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ANA Holdings reports a loss for the fiscal first quarter

ANA Holdings and the ANA Group issued this report for the fiscal quarter ending on June 30, 2021:

  • While the net loss for the first quarter of FY2021 was 51.1 billion yen, it represented the least amount of loss since the fourth quarter of FY2019
  • • The results were led by the highest-ever quarterly international cargo revenue and continued cost cutting measures
  • • ANA Holdings Inc. remains committed to returning to a profit for FY2021, backed by recovering travel demand, strong cargo business, continued cost cutting measures and the growth of non-aviation businesses

ANA Holdings reported its financial results for the three months ended June 30, 2021.

In the first quarter of fiscal year 2021 (April 1, 2021 – June 30, 2021, hereinafter the “three months ended June 30, 2021”), although the Japanese economy is still severely affected by COVID-19, corporate activities and capital investment continued to rebound. However, lower personal consumption figures indicate lingering weaknesses as well.

There have been signs of recovery in the airline industry, especially increased demand within the United States and European countries where an increase in vaccination rates has progressed. However, hurdles still remain on many international routes due to restrictions on entry and travel in a number of countries.

Despite these challenges, ANA HD renewed its commitment to its longterm environmental goals in April, setting targets such as reducing CO2 emissions generated by airline operations to net zero by 2050. In June, ANA HD also issued Sustainability-Linked Bonds, for which terms and conditions vary according to specific ESG goals being achieved.

For the three months ended June 30, 2021, operating revenues increased from the previous year to 198.9 billion yen. The operating loss was 64.6 billion yen, the ordinary loss was 63.7 billion yen, and net loss attributable to owners of the parent was 51.1 billion yen. While COVID-19 continues to impact performance, the results represented the least amount of net loss since the fourth quarter of FY2019.

“Our performance this quarter has validated the strategic approach adopted by the entire ANA Group in the face of numerous and complex challenges that have affected the entire airline industry,” said Ichiro Fukuzawa, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of ANA HOLDINGS INC. “Though COVID-19 and accompanying immigration restrictions have dampened demand for international travel, this turnaround was made possible by the impressive growth of our cargo business, rebounding travel demand, and targeted cost-cutting measures that have led to the greatest improvement in quarterly financial results since COVID-19 started impacting our business in the fourth quarter of FY2019.”

ANA HD has started to apply the “Accounting Standard for Revenue Recognition” (ASBJ Statement No. 29, March 31, 2020),” and other accounting standards beginning this fiscal year. Values for the three months ended June 30, 2021 reflect these accounting standards. For details, please refer to “ANA HOLDINGS INC. Consolidated Financial Results For the Three Months Ended June 30, 2021” on the ANA Group Investor Relations website (https://www.ana.co.jp/group/en/investors/blank).

Air Transportation

  • 1. International Passenger Service (ANA)

    • ・For international passenger services, travel demand in all regions remained suppressed due to the impact of COVID-19. However, revenue and the number of passengers increased year-on-year due to a gradual recovery in business demand, primarily for expatriates traveling between Japan and overseas, and connecting demand from Asia to North America as the United States scaled up its vaccination efforts.
    • ・While large-scale route network suspensions are still occurring, we are closely monitoring demand to determine which routes to continue operating and are looking for opportunities to offer temporary routes to destinations with specific demand including cargo volumes.
    • ・ANA conducted trials of both Common Pass and IATA Travel Pass with the aim of introducing universal digital certificates containing electronic medical records such as COVID-19 test results and vaccination history. We will continue to work with all relevant parties to achieve a streamlined immigration control process.

As a result, revenue from international passenger service increased to 12.9 billion yen (up 36.5 percent year-on-year).

  • 2. Domestic Passenger Service (ANA)

    • ・While a State of Emergency has repeatedly been declared in Japan due to a resurgence in COVID-19 cases, the number of passengers and revenue has more than doubled compared to the same period in the previous year, when the impact of COVID-19 was the most severe.
    • ・Detailed adjustments to the route network capacity were made in response to fluctuations in demand, and ANA will continue to closely align its services with the expected recovery in demand as vaccinations progress.
    • ・ANA remains committed to ensuring a clean and hygienic environment through the “ANA Care Promise” program. Together with JAMCO Corporation, ANA jointly developed the world’s first hands-free aircraft lavatory doors, which are being rolled out gradually beginning in May. Going forward, we will continue to strive to provide safe and comfortable services at every stage of the travel experience.

