share, to be paid on May 22, 2018, to stockholders of record as of May 8, 2018

Think Forward, Lead Forward

American is committed to re-establishing itself as an industry leader by creating an action-oriented culture that moves quickly to bring products to market, embraces technological change, and quickly seizes upon new opportunities for its network and product. In the first quarter, American:

  • Reached a new lease agreement with the city of Chicago that clears the way for an $8.5 billion redevelopment plan at O’Hare that includes more gates, a better structure for connecting travelers, and a better overall customer experience that will help close the competitive gate gap there
  • Reached an agreement earlier this month to get access to 15 additional gates in DFW Terminal E. This allows the company to significantly grow departures at its largest hub to more than 900 per day, enabling more customers to access our global network
  • Completed all customer-facing renovations in Terminal B, where American’s regional operation at Dallas/Fort Worth is located
  • In April, opened five new gates at Chicago O’Hare Terminal 3, permitting American to provide improved service to its customers at this key competitive hub

Guidance and Investor Update

American expects its second-quarter 2018 TRASM to increase approximately 1.5 to 3.5 percent year-over-year, which reflects expected continued strength in demand for both business and leisure travel. The company also expects its second-quarter 2018 pre-tax margin excluding special items to be between 7.5 and 9.5 percent.3 Due to higher fuel prices included in the guidance provided today, American now expects its 2018 diluted earnings per share excluding net special items to be between $5.00 and $6.00.3


  1. In the first quarter, the company recognized $195 million in net special items before the effect of income taxes. First quarter special items principally included $82 million of fleet restructuring expenses and $59 million of merger integration expenses. See the accompanying notes in the Financial Tables section of this press release for further explanation, including a reconciliation of all GAAP to non-GAAP financial information.
  2. Share repurchases under the buyback program may be made through a variety of methods, which may include open market purchases, privately negotiated transactions, block trades or accelerated share repurchase transactions. Any such repurchases will be made from time to time subject to market and economic conditions, applicable legal requirements and other relevant factors. The program does not obligate the company to repurchase any specific number of shares or continue a dividend for any fixed period, and may be suspended at any time at the company’s discretion.
  3. American is unable to reconcile certain forward-looking projections to GAAP as the nature or amount of special items cannot be determined at this time.

Copyright Photo: American Airlines Boeing 737-800 WL N315PE (msn 31261) MIA (Jay Selman). Image: 403713.

American Airlines aircraft slide show (Boeing):

EgyptAir supports the Egyptian Football Team with a new logo jet

EgyptAir's 2018 National Football Team special livery

EgyptAir received the pictured new Boeing 737-800 SU-GEN on December 8, 2017. The new airliner has now been painted in a special Egyptian Football Team livery in support of the national team (below).

This morning, the aircraft departed Cairo as flight 4 from Cairo International Airport, heading to the city of Zurich, Switzerland, to engage in friendly games with the Greek team in preparations for Russia 2018.

The team will return from Zurich on the morning of March 28 where is seen heading back to Cairo (top).

EgyptAir is the Official Carrier for the Egyptian National Football.

Top Copyright Photo (all others by EgyptAir): EgyptAir Boeing 737-800 WL SU-GEN (msn 63806) (Egyptian National Football Team) ZRH (Andi Hiltl). Image: 941291.

EgyptAir aircraft slide show: