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Breaking News: Malaysia Airlines flight MH 370 is missing, Vietnamese Navy says it crashed into the sea south of Phu Quoc Island, oil slick spotted, two stolen passports were used to board the aircraft

Malaysia Airlines (Kuala Lumpur) flight MH 370 (operated with the pictured Boeing 777-2H7 ER 9M-MRO, msn 28420) departed Kuala Lumpur at 0041 local time on March 8 bound for Beijing, China. The flight has gone missing and did not enter Chinese airspace.  Radar contact was lost with the aircraft near Vietnam airspace over water (Gulf of Thailand). The aircraft was last reported to be flying at 35,000 feet. There was no communication from the crew about any problem. Search and Rescue units are now searching for the aircraft.

According to CNN, “the Vietnamese Navy confirmed the plane crashed into the Gulf of Thailand. According to Navy Admiral Ngo Van Phat, a regional commander, military radar recorded that the plane crashed into the sea south of Phu Quoc island.”

However no debris has been located.

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A 12-mile oil slick has been discovered between Malaysia and Vietnam by a Vietnamese Navy Antonov An-26 according to the New York Times. The last reported position of the aircraft was between Malaysia and Vietnam. It is unclear if this is from the aircraft.

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There are now reports that at least two stolen passports were used to board the aircraft which is now raising the question that this may have led to a possible terrorist attack.

The Telegraph explores this issue (along with a picture of the oil slick): CLICK HERE

Phu Quoc Island is on the border of Vietnam and Cambodia, southwest of Phnom Penh and west of Ho Chi Minh City (Google Maps):

Phu Quoc Island (Map) MH 370

The airline initially issued this statement:

We deeply regret that we have lost all contacts with flight MH 370 which departed Kuala Lumpur at 12.41 am earlier this morning (March 8) bound for Beijing. The aircraft was scheduled to land at Beijing International Airport at 6.30 am local Beijing time. Subang Air Traffic Control reported that it lost contact at 2.40 am (local Malaysia time).

Flight MH 370 was operated on a Boeing 777-200 aircraft. The flight was carrying a total number of 239 passengers and crew – comprising 227 passengers (including 2 infants), 12 crew members. The passengers were of 13 different nationalities. Malaysia Airlines is currently working with the authorities who have activated their Search and Rescue team to locate the aircraft. Our team is currently calling the next-of-kin of passengers and crew.

Focus of the airline is to work with the emergency responders and authorities and mobilize its full support. Our thoughts and prayers are with all affected passengers and crew and their family members. The airline will provide regular updates on the situation.

The airline will provide regular updates on the situation. Meanwhile, the public may contact +603 7884 1234 for further info.

Malaysia Airlines issued this latest update midday on March 8:

Malaysia Airlines is still unable to establish any contact or determine the whereabouts of flight MH 370. Earlier today (March 8), Subang ATC had lost contact with the aircraft at 2.40 am. The last known position of MH370 before it disappeared off the radar was 065515 North (longitude) and 1033443 East (latitude).

We are still trying to locate the current location of the flight based on the last known position of the aircraft. We are working with the International search and rescue teams in trying to locate the aircraft. So far, we have not received any emergency signals or distress messages from MH 370. We are working with authorities and assure that all sources are deployed to assist with the search and rescue mission.

The passenger manifest will not be released until all families of the passengers have been informed. The flight was carrying a total number of 239 passengers and crew – comprising 227 passengers (including 2 infants) and 12 crew members.

We are deploying our “Go Team” to Beijing which will depart Kuala Lumpur International Airport at 4.30 pm with a team of caregivers and volunteers to assist the family members of the passengers.

The passengers are of 14 different nationalities. All crew on-board are Malaysians.

Please take note that the earlier statement did not include the number of Indian nationals. This was due to confusion between the country code of Indonesia and India.

The below table shows the latest number of passengers and their nationalities:-

Nationality Total
China/Taiwan 154 including infant
Malaysia 38
India 5
Indonesia 7
Australia 6
France 4
USA 3 including infant
New Zealand 2
Ukraine 2
Canada 2
Russian 1
Italy 1
Netherlands 1
Austrian 1

Our focus now is to work with the emergency responders and authorities and mobilize our full support.

Our thoughts and prayers are with all affected passengers and crew and their family members.

Shortly after midnight, Sunday March 9 local time, Malaysia Airlines issued this update:

Malaysia Airlines humbly asks all Malaysians and people around the world to pray for flight MH 370.

It has been more than 24 hours since we last heard from MH 370 at 1.30 am. The search and rescue team is yet to determine the whereabouts of the Boeing 777-200 aircraft.

An international search and rescue mission from Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam was mobilized this morning (March 8). At this stage, they have failed to find evidence of any wreckage. The sea mission will continue overnight while the air mission will recommence at daylight.

