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LAN Airlines is planning to commence nonstop Rio de Janeiro-Miami service on January 22

LAN Airlines (Chile) (LANTAM Airlines Group) (Santiago) is planning to introduce nonstop Rio de Janeiro – Miami flights using Boeing 767-300 ER aircraft starting on January 22 according to Airline Route.

Copyright Photo: Alvaro Romero. Boeing 767-316 ER CC-CXK (msn 37802) prepares to touch down at the Santiago base.

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Caribbean Airlines puts its first Boeing 767-300 into revenue service today

Caribbean Airlines (Port of Spain) put their newly-acquired Boeing 767-300 into revenue service today (November 3) from Port of Spain to Toronto (Pearson) as flight BW 610.

Copyright Photo: Nigel Steele. The former LAN Airlines Boeing 767-316 ER 9Y-LHR (msn 27597, ex CC-CDP) climbs away from Port of Spain, Tobago on the historic first flight today.

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LAN Airlines orders 10 additional 767-300 ER/F Blended Winglet systems

Aviation Partners Boeing (Seattle) announced today that LAN Airlines (Santiago) has ordered 10 additional Blended Winglet Systems for Boeing 767-300 ER passenger and freighter aircraft.  This order brings LAN’s order total to 57 Blended Winglet systems for the Boeing 767-300 ER/F fleet making it the largest APB customer for this model.

Blended Winglet technology installed on a Boeing 767-300 ER/F reduces fuel burn by up to 500,000 gallons per aircraft per year while reducing carbon dioxide emissions by over 5,000 tons per year. Blended Winglets can also extend the range of a Boeing 767-300E R/F by as much as 320 nautical miles, or increase the payload of the aircraft by as much as 16,000 pounds.

LAN has purchased 10 new Blended Winglet systems from APB and selected Delta Tech Ops and Mexicana MRO to perform these modifications promoting the growth of both MRO’s, especially Mexicana, which is now capable of carrying out winglet modifications. Mexicana also becomes the newest Maintenance Repair and Overhaul facility to accomplish the Boeing 767-300 ER/F Blended Winglet installation. Mexicana had hoped to restart scheduled passenger operations.

Nearly 5,000 Blended Winglet Systems are now in service on Boeing 737s, 757s and 767s with more than 200 airlines worldwide.  Since certification in 2009, APB has taken orders (firm and options) for 389 Boeing 767-300 ER/F Blended Winglet systems. APB estimates that Blended Winglets have saved airlines worldwide more than 3.3 billion gallons of jet fuel to-date.

Copyright Photo: Bruce Drum. Brand new Boeing 767-316 ER CC-BDH (msn 41748) at Paine Field near Everett will soon be receiving its set of Aviation Partners Blended Winglets.

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Caribbean Airlines takes delivery of its second Boeing 767-300 ER

Caribbean Airlines (Port of Spain) on August 31, 2012 accepted this former LAN Airlines Boeing 767-316 ER, its second copy of the type. The pictured 767-316 ER is now appropriately registered as 9Y-LHR (msn 27597, ex CC-CDP) in salute of London Heathrow Airport, served for many years by BWIA.

Copyright Photo: Nigel Steele. 9Y-LHR is pictured arriving at the POS base on August 31. Like the first (9Y-LGW), it also carries the special “Celebrating 50 Years of Independence” emblem.

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Caribbean Airlines takes delivery of its first Boeing 767-300

Caribbean Airlines (Port of Spain) yesterday (August 28) took delivery of its first (of two) Boeing 767-300. The former LAN Airlines (Santiago) Boeing 767-316 ER CC-CEB (msn 26327) is now registered appropriately as 9Y-LGW. The wide-body airliner was greeted with the traditional water cannon salute at POS on its arrival. Caribbean is planning to restore London (Gatwick) service from both Barbados and Trinidad with this new type.

The pictured 9Y-LGW also carries a special “Trinidad and Tobago – Celebrating 50 Years of Independence” logo.

Copyright Photo: Nigel Steele. The historic moment is captured at Port of Spain.

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LATAM reports its first quarterly statement, a net profit of $49.7 million in the second quarter

LATAM Airlines Group S.A. (LAN Airlines and TAM Linhas Aereas) (Santiago) has announced a second quarter net profit of $49.7 million. This is the first financial report for the group. Here is the full statement.

“LATAM Airlines Group has announced its consolidated financial results for the second quarter and for the six months ended June 30, 2012. “LATAM” or “the Company” makes reference to the consolidated entity, which includes passenger and cargo airlines in Latin America. All figures were prepared in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and are expressed in U.S Dollars, except for TAM S.A. (“TAM”) second quarter 2012 Income Statement figures, which are expressed in Brazilian reais.