Revenue from domestic passenger service increased to 50.2 billion yen (up 123.5 percent year-on-year).

  • 3. Cargo Service (ANA)

    • ・For international cargo services, ANA Cargo actively responded to strong demand by operating additional one-time cargo flights and utilizing passenger aircraft to fly cargo dedicated flights. In addition, ANA Cargo introduced freighter aircraft for use on certain routes, for example operating the Boeing 777F aircraft on the Tokyo Narita – Los Angeles route. By capturing demand for the transportation of goods such as automotive parts, semiconductors, and seasonal products including North American cherries, cargo volume greatly exceeded the amount transported during the same period in the previous year and quarterly revenue hit a record high.

Revenue from international cargo service increased to 66.0 billion yen (up 159.5 percent year-on-year).

  • 4. LCC (Peach Aviation)

    • ・While demand continues to be impacted by COVID-19, both passenger numbers and revenue increased compared to the same period in the previous year, when demand was most severely impacted.
    • ・After increasing the scale of domestic flight operations to above pre-COVID-19 levels in April, we controlled flights from May onward in light of the slowdown in demand that accompanied a resurgence in COVID-19 cases. We will continue to flexibly adjust the scale of operations and will closely monitor any shifts in demand that occur as vaccination progresses. All international routes are currently suspended due to continued immigration restrictions in a number of countries.

As a result, revenue from the LCC segment increased to 3.9 billion yen (up 128.5 percent year-on-year).

  • 5. Others

    • ・Other revenue from the Air Transportation business was 29.3 billion yen (down 7.2 percent year-on-year). This includes revenue from the mileage program, in-flight sales revenue, revenue from maintenance contracts and other sources.
  • Airline Related, Travel Services, Trade and Retail, and Others

    • ・For airline related business, operating revenue was 53.3 billion yen (down 10.9 percent year-on-year). As a result of cost cutting efforts of fixed costs such as personnel and outsourcing costs, operating income improved to 5.1 billion yen (up 522.6 percent year-on-year).
    • ・For travel services, while all overseas tours operated by ANA Group remain suspended due to the effects of COVID-19, domestic travel services increased its handling volume, particularly with dynamic travel package products offered online. As a result, operating revenue increased 190.5 percent year-on-year to 9.1 billion yen and the operating loss was 0.1 billion yen, compared to an operating loss of 2.7 billion yen the previous year. New initiatives initially conceived through proposals submitted by employees were rolled out, including in-flight wedding ceremonies, THE WEDDING with ANA, and in-flight restaurants, Restaurant with Wings, utilizing parked aircraft. Charter flights and in-flight restaurant experiences on the A380 “FLYING HONU” aircraft usually dedicated for the Honolulu route were offered as well. In April, we transferred ANA Sales Co., Ltd.’s travel business to ANA X Inc., which is in charge of platform businesses that utilize customer data assets. The aim of this transfer is to enhance sales in the digital field. ANA Sales Co., Ltd. changed its name to ANA Akindo Co., Ltd, with its main focus on revitalizing regions in Japan.
    • ・For the trade and retail division, ANA FESTA shops in airports saw an improvement in revenue due to recovering domestic passenger demand, and the handling volume of semiconductors for the electronics business increased. However, accompanying the change in accounting standards, operating revenues decreased 2.8 percent year-on-year to 19.1 billion yen, and the operating loss was 0.1 billion yen, compared to an operating loss of 1.3 billion yen in the previous year.
    • ・For other businesses, operating revenues decreased 7.1 percent year-on-year to 8.5 billion yen due to a decrease in demand for buildings and facilities maintenance due to the impact of COVID-19. Operating income was 0.3 billion yen, down 46.6 percent from the previous year.
  • Outlook for FY2021 (April 2021 – March 2022)
    ANA HD maintains its consolidated financial forecast for FY2021, presented on April 30, 2021.


ANA completes the first test flight to Hawaii with its new Airbus A380

ANA (All Nippon Airways) successfully operated its first test flight of its first Airbus A380 to Hawaii.