We are dispatching all information as and when we receive it. The situation in Beijing is also being monitored closely. As many families of passengers are in China, we have deployed our “Go Team” to Beijing with a team of caregivers and volunteers to assist the family members of the passengers.

Immediate families of passengers are advised to gather at Kuala Lumpur International Airport. Travel arrangements and expenses will be borne by Malaysia Airlines. Once, the whereabouts of the aircraft is determined, Malaysia Airlines will fly members of the family to the location.

Our sole priority now is to provide all assistance to the families of the passengers and our staff. We are also working closely with the concerned authorities in the search and rescue operation

Copyright Photo: Stefan Sjogren/AirlinersGallery.com. Boeing 777-2H6 ER 9M-MRO (msn 28420) is pictured arriving at Stockholm (Arlanda) before the accident.

Malaysia Airlines (slide show of their aircraft): AG Slide Show

We will update this initial report with more information as it becomes available.

Satellite Weather – Southeast Asia from Meteoblue. The current weather appears to be mostly clear over Vietnam:

Satellite SE Asia 3.8.14

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CNN Video:

Trans Guyana Airways Cessna Caravan crashes in the jungles of Guyana


Trans Guyana Airways (Ogle, East Coast Demerara, Guyana) Cessna 208B Grand Caravan (8R-GHS, msn 0830) operating flight 700, crashed yesterday (January 18) between Olive Creek and Imbaimadai in the Marazuni area of the Amazon forest according to StabroekNews.com. A Canadian pilot and a cargo loader from Guyana were on board the aircraft. The search for the aircraft and crew has resumed today.

According to the carrier, Trans Guyana was established in 1956 from a single float plane and has grown to seven Caravans and one Britten Norman Islander. The airline operates 22 daily domestic flights and two to international destinations.

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Copyright Photo: Trans Guyana Airways. Sister ship 8R-GHT lands at a remote strip.Trans Guyana Airways logo


Intan Angkasa Air Service Piper PA-31 Navajo crashes in Indonesia, four killed

Intan Angkasa PA-31 PK-IWH (Flt)(Intan Angkasa)(LR)

Intan Angkasa Air Service (PT. Intan Angkasa Air Service)  Piper PA-31 Navajo has crashed in Tual in the Moluccan Islands in Indonesia killing all four on board according to the Jakarta Globe. The aircraft was flying to Surabaya when it went down today (January 19) in bad weather.

According to its website, “Intan Angkasa Air Service have been operating in Indonesia since 1992.

A variety of Rotary and Fixed Wing Aircraft are operated all over the Indonesian archipelago. Supporting the Oil and Gas, Mining, Survey, Forestry and many other industries, we have brought together top quality professionals from all over the globe.

Current operations stretch from the Aceh Provinces through to Papua.”

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Copyright Photo: Intan Angkasa Air Service.

Intan Angkasa Air Service logo

National Airlines issues another statement concerning the crash of N949CA

National Airlines (5th) (National Air Cargo) (Orlando) has issued this statement concerning the crash of flight NCR 102 at Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan on April 29. Flight NCR 102 was a cargo flight operated by National Airlines between Bagram and Al Maktoum Airport in Dubai. As we previously reported, the pictured former Air France Boeing 747-428 BCF N949CA (msn 35630) crashed on takeoff from Bagram, tragically killing all seven crew members on board. Media speculation has arisen because of the dramatic video (below) by Live Leak which shows the Jumbo Jet diving into the ground on takeoff.

“National Air Cargo will not speculate as to the cause of the accident involving National Flight NCR 102. With our full cooperation, an investigation by appropriate authorities is under way, and we encourage everyone to join us in respecting that process and allowing it to take its appropriate course.

Here are some facts regarding the aircraft and its movements prior to the accident:

  • National Flight NCR 102 was en route to Dubai from Camp Bastian and had stopped to refuel at Bagram Air Base.
  • The cargo contained within the aircraft was properly loaded and secured, and had passed all necessary inspections prior to departing Camp Bastian.
  • The aircraft landed safely and uneventfully in Bagram.
  • No additional cargo or personnel was added during the stop in Bagram, and the aircraft’s cargo was again inspected prior to departure.

National Airlines lost seven colleagues on April 29, 2013 in the crash at Bagram Air Base.  All seven were dedicated aviation professionals and served National and our country well.  The flight, NCR 102, was carrying military vehicles out of Afghanistan.  The crewmembers on NCR 102 were Brad Hasler, Pilot in Command, Trenton MI; Jeremy Lipka, Pilot in Command, Brooklyn MI; Jamie Brokaw, First Officer, Monroe MI; Rinku Summan, First Officer, Canton MI; Michael Sheets, Loadmaster, Ypsilanti MI; Timothy Garrett, Maintenance, Louisville KY; Gary Stockdale, Maintenance, Romulus MI.”

