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The first Airbus A350-900 for Lufthansa is rolled out of the Airbus paint shop


Lufthansa issued this statement and this Airbus photo about its first Airbus A350, namely the pictured A350-941 D-AIXA (msn 074):

The Lufthansa Airbus was in the so-called “paint shop” in the Airbus plant in Toulouse for eleven days, and then the moment arrived – the first A350-900 with white Lufthansa paint and blue lettering was ready to go. 30 people worked on the task, painting a total surface area of around 2,100 square meters.

This is the first time that the official identification code of D-AIXA has been seen. The use of an “X” follows in the style of the Airbus designation “A350 XWB” (extra wide body) – the cabin width of the A350-900 measures a generous 5.6 meters and gives passengers a great feeling of space.

The first ten Lufthansa Airbus A350-900 aircraft will be stationed in Munich for the coming winter. Delhi and Boston will be the first destinations to be served. The plane has space for 293 passengers – 48 in Business Class, 21 in Premium Economy and 224 in Economy Class. The A350-900 is the most modern and the most environmentally friendly long-haul aircraft in service world-wide. In comparison with similar types of aircraft, it uses 25 percent less kerosene and produces 25 percent fewer emissions, and the noise “footprint” produced by the A350-900 is up to 50 percent smaller.

Photo: Airbus.




Ilyushin Il-18V DM-STA is restored in Deutsche Lufthansa (GDR) 1955 markings

Leipzig/Halle will soon display this restored Ilyushin Il-18V registered DM-STA (msn 180001905) at the entrance to the airport. The classic turboprop airliner has been restored in the 1955 colors of Deutsche Luthansa (GDR) and was rolled out of the paint shop in September 2009. Deutsche Lufthansa (GDR) (East Berlin) was founded in 1955 in East Germany as eastern version of Deutsche Lufthansa (West Germany). However a court case in Berne, Switzerland in 1963 awarded the Lufthansa trademark to the West German company. Interflug (a shortened form of Internationaler Flug or “international flight”) was founded in 1958 as the second East German airline to operate charter flights. Therefore in 1963 when the Deutsche Lufthansa name was lost, Interflug was chosen as the new brand for East Germany’s “new” state airline operating international routes. Interflug was liquidated in March 1991 following the reunification of Germany. DM-STA poses for the camera at Leipzig/Halle. The airliner is owned by the Verkehrsmuseum Dresden as a technical memorial and should be placed outside the ramp area somewere in front of the terminal during next year.

Copyright Photo: CGN Spotter.