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Republic Airlines Q400 flight blows tire on takeoff, makes an emergency landing at Denver

Republic Airlines (2nd) (Indianapolis) United Express flight UA 4870 from Denver to Kansas City yesterday (March 14) with a Bombardier DHC-8-402 (Q400) blew a tire on takeoff. After burning off fuel, the aircraft made a safe emergency landing back at DEN. The blown tire and landing were captured on video.

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Four injured in an Air Canada Express (Jazz Aviation) Q400 accident at Edmonton

Jazz Aviation (Halifax) (Air Canada Express) flight AC 8481 from Calgary to Grande Prairie with 71 passengers and four crew members suffered a right landing gear collapse when it attempted an emergency landing on runway 02 at Edmonton International Airport. Four passengers sustained injuries while landing and were transported to local hospitals. The aircraft came to a rest on its right wing. The aircraft involved was Bombardier DHC-8-402 (Q400) C-GGBF (msn 4433). The turboprop reportedly suffered a blown tire on takeoff at Calgary and the flight crew decided to divert to and attempt the emergency landing at Edmonton due to strong cross winds at Calgary. The propeller sliced through the fuselage narrowly missing a passenger on landing.

Jazz Aviation issued this statement:

A Jazz Aviation LP Q400 aircraft, operating as Air Canada Express, was involved in an incident at Edmonton International Airport at 8:30 p.m. Central Mountain Time.

Jazz flight AC 8481 was en route to Grande Prairie from Calgary. The passenger list indicates the aircraft was carrying 71 passengers and four crew members.

Four passengers have been transported to Edmonton-area hospitals and the extent of their injuries cannot be confirmed at this time. All other passengers and crew members have been evaluated by medical responders on the scene and released.

Passengers are being taken care of by Air Canada and a Jazz team is on its way to the scene.

United Airlines flight 1463 is forced to make an emergency landing at Wichita after the emergency chute accidentally inflates inflight

United flight 1463 ORD-SNA emergency chute (Taylor Martinez)(LR)

United Airlines (Chicago) flight UA 1463 was forced to make an emergency landing at Wichita, Kansas after the aft emergency chute accidentally inflated while the Boeing 737-700 was at cruising altitude. According to Flight Aware the 737-700 with 96 passengers and crew members on board was forced to make a rapid descent before the safe landing. Flight 1463 was en route from the Chicago (O’Hare) hub to Orange County (Santa Ana).

Read the full report from Eyewitness News 12: CLICK HERE

Twitter Photo: Taylor Martinez.


Aeroflot passenger is fined over $19,500 for drunken fight on an airplane

Aeroflot Russian Airlines (Moscow) has issued this statement concerning a drunken passenger which caused the flight to make an unscheduled landing in Novosibirsk:

On February 18, 2014 Gagarin District Court ruled in favor of Aeroflot in its suit against Andrei Krivoruchko, the passenger whose actions on board led to an emergency landing. The defendant will have to pay 704,199.70 rubles (over $19,500) in total, including compensation for the losses borne by Aeroflot.

The incident happened on April 22, 2013 during an SU 206 flight from Moscow to Shanghai. As stated by the court, intoxicated Mr Krivoruchko behaved inappropriately and expressed an obvious disrespect for other passengers and the crew. He also threatened them with violence, physically resisted the crew members and did not comply with a written warning of the aircraft commander to stop violating the rules of onboard behavior.

As a result, the captain was forced to opt for an emergency landing at Novosibirsk airport. The unruly passenger was handed over to local authorities. Aeroflot filed a lawsuit on this issue in October 2013 and won the case.

However satisfactory for Aeroflot this adjudication is, it still cannot be considered too stringent by the standards of many other countries in Europe, Asia and America, where airborne drunken brawls are criminalized and a refusal to obey calls to order, acts of violence or attacks on members of the crew are punished with imprisonment from a few months up to 20 years. In some cases, jail term can be given even for smoking on board.

Since the beginning of 2013, Aeroflot sees a positive trend of hardening position of the Russian courts against airborne rowdies, including the area of financial responsibility for detrimental actions against the airline and other passengers. Nevertheless, the need of even more drastic measures against disruptive passengers is evident. Aeroflot stands firm on this issue and confirms its resolution not to leave violating the rules of onboard behavior without serious consequences.

Copyright Photo: Michael B. Ing/AirlinersGallery.com. Airbus A330-243 VQ-BBE (msn 1014) prepares to land in Los Angeles.

Aeroflot: AG Slide Show

Air India Airbus A320 runs off the runway in Jaipur, wing is clipped

Air India logo

Air India (Delhi) flight AI 890 late on Sunday (January 5) did not go well. The flight was operating from Guwahati to Delhi with Airbus A320-231 VT-ESH (msn 469) with around 170 passengers and crew members. The flight diverted to Jaipur, India due to bad weather in Delhi. Unfortunately Jaipur’s  weather deteriorated too with fog but the crew elected to make an emergency landing in Jaipur due to low fuel. On landing the aircraft reportedly burst several tires and the aircraft veered off the runway . The left wing collided with an object according to reports. Part of the outer portion of the left wing was clipped off.

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