The pictured Airbus A380-841, JA381A (msn 262), mad its first test flight from Tokyo Narita (NRT) to Honolulu (HNL) on Wednesday morning (April 17) as flight ANA9802.

Top Copyright Photo: Ivan K. Nishimura/Blue Wave Group/HNL Rarebirds.

Photo: ANA.

In other news, ANA has received its first Boeing 787-10 equipped with comfortable new seats and became the first Japanese carrier to use the new plane.

The 294 seat Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner will serve the Tokyo Narita-Singapore route from April 26, 2019, and Tokyo Narita-Bangkok route from July 1, 2019.

ANA takes delivery of it’s first Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner

Boeing has made this announcement:

Boeing has delivered the first of three 787-10 airplanes (JA900A) to ANA (All Nippon Airways), the original launch customer of the 787 Dreamliner. With this milestone delivery, ANA becomes the first airline in Asia to operate the entire Dreamliner family.

As a stretch of the popular 787-9, the 787-10 carries a total of 330 seats in a standard two-class configuration, adding about 40 more passengers, while setting new benchmarks for fuel efficiency and operating economics with 25 percent better fuel per seat.

This delivery marks the 67th Dreamliner to join ANA’s fleet of 36 787-8s and 30 787-9s, the largest 787 fleet in the world. The SKYTRAX rated five-star airline plans to operate the new super-efficient 787-10 on its popular Tokyo-Singapore route.

ANA made this announcement:

All Nippon Airways (ANA), Japan’s largest and 5-Star airline for seven consecutive years, has announced that its new Boeing 787-10 arrived in Japan on March 31, 2019, from Boeing’s manufacturing facility in Charleston, SC. Among a range of upgrades, the advanced aircraft features upgraded seats with enhanced comfort and functionality in both Premium Economy and Economy Class.

“The 787-10 is a cutting-edge plane and ANA is honored to be the first Japanese airline to fly the aircraft,” said Hideki Kunugi, Executive Vice President of ANA. “ANA now has the distinction of being the only airline in Asia to operate all models (787-8, 787-9 and 787-10) of the 787 aircraft. The 787 fleet is known for its extremely low noise levels, excellent fuel efficiency and in-flight comfort, all of which support ANA’s mission to push the standards of air travel by investing in the latest technology.”

The Boeing 787-10 is scheduled to begin flying on April 26, 2019, from Tokyo-Narita to Changi-Singapore before it begins service from Narita Airport to Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport on July 1, 2019. These routes aim to meet the high demand for flights connecting prominent locations in Asia and will allow Japan to serve as a convenient connecting point for flyers.

Along with its new, more comfortable seats, the aircraft’s Premium Economy and Economy Class features a six-way adjustable headrest and the largest touchscreen personal seat monitor in its class. The seat monitors have been updated to include swipe-to-search ability and support for five additional languages – which brings the total to 11. The high capacity aircraft also offers the popular “Full Flat” seats, in the Business Class cabin. Furthermore, the next-generation “ANA Flight Path” map will be added to the flights, using 3D mapping to provide tourism guides and restaurant recommendations from Japan’s largest travel review site, 4 travel.

ANA plans to acquire a total of three 787-10s by the end of fiscal year 2020 and gradually introduce them to its Southeast Asian routes as part of its commitment to bring top-of-the-line aircraft and technology to travelers.

  • 1. Seat map
  • 2. Seat details
  • 3. Entertainment system

Photo: Boeing.


ANA’s delivery ceremony of the first Airbus A380 (watch live)

From Airbus:

Come watch with us the official delivery ceremony of the first Airbus A380 to All Nippon Airways (ANA). ANA has firm orders for three A380s, becoming the first customer for the superjumbo in Japan. The airline will operate the aircraft on the popular leisure Narita-Honolulu route. The three ANA A380s will be painted in a special livery depicting sea turtles which are native to Hawaii. This particular livery is one of the most elaborate ever painted by Airbus. It took 21 days for the Airbus team to paint a surface of 3,600m2 using 16 different shades of color.