Copyright Photo: Karl Cornil. N949CA is pictured arriving at Liège prior to tragic accident in 2012.

National Airlines (5th): AG Slide Show

Breaking News: Lion Air’s brand new Boeing 737-800 ends up in the water at Bali

Lion Air‘s (Jakarta) flight from Bandung to Bali  went into the water while landing at Bali today and broke into two sections. The 101 passengers and seven crew members were able to safely evacuate the aircraft. There were reports of 53 people with minor injuries.

The aircraft involved is this brand new Boeing 737-8GP PK-LKS (msn 38728) (below) which arrived at Lion Air on March 20, 2013 after a short stint with subsidiary Malindo Air.

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A local report by the Jakarta Post quotes a Lion Air official stating the aircraft had not yet touched the runway before it hit the water implying the aircraft crashed short of the runway and was not an overrun of the runway as most media accounts claimed.

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Lion 737-800 WL PK-LKS (02)(Grd) JKT (Leslie Snelleman)(LRW)

Copyright Photo: Leslie Snelleman. The ill-fated PK-LKS is pictured at the Jakarta base on April 4, 2013.

Follow-Up: Investigators are now looking at wind shear. The pilot reported losing control of the aircraft on its final approach according to this report by Reuters.

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Lion Air: AG Slide Show

SCAT Bombardier CRJ200 crashes in Altmaty, 20 dead

SCAT Airlines’ (SCAT Air Company) (Shymkent) Canadair CRJ200 (CL-600-2B19) UP-CJ006 (msn 7413) crashed today while on approach to Almaty, Kazakhstan. The regional jet was operating flight DV 760 from Kokshetau to Almaty with 15 passengers and five crew members. The aircraft was attempting a landing in fog and crashed in swampy terrain.

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Copyright Photo: Yevgeniy/Planespotters.net.

SCAT logo

SCAT Airlines: AG Slide Show

Sita Air Dornier 228 crashes in Nepal, 19 killed

Sita Air (Kathmandu) flight 601 on September 28 operated with a Dornier 228 (9N-AHA) crashed after takeoff from Kathmandu International Airport. All 16 passengers and three crew members on board were killed. The crew reported a bird strike and the loss of an engine and was attempting to return to the airport when it crashed and burned. The flight was bound for the mountainous airport of Lukla, a popular destination near Mount Everest. The Nepalese government is investigating the tragic accident.

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Copyright Photo: Sita Air.

Route Map:

Please click on the map for the full size image.

Aerocaribbean ATR 72 crashes in Cuba

Aerocaribbean (Havana) flight 7L 883 was en route from Santiago (Cuba) to Havana when the crew reported an emergency at 5:42 p.m. (1742) local time Thursday (November 4). The ATR 72-200 crashed near the village of Guasimal in Santi Spiritus province. The flight was carrying 61 passengers and a crew of seven. All died in the crash.

Aerocaribbean was established in 1982 as Empresa Aero and commenced operations on December 2, 1982. The airline was established by the Cuban government to supplement Cubana. It is wholly owned by the government.

Copyright Photo: Pierre Langlois. The aircraft has not yet been identified. ATR 72-212 CU-T1544 (msn 472) is pictured at Cayo Coco.

Transafrik International’s Lockheed 382E Hercules 5X-TUC crashes in Afghanistan

Transafrik International (Luanda) lost its eight crew members and its Lockheed 382E Hercules registered 5X-TUC (msn 4362) in a crash in Afghanistan yesterday (October 12). The cargo aircraft was flying for National Airlines (5th) (National Air Cargo) (Ypsilanti) on flight 662 from Bagram Air Force Base to Kabul. The freighter crashed as it approached Kabul. The Hercules once was operated by Southern Air Transport (1st) as N522SJ.

Read the full report from CNN:


Wind Jet’s Airbus A319-132 EI-EDM runs off the runway at Palermo on landing

Wind Jet’s (Catania) former Spirit Airlines Airbus A319-132 EI-EDM (msn 2424, ex N501NK) was operating flight LV 243 between Rome (Fiumicino) and Palermo with 123 passengers and six crew members. The airliner was approaching Palermo on its final approach with reported thunderstorms and windshear in the area. On landing the airliner veered off the runway. Both main landing gear collapsed after leaving the runway. The aircraft was extensively damaged. Reports varied on the number of minor injuries, ranging from three to 20 people.

Copyright Photo: Bruce Drum. Ex-Spirit A319-132 N501NK (msn 2424) prepares to leave Miami after repainting for its delivery flight to Wind Jet as EI-EDM.