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Kingfisher Airlines’ license expires today

Kingfisher Airlines‘ (Mumbai) Scheduled Operator’s Permit (SOP) is due to expire today (December 31) according to this report to The Economic Times. The carrier had proposed to restart scheduled operations with five Airbus aircraft and two ATRs but the Indian government was concerned about its financing and funding and asked for additional details. The airline suspended operations on October 4, 2012.

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Copyright Photo: Pepscl. ATR 72-212A (ATR 72-500) F-WWEK (msn 750) became VT-KAI when it was handed over on June 27, 2007.

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Kingfisher Airlines submits a reorganization plan to regulators but fails to be clear about funding

Kingfisher Airlines (Mumbai) has failed to provide a clear funding plan to Indian regulators. The grounded airline is attempting to resume operations according to this report by Reuters.

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Copyright Photo: Guillaume Besnard. Airbus A319-131 VT-KFI (msn 2634) lines up to land at Bangkok.

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Etihad Airways considers an investment in grounded Kingfisher Airlines

Etihad Airways (Abu Dhabi) is in talks with Kingfisher Airlines (Mumbai) about a possible minority investment in the grounded airline according to the Wall Street Journal.

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Meanwhile the Deccan Herald of India believes Jet Airways (Mumbai) is a better investment for the Gulf carrier.

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Top Copyright Photo: Jay Selman. Boeing 777-3FX ER A6-ETF (msn 39700) prepares to land at Bangkok.

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Bottom Copyright Photo: Antony J. Best. ATR 72-212A (ATR 72-500) with the test registration of F-WWEG (msn 788) arrives at Farnborough. Although painted, the turboprop was never delivered to Kingfisher Airlines as VT-KAT. Instead it went to Air Botswana as A2-ABS.

Kingfisher Airlines loses its AOC

Kingfisher Airlines (Bangalore and Mumbai) today (October 20) lost its ability to resume operations when the DGCA suspended its Air Operators Certificate (AOC) due to the airlines’ failure to respond to the orders issued by DGCA. The carrier suspended operations on October 4 due to employee unrest and strikes.

Yesterday the airline posted this notice on its website:

Kingfisher Airlines Ltd. has extended the partial lockout until October 23, 2012. We had a positive meeting with employee representatives on October 17th and are hopeful of reaching common ground when we meet again next week. Currently, we anticipate resuming operations on November 6th, subject to our resumption plan being reviewed and approved by the DGCA.

Copyright Photo: Andi Hiltl. Airbus A330-223 VT-VJO (msn 939) lands at Zurich.

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Kingfisher Airlines pleads to its unpaid workers to return to work in order to restart operations

Kingfisher Airlines (Mumbai and Bangalore) is asking its unpaid workers to return to work so it can restart operations on October 13. The airline shut down operations through October 12 and faces a possible revocation of its AOC if it is unable to resume operations. The airline did not indicate when the workers would be paid.

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Copyright Photo: Antony J. Best. Airbus A320-232 VT-KFL (msn 2817) is seen at Farnborough in better times.

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Kingfisher Airlines fights off labor unrest with a “partial lockout” and a temporary suspension of flights

Kingfisher Airlines (Bangalore and Mumbai) is now battling upset employees as the carrier struggles to survive and maintain a viable schedule. Management declared a “partial lock-out” and temporary suspension of flights.

The airline has issued the following statement:

Kingfisher Airlines Limited has announced that following a series of protracted and unabated incidents of violence, criminal intimidation, assault, wrongful restraint and other illegal acts including refraining from attending work, by a small section of recalcitrant employees which were all unnecessary and unprovoked, the management has been forced to declare a partial lock-out at the airline, effective immediately.

Kingfisher Airlines has more than sufficient number of staff to safely operate its current schedule of flights as per the holding plan. It is internally ascertained that despite the fact that a vast majority of the staff are willing to cooperate and support the company in these turbulent times, they are not able to/not being allowed to report to work on account of acts of criminal intimidation by the said same class of recalcitrant employees who have regrettably chosen to take law into their own hands, forcing a complete paralysis of operations.

In these circumstances, with the safety of passengers in mind, the Company is left with no other option but to take firm and decisive steps as advised in law, including disciplinary action against these recalcitrant employees, to bring the situation under control particularly with a view to getting flight operations back to normal at the earliest. All employees are hereby called upon to immediately and forthwith restore normalcy and resume normal duties.

Before commencing legal action, the Company will make efforts to continue to engage with these recalcitrant employees to persuade them to cease and desist from intimidating and threatening the vast majority of the work force that is willing to report for work with a view to commence normal flight operations as per the holding plan as soon as possible.

In the meanwhile, it has been decided that flight operations will be suspended for the next 3 days, i.e. until October 4, 2012.

We sincerely regret any inconvenience caused to our valued guests on account of this.

Copyright Photo: Paul Doyle. The struggling airline has been shedding its leased aircraft. Former Kingfisher Airlines Airbus A320-232 EI-EWS (VT-KFK) (msn 2670) is pictured arriving at Dublin on September 19, 2012 after a ferry flight from Istanbul. The aircraft will be repainted at the Eirtech Aviation facility for a new customer of BBAM.

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Kingfisher Airlines cancels 41 flights today as some of its employees remain unpaid and fail to show up today for work

Kingfisher Airlines‘ (Mumbai and Bangalore) troubles continue. Today the struggling carrier was forced to cancel 41 flights according to Reuters after some of its unpaid employees (including pilots) failed to show for work today. According to the airline, 75 percent of its employees were paid yesterday and the rest will be paid on Monday.

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Copyright Photo: Rolf Wallner. This Airbus A330-223 registered as VT-VJK (msn 874) has been returned to the lessor and the engines have now been removed at Zurich.

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Kingfisher Airlines to drop all international routes by this weekend

Kingfisher Airlines (Bangalore and Mumbai) is dropping all international by this Sunday (March 25) as the airline consolidates to an all-domestic carrier. The beleaguered carrier is also facing the possibility it could have its AOC revoked due to its financial situation.

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Kingfisher Airlines ends wide-body international operations

Kingfisher Airlines (Bangalore and Mumbai) has ended all wide-body international operations. One Airbus A330-200 has been returned to the lessor.

The struggling carrier, despite the shortage of crews, operated 101 flights on March 13 and 101 flights yesterday according to the airline.

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Copyright Photo: Antony J. Best.

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Kingfisher Airlines may get bank loans to keep operating, announces a new reduced schedule

Kingfisher Airlines (Bangalore and Mumbai) is fighting for its corporate life. The airline has submitted a reduced schedule in order to prevent more cancellations and will return some Airbus A320s. In addition, the carrier may receive some bank loans to continue operating per this article by the Deccan Herald.

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Copyright Photo: Guillaume Besnard.

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