  •   LATAM Airlines Group S.A. today reported its first consolidated financial results for the second quarter and first half of 2012, following the successful completion of the exchange offer and mergers that combined the businesses of LAN Airlines S.A. and TAM S.A. (“TAM”). Because the transaction was completed on June 22, 2012, results for the period ended June 30, 2012 include the last eight days of TAM results, from June 23 to June 30, 2012.
  •   Net income of LATAM Airlines Group reached US$49.7 million in the second quarter 2012. Operating income reached US$23.2 million, resulting in a 1.5% operating margin for the second quarter 2012. Consolidated LATAM results include net income of US$46.3 million and an operating loss of US$13.9 million corresponding to the eight days of consolidation of TAM between June 23 and June 30, 2012. Non-operating results for this eight day period reflect a foreign exchange gain of US$57,4 million and a positive mark-to-market of fuel hedging derivatives in the amount of US$ 26,7 million, as a result of the appreciation of the Brazilian real and an increase in the price of fuel, respectively, during the last eight days of the quarter.
  •   The second quarter 2012 presented a challenging environment due to reduced cargo demand and the depreciation of local currencies, especially the Brazilian real. However, passenger demand in most of Latin America remains solid and the successful completion of the business combination between LAN and TAM provides the Company with a more diversified revenue base and significant growth and synergy opportunities. Furthermore, the domestic Brazil market has shown sustained capacity discipline, providing the basis for improved profitability.
  •   LATAM Airlines Group is advancing in the process of achieving the expected synergies from the business combination with TAM. Regarding its international passenger operations, the Company has established fare combinability between LAN and TAM, cross selling of LAN and TAM flights, and code shares on various international routes, such as Santiago – Orlando, Santiago – Madrid, and Santiago – London. Cross selling will assist the Company in capturing connectivity synergies by offering our customers a single network in a one- stop shop.
  •   In July 2012, the cargo divisions of LAN and TAM were integrated, taking advantage of the highly complementary nature of their operations.
  •   On September 4, 2012, LATAM Airlines Group will hold an Extraordinary Shareholders’ Meeting in order to reelect the Board of Directors of the Company, as well as to approve the placement, through a preemptive rights offering to LATAM shareholders, of the remaining 7,436,816 shares of the Company that were authorized for the TAM exchange offer, and that were not exchanged.

LATAM Airlines Group S.A. 2Q12

  •   During the remainder of 2012, LATAM expects to receive 12 Airbus A320 family aircraft to operate domestic and regional routes, as well as 8 Boeing 767-300, 4 Boeing 777-300 and the first 3 Boeing 787-8 Dreamliners for long- haul routes. The Company will also take delivery of 2 Boeing 777 freighter aircraft.
  •   LAN Airlines S.A. (renamed LATAM Airlines Group S.A.) – excluding the consolidation of TAM – reported net income of US$5.2 million for the second quarter of 2012, a decrease of 67.5% compared to the US$15.9 million reported in second quarter 2011. Operating income reached US$37.1 million, a 33.5% decrease compared to the US$55.8 million in second quarter 2011. Operating margin reached 2.6%, a decrease of 1.6 points compared to 4.2% in 2011. The Company continued to show strong passenger revenue growth, despite a seasonally low quarter, partially offsetting the impact of a more challenging environment in the cargo business, as well as the ongoing development of LAN Colombia’s operations. In addition, operating results include a one-time cost of US$7.1 million related to the successful completion of the collective bargaining process with certain unions, as well as US$9.2 million in transaction costs related to the business combination with TAM.
  •   TAM reported a net loss of R$928.1 million, compared to net income of R$60.3 million reported in second quarter 2011. For the second quarter 2012, TAM reported an operating loss of R$284.2 million, compared to the R$8.8 million gain in second quarter 2011. Operating results were mainly impacted by a 23.0% depreciation of the Brazilian real and decreased revenues from Multiplus, resulting from accounting changes in the recognition of such revenues implemented in the first quarter 2012. Non-operating results reflect a foreign exchange loss of R$845.9 million, and the negative mark-to-market of fuel hedging derivatives in the amount of R$93.6 million, resulting from the depreciation of the Brazilian real and the decrease in fuel prices, respectively, as compared to March 31, 2012.”

    Copyright Photo: Michael B. Ing. Boeing 767-316 ER CC-CEB (msn 26327) climbs away from Los Angeles International Airport on a very clear day.

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LAN Ecuador is cutting staff and the Guayaquil-Miami route

LAN Airlines (Ecuador) Boeing 767-316 ER WL HC-CHA (msn 27613) MIA (Arnd Wolf). Image: 904469.

LAN Airlines (Ecuador) is restructuring to cut costs. 55 flight attendants and five administrative staff will lose their jobs. The airline, partly own by LAN Airlines (Chile), is also eliminating the Guayaquil-Miami route this month according to this article by El Universo. Other routes will be reduced in frequency.

Read the full story (in Spanish): CLICK HERE

In other news, the parent LAN Airlines (Chile) (Santiago) announced that the Chilean Supreme Court confirmed on April 5 the approval granted on September 21, 2011, by the Chilean Antitrust Authority (Tribunal de Defensa de la Libre Competencia (TDLC)) to the merger transaction between LAN and TAM, including the mitigation measures imposed on this transaction. The Supreme Court also rejected LAN’s appeal of three of the 14 mitigation measures, which the Company considered to be illegal and unconstitutional.

Copyright Photo: Arnd Wolf.