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Xtra Airways is operating two Boeing 737-400s for One Airlines of Chile

Xtra Airways (Boise, Idaho) is now operating two of its Boeing 737-400s (N279AD and N42XA) for newcomer One Airlines of Chile.

One Airlines (Santiago) began charter operations on October 25 linking Santiago with Concepción in southern Chile and also to cities like Antofagasta and Calama in the northern part of the country, where the main mining investments are located.

Copyright Photo: Alvaro Romero/ModoCharlie.com. Boeing 737-4Q8 N279AD (msn 26279) rests between assignments at Santiago. The airliner is fully painted in the colors of the new charter airline. N279AD was formerly operated for DirectAir.

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Go2Sky starts operations from Bratislava, Slovakia

Go2Sky (Bratislava) is a new airline in Slovakia based at Milan Rastislav Stefanik Airport in Bratislava, Go2Sky provides non-scheduled transportation of passengers, cargo and mail. The new carrier is being headed by pilot and investor Daniel Ferjancek, together with two partners. Ferjancek was previously a shareholder in another Slovakian charter carrier, AirExplore, which continues to operate.
The carrier signed a lease agreement with Triton Aviation Ireland Limited for one Boeing 737-400 in March 2013. The pictured Boeing 737-4Q8 registered OM-GTA (msn 24332) was delivered on June 30. It was previously operated by China’s Hainan Airlines and has undergone a C check and refurbishment. It is operated in a single-class, 168-seat configuration.
Go2Sky is operating this aircraft until mid-September to Bergamo Orio al Serio (BGY) (near Milan) on behalf of Mistral Air.
The slogan of the airline is “To the Sky and Beyond”.
Go2Sky Slogan
Copyright Photo: Javier Rodriguez/AirlinersGallery.com. OM-GTA visited Palma de Mallorca today and was pictured climbing out after departure from runway 24R bound for BGY as flight MSA 6127. All other photos and images from Go2Sky.
Go2Sky Crew (Go2Sky)(LR)

Colorful Sky Airlines of Turkey ceases operations

Sky Airlines (Antalya) of Turkey filed for bankruptcy and ceased all operations on June 4 following the financial collapse of its parent company Kayi Group. Previously subsidiary German Sky Airlines (Dusseldorf) had suspended all operations on December 1, 2012.

Copyright Photo: Stefan Sjogren. Each aircraft had a different color motif. Painted in the gold version, Boeing 737-4Q8 TC-SKG (msn 25371) lands at Stockholm (Arlanda).

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Sky Airlines (Turkey) logo

Alaska Airlines to add summer service between Fairbanks and Portland, Oregon

Alaska Airlines (Seattle/Tacoma) announced today it will add a nonstop, daily flight between Fairbanks, Alaska, and Portland, Oregon, starting on June 9 through September 2, 2013. The Portland-Seattle/Tacoma-Fairbanks-Anchorage route was the original historic jet route for the company.

Summary of new flights:
Start Date City pair Departs Arrives Frequency End Date
June 9 Portland-Fairbanks 8:05 p.m. 11:05 p.m. Daily Sept 1, 2013
June 10 Fairbanks-Portland 12:15 a.m. 5:04 a.m. Daily Sept 2, 2013
All times based on local time zones

Copyright Photo: Michael B. Ing. Boeing 737-4Q8 N754AS (msn 25095) “Spirit of Alaska” arrives at Anchorage.

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Sky King secures DIP financial backing for its reorganization

Sky King, Inc. (Sky King Airlines) (Lakeland) has announced the successful negotiation of Debtor in Possession financing and intends to seek immediate court approval. The private investment consortium providing the financing is represented by Dr. Daniel Carson, an experienced aviation executive and entrepreneur. Sky King and the investment group have not announced plans for the company but are certain the airline will put forth a formal plan of reorganization in the near future. Sky King’s President, Frank Visconti stated: “This is simply the next step in the long process of restructuring and preparing the Company for the future. We are proud of the work we have done and are excited to welcome Dr. Carson and his associates into the process as they bring not only capital but equally important expansion opportunities in new markets.”