ANA announces its Airbus A380 flight schedule, a new route to Perth

All Nippon Airways (ANA) has announced the schedule for the first Japanese-operated Airbus A380, which will fly between Tokyo Narita and Honolulu starting on May 24, 2019.


Sales for this flight will begin on Jan. 10, 2019 for the newly introduced First Class and ANA COUCHii in Economy Class.

ANA currently has two flights departing from Tokyo Narita to Honolulu. Starting May 24, the earlier flight will be serviced by its first Airbus A380 on Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays.

Then, starting on July 1, 2019 the second A380 will start operating, and the A380 will begin servicing the earlier flight on a daily basis. The A380 will service the later flight on Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays*1. This will result in a total of ten roundtrips per week serviced by the A380, all other Narita-Honolulu flights will be operated on a Boeing 787-9.

The special aircraft will accommodate First Class, Business Class, Premium Economy, Economy Class seats and ANA COUCHii seats, a first for a Japanese carrier. The First Class and ANA COUCHii seats will go on sale starting January 10, 3:00 p.m. (Japan Time). Meanwhile, passengers who have already purchased tickets in the remaining classes will be notified that their seats have changed to the FLYING HONU after January 4.

Furthermore, to commemorate the launch of the FLYING HONU, ANA will be running special campaigns for flights departing between May 24 and July 11. The campaigns include offering a discount of up to 50 percent on the ANA COUCHii and allowing ANA Mileage Club members unlimited access to available seats in Premium Economy and Economy Class to book their award tickets. ANA Mileage Club members will also have a chance to gain back all of their miles used for buying the award ticket.

The FLYING HONU is a product of ANA’s continued commitment to improving the travel experience, while helping passengers reach the world’s premier tourist destinations.

*1 The operation dates and aircraft types are subject to government approval and may change without notice.

In other news, All Nippon Airways (ANA) will begin offering services between Tokyo and Perth, Australia in September 2019. The flight will be based out of Narita International Airport and offer direct services to Perth, Australia’s fourth largest city. This makes ANA the first Japanese carrier to fly to Perth from Japan on a regular basis.

The announcement of this new route comes as ANA is preparing to extend services to Vienna, Austria in February 2019. As ANA continues seeking to better serve consumers worldwide, it will do everything possible to expand its network to so far un-served destinations and make traveling as safe, pleasant and convenient as possible.

All images by ANA.

ANA unveils the features of the new Airbus A380s, two new colors announced

All Nippon Airways (ANA), Japan’s largest and only 5-Star airline, has announced the features of Japan’s first Airbus A380, launching in spring 2019.

This aircraft will be introduced on ANA’s Tokyo – Honolulu service, and each cabin is specially designed to meet the passenger’s needs on this route. Honolulu is loved by many Japanese families, couples, newlyweds, and Hawaii is a popular destination for their vacations and honeymoons. With this in mind, ANA aims to make their experience onboard more comfortable by strategically designing the cabin features in order to meet their unique needs while providing them with a once in a lifetime experience.

  • 1.Three Designs for the Special Livery Aircraft
    In March 2017, ANA announced the special livery motif FLYING HONU. At the time, the design ANA introduced was blue, an homage to the Hawaiian blue sky. Today, ANA is pleased to announce two more colors, green and orange. The emerald green is inspired by the crystal clear waters of the Hawaiian ocean and orange is a reference to the beautiful Hawaiian sunset.

    In order to make this triad, the FLYING HONUs, more familiar to everyone, ANA has created a character from each aircraft. The blue character is named “Lani,” meaning sky, while the emerald green character is named “Kai,” meaning ocean, and the orange character is named “Ka La,” from the Hawaiian word meaning sunset.

  • 2.Configuration and Seat Products

    In order to provide the perfect trip, ANA has designed each cabin to accommodate a host of needs for passengers of all ages. For example, on the upper deck, ANA has introduced eight First Class seats, 56 Business Class seats, and 73 Premium Economy seats.

    This marks the first time ANA has offered First Class on this resort route, and its aim is to provide passengers with a luxurious onboard experience. Each seat features its own door and provides passengers with the privacy they need to enjoy their personal space.

    ANA’s Business Class is a popular option for passengers on honeymoons and family vacations. Therefore, compared to other aircraft where seats are staggered, this revolutionary Business Class offers pairs of seats, allowing passengers to enjoy and share their exciting travel experience sitting next to each other while still keeping all seats with aisle access.

    Furthermore, while Premium Economy on other aircraft has about 20 seats, the FLYING HONUs offer 73, allowing more passengers the opportunity to experience the premium features.

    The main deck will have 383 Economy Class seats, which includes 60 couch seats. This makes ANA the first in Japan to introduce a couch seat concept. Each couch is comprised of three or four seats and passengers are able to lie on the seats by folding up the leg rests. In addition, passengers will receive a dedicated mattress that will provide them with further comfort. This new seat concept will especially enable passengers traveling with small children to have a more relaxed experience in the cabin.

  • 3.Cabin Interiors
    The cabin interiors have also been strategically designed in order for the passengers to feel the spirit of Hawaii from the moment they board the aircraft. The walls and lights have been arranged in such a way as to illustrate Hawaii’s enviable blue skies, sunrises, sunsets, night skies and iconic rainbows.

    • All classes will have access to bar counters. Lastly, behind the main deck, ANA has created a multi-purpose room where new mothers will be able to tend to their babies and passengers will be able to change before arriving at their destination.

    • 4.Concept

      ANA also created a new concept name called “ANA HAWAii.” By flipping the “ii” 180 degrees, it turns into two exclamation points. This symbolizes the numerous excitements that passengers are able to experience including cabin features, and promotions, as well as the grand opening of a new ANA Lounge at Honolulu Airport.

    All images by ANA.

ANA finalizes its order for two Boeing 777F freighters

All Nippon Airways (ANA) and Boeing announced the Japanese carrier has finalizes its order for two 777 Freighters valued at $678 million according to list prices.

While ANA is a major operator of the 777 passenger jet, it has grown its cargo operation with the medium-sized 767 Freighter. In adding the 777 Freighter – the world’s largest and longest range twin-engine cargo jet – ANA is expanding its cargo capabilities just as the air freight market keeps growing at historically high rates.


ANA says it plans to fly its new 777 Freighters on international routes, particularly to Asia, China, and North America. With this order, ANA will become the first airline in Japan to operate 777 Freighters.

The delivery is scheduled for 2019.

The 777 Freighter is capable of flying 4,900 nautical miles (9,070 kilometers) with a payload of 112 tons (102 metric tons or 102,000 kg). The airplane’s long range translates into significant savings as fewer stops mean lower landing fees, less congestion, lower cargo handling costs and shorter delivery times.

Image: ANA.


Video: ANA’s new video on its “Experience Class” campaign

All Nippon Airways (ANA) is unveiling a new, vibrant and engaging content as part of its U.S. marketing campaign, ‘Experience Class™.’

The content features longtime ANA partner, DJ and producer Steve Aoki, and explores Japanese culture in a unique, authentic way. The centerpiece of this catalog of new content is a video that defines the Japanese principle of “Omotenashi,” and how this principle is rooted on every ANA flight. In addition, ANA is releasing a video content series co-designed with Aoki that explores both the popular and less-known side of Tokyo, and Aoki’s unique perspective on what makes Japanese culture so special.

Omotenashi. It’s a complex word with many meanings, but most importantly, it’s a concept deeply rooted in the Japanese culture. It’s a hallmark to the unspoken level of service and gratitude that runs throughout Japan. ANA understands this concept better than anyone. The spirit of Omotenashi lives in the sky with Experience Class — a 5-star journey found on every flight that is as experiential and authentic as the destination itself.

ANA takes delivery of its first Airbus A321neo

All Nippon Airways (ANA) had taken delivery of its first Airbus A321neo (A321-272N JA131A, msn 7839), becoming the launch operator of the version of the aircraft powered by Pratt & Whitney PW1100G-JM geared turbofan engines.

ANA’s A321neo is configured for 194 passengers with 8 premium class seats and 186 economy class seats.

ANA will start scheduled commercial services on domestic routes in October 2017. The aircraft is the first for the airline to be used on domestic routes equipped with in-flight entertainment system for all seats.

ANA currently operates 16 A320 Family aircraft, with another 29 on order for future delivery.

Parent company ANA Holdings (ANA HD) also has three A380s on order.

Image: Airbus.