Sky King began operating in 1995 under FAR Part 125 and in 2002, the Company was granted Part 121 operating authority by the Federal Aviation Administration. Operating a fleet of Boeing 737 aircraft, the Company serves the Tour Operator, Private Charter and Public Charter markets, serving numerous Casino operators, sports franchises and scheduled flight service providers. One specific market served by Sky King involves over 150 flights per month between the US and Cuba on behalf of several US Treasury Department licensed service providers. Sky King filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy protection on August 31st, 2012 after two of Sky King’s largest clients in 2011 and 2012 ceased operations with substantial, unpaid debt to Sky King; these were among several factors ultimately contributing to the Company’s decision to seek Chapter 11 reorganization protection.

Copyright Photo: Brian Mcdonough. Boeing 737-4Q8 N916SK (msn 24706) with rare titles approaches Miami International Airport after finishing a Cuban charter.

Sky King logo

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Brussels Airlines and its unions reach agreement, retires its last Boeing

Brussels Airlines (Brussels) and its unions have reached agreement on a new contract that will allow the airline to return to profitability. The airline issued the following statement:

The social agreement (contract), based on a set of structural and temporary measures aiming at securing a sustainable future and profitable growth for the company, is focused on job protection and increase of the company’s competitiveness.

On December 7 Brussels Airlines and the union delegates representing the pilots, cabin crew and non-flying staff (including maintenance) of the Belgian company have reached an agreement and herewith make an end to an intensive negotiation period. The agreement is in line with the targets set by the performance improvement plan Beyond 2012-2013 that aims to bring the company back to profitability by 2014.

Bernard Gustin, CEO of Brussels Airlines, qualifies this agreement as a significant step for the Belgian airline, demonstrating the strong engagement of both sides towards the future of the company: “We are extremely satisfied that the agreements reached are taking the requirements and interests of all parties into consideration. Union delegates and management have committed themselves to make mutual concessions in order to safeguard jobs and create growth perspectives for our company by significantly increasing our competitiveness”.

The main topics discussed at the negotiation table were structural measures, such as productivity improvement and seasonality, and temporary measures, like a part-time working regime (for the cockpit crews) and a salary freeze.

  • Productivity improvement on the European & long haul network, in line with the economic objectives set at the start of the process
  • Adaptation of operations to the summer & winter season
  • Competitive flight time/duty time
  • Salary freeze by keeping the wage scale at the same level until 2015

In addition, according to CH-Aviation, Brussels Airlines retired its last Boeing 737 from revenue service on November 30. Boeing 737-36N OO-VEN (msn 28586) and 737-4Q8 OO-VET (msn 28202) (pictured) operated the last flights for each type.

Copyright Photo: Paul Denton. Boeing 737-4Q8 OO-VET (msn 28202) taxies at Geneva before the retirement.

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Cal Jet Air to operate to Mazatlan from Houston, San Antonio, Denver, Los Angeles and Oakland

Cal Jet Air (Minneapolis and San Diego) is a new public charter company like the previous Direct Air (Myrtle Beach). The company is planning to operate charter flights to Mazatlan, Mexico from Houston, San Antonio, Denver, Los Angeles and Oakland.

Cal Jet Air’s flight will be operated by Xtra Airways (Boise), which is a U.S. Air Carrier, who provides public charter air flights. Xtra Airways use to operate for Direct Air. Cal Jet Air offers all-inclusive vacations, golf and entertainment packages.

All flights are filed and approved by the Department of Transportation and operate under Part 380 CFR. (Code of Federal Regulation)

According to the company, Cal Jet Air is privately owned and managed by a core management team consisting of five experienced men and women. Together they have more than 100 combined years of extensive experience in tour operations and packaging; aviation charters and services; finance; marketing; technology; and, general management in the tour operator aviation industry. The management team has extensive knowledge in both domestic and international operations.

Cal Jet Air is focused on delivering a reliable and safe product with professional service that meets or exceeds the expectations of their clients. The Company has based its Corporate Headquarters in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Cal Jet Air operates a Reservation / Call Center located in San Diego, California.

Copyright Photo: Luimer Cordero. Former Alaska Airlines Boeing 737-4Q8 N772AS (msn 25105) of Xtra Airways is seen at Punta Gorda, Florida operating for Direct Air.

Xtra Airways: